about us

Property Adviser started off with an objective to offer a comprehensive suite of superior and value added services for our privileged clients and customers while maintaining the quality of information. With this intention and a substantial presence in the market, we are now heading towards a gargantuan Database of properties available. In a way, it captures and covers history for every project in the city. We are hoping that this can be helpful for all the stakeholders that include buyers, sellers, investors, tenants, and owners of real estate.

Our Marketing Team members are a group of experienced and professional people. They were trained to meet builders daily and get updates on the projects constructed in the area. Our motive is to provide a directory service for all real estate enthusiasts in Hyderabad. We sooner will be the best real estate real-time information portal in the city.

Our Data Analyst Team lists out every project with due diligence. They call builders to get clarified and make sure that they upload accurate data on every project. Their hard work is now paying off with more and more buyers visiting www.propertyadviser.in.

Mission & Vision

" The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence."

- Rabindranath Tagore

Our Mission

Our Mission is to digitalize the Real Estate industry and to bring all the real estate information such as new properties available and Real Estate laws under one roof and thus makes property dealing easier for the customers.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be at the forefront of our sector as far as quality of information is concerned and to deliver value- add services with our knowledge on local markets and with global expertise.

Why Choose Us?

Every First time Property Buyer will go through the phase of being skeptical or delay decision due to lack of information. While trying to take the best decision for the Life’s biggest Investment, extra time spent and better advice from Family and Friends always helps you. We have build this Property Directory keeping in mind your needs and aspirations. We follow the market Every day and collect every piece of information that helps in making your decision more smarter. In towards world, Information is Wealth and we are just doing that for you so that your first ever buying decision is Smartest Ever. Go ahead search for ready to move in or upcoming projects. Gated, semi gated or independent houses anything for sale is listed with us.

Experienced Home buyers may not need step-by-step instructions. All they need is just the guidance. Due to continuous change in price and availability of sizes information, what is relevant today may be irrelevant tomorrow. Hence a smart advice can do the job here for senior buyers. If you already hold a property or few and are looking at different types of properties from Residential to Commercial, come to us. As mentioned above, we have wealth of knowledge that you are looking for? Whether your intention is to invest for future (in the form of monthly rental returns) or to build a dream home for you and your family, we will have something for you that suit your requirements.

As a Seller you might be a Builder or Landlord or Owner of the property. Like any seller you should expect to get best price for your property. There is a difference between Best Price and Right Price. Always the Right Price is arrived by what 90% of the Buyersare willing to pay for a particular property or something similar to it. Having Correct and Full Information about the market at one place and analysing that will help every seller to decide the right time for selling and right price of selling.

Confused with duplication and multiple listings of same property. We bring to you a portal which will give all information at the click of a mouse right down to the smallest detail. Right of Information for Everyone. We will bring all Real Estate Information to one platform so it Easy for Buyers Sellers and Agents in their decision making. We would love to hear from you your suggestions. Send us your suggestions at [email protected]

Right Of Information for Everyone. We will bring all Real Estate Information to one platform so it Easy for Buyers and Sellers in their decision making.