Property Adviser is a one-stop real estate destination that offers a complete range of Hyderabad’s all property information, under one user-friendly customised portal. A Team of NRI IT Professionals with 20+ years of experience in Software and Indian Real Estate market have established PropertyAdviser.in, a 100% property directory to uncover all the hidden jewels of Hyderabad’s real estate, as they are being overlooked by the market that is merely dedicated to showcasing classified property listings.

Aimed at assisting the 4B’s of real estate as in builders, buyers, brokers, and bankers, PropertyAdviser.in is dedicated to its core values of efficiency, professionalism, and personal approach. As we tend to offer a more credible real estate expertise, we maintain our own print version & digital media set up, to make sure that every real estate associate gets connected with their target audience globally.

With in-depth knowledge of Hyderabad’s each and every corner information, we created a massive real estate database, to offer hassle-free services as per our customer’s needs. Our team with far-reaching experience, navigate the entire process of buying and selling in a simplified manner. To minimize our clients home quest, we can easily match one’s lifestyle choices to our real estate inventory. As they get to analyse the present market growth, real-time project updates, trending real estate news, all required data at most precise-level to make smart decisions.



We crafted RAISE, a unique, robust search platform to untangle real estate for customers.
For us, out of the box thinking is not merely a word, but is a never-ending strategy that defines RAISE, a personalised smart data-driven virtual engine to untangle real estate for customers.
Digitising the world of real estate with innovation and research, we crafted RAISE (Real Estate Artificial Intelligence Search Engine), with a thriving desire to provide accurate and forward-looking all real estate market information at the customer's fingertips. We specifically merged Big Data with Artificial Intelligence, for our product development to address clients' needs and assist them at every stage of their real estate journey in the best user-friendly manner. Maintaining 100% transparency, we stand impartial and dedicatedly work to customers in providing unique trust-worthy data.


Implementing the latest technologies, our motto is to advance for a unique customer-centric approach.
Advancing in the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, our motto is to deliver high calibre real estate services with an impeccable customer-centric approach.
In a technology-driven era, with thoughtful thinking of creating 10 Crore knowledgeable real estate stakeholders, our vision is focused on advancing our services more on modern-aged technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big data, to provide a purely dedicated and realistic unmatched real estate experience to customers at their fingertips. We are fully aware of the fact that we owe our privileged status to our loyal clients who, day after day entrusted and supported us, therefore ensure that not only our team strives to offer world-class customer service, but also the tools work at their best.
Core Values
We Are Experts

Exceptional customer service with in-depth real estate expertise.

We Consider Facts

Exclusively researched projects features on our website.

We Value Relations

Assured transparency of all projects information.

We Promote Unpaid

Free of cost absolute visibility service for all unsold projects.

Why Choose Us?


We stand with the buyers at every point of the stage and strongly believe in a customised approach. By assuring properties after thorough research, we list the information on our 100% property directory portal. We can proudly say that no other website provides this rigorous unmatched end-to-end service. The portal is specially designed in a user-friendly manner, to provide buyers with accurate all projects timely information to simplify their home search. Gaining more profound insights into customer’s behaviour, our marketing strategy is not only limited to online but also we have established our position offline to resolve buyers queries.



With the real estate market, crowded with classified listings. Builders, in spite of having quality constructions, are not getting required project visibility. To eliminate this gap, with no multiple listings, our team gives cost-free endorsements for builders to connect them with prospect buyers. Staying ahead in this diverse market, with deep thinking, our product offers a unique range of branding services with innovative and creative sales strategies to escalate our builder’s presence globally. We promote projects in a better possible way by collecting real-time project updates and highlight the available amenities to encourage buyers.


Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, you are needed to keep up-to-date on all real estate happenings, which might get impossible in many cases. As a solution, we ensure to provide with an honest real estate valuation for you, to propose an ambitious sales strategy with complete market analysis and the latest real estate trends that are tailored to meet your end goals. To maintain accuracy, we combine comprehensive property information with professional property services. Once information is listed in our portal, we do due diligence to ensure that it is a precise data with no negative surprises.



Being Hyderabad’s real estate insider, we offer expert advice with each and every detail to help bankers to take smart funding decisions. You are not needed to check dozens of websites for real estate information. Our product data handling amplitude is designed in such a way that it efficiently works for our client’s needs to give real-time trustworthy information. From the area growth report analysis to present project data, we provide real-time market information to calculate fundings. Our real estate dedicated product expertise and in-depth knowledge, help us guide you on analysing the local markets.



Interpreting real estate is a tough job, investors must be able to predict future growth based on past data for a good ROI. As a trusted partner by on-the-ground expertise, we bridge this gap for the investors to analyse the present market. We offer a more convenient problem-solving real estate online & offline data for our customers. With our real estate dedicated print-versions, latest real estate updates, market growth analysis, we provided top-notch services to redefine real estate in investor’s favour.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us at +91 8008421000 or buy@propertyadviser.in. We will be more than happy to discuss any particular details regarding your real estate query. Once you specify your necessities, you will be the first to be informed, when any new projects accommodating your needs arrive in the market.