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Closeness That You Will Appreciate
07 Apr 2022 | 1043 Views
Closeness That You Will Appreciate
Closeness That You Will Appreciate There are some people who like to stay away from the city chaos whereas the other few enjoy the hustle bustle. This property by Hallmark builders is located in Kollur making it convenient to reach places easy. Having said that the construction done by the builder is well thought of and smartly executed giving it a feel of being away from the city while it in very much centrally located. Flanked by the beauty of water bodies on the sides and lush green landscapes to walk around in, the flats for sale in Hallmark Vesta are nothing less than what your dream house looked it.   All necessities located in the radius of about 5 kms makes one appreciate the closeness at Hallmark Vesta. Some of the many location advantages that these flats for sale in Kollur have are listed as below:  Pati (1.1 Km)  Narayana Jr College (2 Km)  Lavender Sky Apartment (2.1 Km)  Ghanpur Govt. Hospital (2.3 Km)  Velimela Road (2.4 Km)  Ghanpur (2.5 Km)  Narayana IIT Academy Pati (3.3 Km)  BCR filling station (4.1 Km)  Essar Fuel Station (4.2 Km)  Edulnagulapally (4.2 Km)  The Gaudium School (4.7 Km)  Green city (4.7 Km)  Sail Yard (4.8 Km)  Sheriguda Mallanna Temple (5.2 Km)  Railway Goods Yard (5.2 Km)  In addition to its strategic location the many amenities that make Hallmark Vesta perfect for your family are:  Sun Deck  Entrance Lobby  Yoga/Meditation Area  24X7 Water Supply  Vertical Garden  Flower Garden  Party Lawn  Dart Board  Car Parking  Club House  Temple  Golf Course  Gymnasium  Squash Court  Swimming Pool  Lift(s)  Children's Play Area  Banquet Hall  Indoor Games  Badminton Court  Cycling & Jogging Track  Skating Rink  Has this put an end to your search for flats on sales in Kollur?  Visit Hallmark Vesta and book your home today.   

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Stamp Duty And Property Registration Charges In AP Updated
Real Estate
27 Dec 2018 | 666K Views
Stamp Duty And Property Registration Charges In AP
andhra pradesh property registration process the property registration is mandatory in india as per the indian registration act, 1908. the transfer of property is to be registered to obtain the rights of the property on the execution date of the deed. and accordingly, the house registration charges in ap will be levied. let us look at the process of property ap registration. updated information - (august 14, 2020) the government of andhra pradesh has enhanced the stamp duty on the registration of property effective from 11th august. in order to amend the market value, the ap government has formed committees under a joint collector for each district. the categories were divided on the basis of a municipal corporation/municipality, major gram panchayat, small gram panchayat. the market value for agricultural land is calculated in acres and residential properties in square yards. according to the amendment, the stamp duty is 5%, the registration fee is 1%, the transfer fee is 1.5% of the market value. on the issuance of gifts to family members, stamp duty is 2 percent, rs 1000 to rs 10000 fee, and the transfer charge is imposed. for the registration of family settlement, 2% stamp duty and registration fee can be paid. there is no transfer fee in respect of this category. what are the documents required for ap property registration? passport-size photo of property buyer and seller photo identification (voter card, aadhar card, passport, etc.) verified copy of the original sale deed. copy of the latest property register card (to be obtained from the city survey department). copy of municipal tax bill. stamp duty in andhra pradesh the stamp duty is the percentage of the transaction value levied by the state government, on every registered sale. does property registration benefits? registration of property helps for proper recording of documents which provide more authenticity. to ensure the prevention of fraud, conservation of evidence, the transfer of title to the owner. by registering property, the document will maintain an up to date public record. check out the price drops in hyderabad apartments in hyderabad starts from 15 lakhs plots in hyderabad below 5 lakhs villas in hyderabad below 80 lakhs stamp duty stamp duty is collected during the transfer of property from one person to another. the state government collects the amount and is governed under the indian stamp act 1922. the state government collects stamp duty, and it varies from one state to another. the payment of stamp duty includes stamp duty, transfer duty fee, and ap land registration charges. it is calculated on the market value of the property. stamp duty payment process if you buy a property, then registration of the new property is mandatory. also, you have to pay stamps and registration charges in ap. with the ap registration and payment of fees, you will become the owner of your property legally. this document helps in any future unexpected property disputes. you will also have a duplicate copy of your sale or transfer deed in sub-registrar’s office. it will help in the case if you lose your original documents. types of charges sale deed gift deed exchange deed partition deed lease deed (where the period of lease is more than 12 months) transfer deed mortgage deed power of attorney (general or special) calculation of the stamp duty charges differs based on below features: property location:  a property located in an urban area attracts more stamp duty compared to rural areas. property type: lower stamp duty is charged for a residential property (flat/apartment) compared to a commercial property (industries/ commercial complex/ hotels). age of the property: a new property has more stamp duty than older/resale properties. gender of buyers: a female buyer can get a rebate on the stamp duty charges. age of buyer: a senior citizen can also get a rebate on the stamp duty charges. updated information: property registration charges in andhra pradesh in 2019: the state government fixes stamp duty. for example, in andhra pradesh, the base andhra pradesh stamp duty rate of apartment/ flat is 5%, transfer duty is 1.5%, and the registration fee is 0.5 %. stamp duty fee is imposed on the absolute estimation of the property. to know further details on ap land registration charges and stamp duty, go through the andhra pradesh state government official website. property stamps and registration charges in andhra pradesh in  2018.          type of fee    registration rates     stamp duty rates transfer duty charges  sale                 1%                 5%            1.50%  gift (gift within the family)                 0.5%                  2%               0  exchange               0.5%                  5%             1.50%  partition                 1000                  2%               0  release                 1000                  3%              0  agreement of sale cum general power of attorney                     0                 0              0 how to calculate the stamp duty and registration charges? the stamps and registration ap charges are calculated using the formula given below: where property value is (higher of ready reckoner rate or actual transaction value) ready reckoner rate/circle rate means, it is the minimum value of the property that is fixed by the state government. and, stamp duty is calculated as the higher of ready reckoner rate or actual transaction value. many property transactions in india take place by the market rate in a particular locality. the stamp duty and registration fees are paid by the buyer are calculated from the market rate. in rare cases, where the rrr is higher, the stamps and registration fees in andhra pradesh will be calculated on the rr rate. for example: assume, the property value in a particular area has rrr (ready reckoner rate) of rs.5000 per sq.ft. however, if the market price of the property is rs. 6000 per sq.ft, the buyer has to pay stamp duty and ap land registration charges on rs.6000 per sq.ft, as it is higher. let you know in brief about the charges with the below example. example: if the ready reckoner rate is rs 70,00,000 and the actual transaction value is rs 80,00,000 then stamp duty @5% is calculated as stamp duty = 5% of (higher of ready reckoner rate or actual transaction value)  (i.e.) 5% of (higher of rs 70 lakhs or rs 80 lakhs) 80, 00,000*5/100 = 4 lakhs registration charge =1% of (higher of ready reckoner rate or actual transaction value) (i.e.) 1% of (higher of rs 70 lakhs or rs 80 lakhs) 8000000*1.0/100 = 80,000 transfer duty =1.5% of (higher of ready reckoner rate or actual transaction value) (i.e.) 1.5% of (higher of rs 70 lakhs or rs 80 lakhs) 8000000*1.5/100 = 1, 20,000 therefore, the amount of the stamps and registration charges in andhra pradesh  is 6,00,000 stamp duty = rs 4,00,000 registration charge = rs 80,000 transfer duty = rs 1, 20,000 total registration cost = 4,00,000+80,000+1,20,000 = 6, 00,000 do you plan to buy a property in andhra pradesh, it is essential to know about the ap land registration documents online process and charges involved in transactions. property registration is one of the crucial parts of property transactions. look at the below details to know detailed information on stamp duty and registration charges and process in andhra pradesh. the indian registration act 1908 in section 17 all transactions related to the transactions every property should be registered within six months of the sale deed in the registrar’s office. the advantage of the property registration in registrar’s office is it helps to preserve the title of ownership and future disputes. also, if any conflicts or misleading of property happens, it is used as a proof for your property. you can register your property by paying stamp duty and registration charges of stamps and registration ap. this stamp duty and registration charges are vary based on the area of the property located. in the process of property registration ap, you have to pay the fee includes registration charges, transfer duty, and stamp duty. these charges are paid as per the provisions of the state gram panchayats act 1964 and andhra pradesh municipalities act, 1965. payment procedure of stamp duty charges and registration fee in andhra pradesh: stamp duty charges and registration fee in andhra pradesh payment is explained below points: first, you have to fill the application form available on the website of the registration and stamp department. in this, you have to fill in the details of your property which are registered at the sub-registrar office. this process will reduce your time that will be taken in the office of sub-registrar. submit these details in the required format online. so, the applications can be processed without any delay. also, the whole process is available online. the sub-registrar officer add the details in the system to create accurate encumbrances. the application has the below information: type of deed (sale deed or sale agreement, etc.). buyer and seller full details details of the property. property boundaries. apartment or flat structure. the market value of the property. the final value of property charges. stamp duty payment charges. after the payment of these charges, you can book a slot for registering the document at the sub-registrar office at your required time. later you have to go to the sub-registrar office according to the booked time slot for document presentation. to fill the pre-registration application form, scheduling a time slot, and pay stamp duty is presented clearly in the following points submit the below ap land registration documents online at sub-registrar office: the original document with the signs of all parties. demand draft which has full payment of stamp duty, transfer duty (if any), registration fees, and charges of the user. buyer photo form of the seller and witnesses as per the section 32a witnesses who can identify the parties and their identity. buyer and seller address proofs.  at the sub-registrar office, you can submit any one of the identity proofs like: aadhaar card passport driver’s license pan card ration card voter id a photograph of the property original general power of attorney or a special power of attorney with a photocopy copy of link ap land registration documents online. agricultural properties web land copy. copy of original pattadar passbooks and title deeds  verified documents, the challan of actual fee, and e-kyc completion, documents of sub-registrar. you can follow the same procedure for registering your flat/apartment as well. visit to know about trending properties for sale in hyderabad. we guide you with accurate property information such as project construction photos, latest offers, available units, facings, builder info for a better understanding of the project. our 100% verified property information helps you in decision making. stamp duty and property registration charges in ap [updated] click to 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A better understanding of how real estate market  functions
Real Estate
03 Jan 2023 | 764 Views
Are you an informed real estate adult fit to make the best investment?
Are You A Real Estate Adult? Rather, Let’s Just Say, The Story Of A Real Estate Adult.   Are you 21 years of age or more? Do you know the power you withhold?  You can be the change, the change you desire!   Unlike yesteryears, you are gaining knowledge every second, all thanks to Digitalisation. From banking, shopping, gaming, meditating, journaling, and conferencing, to dating and investing the world has seen a massive shift. When we are mere sponges soaking information day in and day out about any and everything around us, why not real estate?   Real Estate is that one unsung market that hasn’t experienced many heads dabbling into the depths of it. While some think it’s buyer-driven, is it truly so?   Poof, goes your bubble!   Like you, most of the others that we have spoken to, think of Real Estate to be a “buyer-driven market”. We at Property Adviser, one of India’s largest property directories have helped a whopping 52,000 registered customers in the due course of our operation by educating them with the 5W’s and 1H of the real estate market. Additionally, in the last six months, we spoke to another 5000 registered customers and figured they live in the same myth of Real Estate being buyer driven!   Disappointing but true!   Assuming that this untapped market was truly buyers driven, would you really have to sacrifice parameters like location, budget, size, project prestige, and more? The harsh truth is, a builder is someone who manages to get land at a cheaper cost and markets his own ideas to forcefully suit your needs. Does succumbing to an excellent play of business qualify to be categorized as a “sacrifice”? Is it their smartness or your lack of knowledge?   The real estate market seems to have fallen prey to some shrewd business owners who don’t care much about anything else but their growth. Is this how you expect the market to flourish? Often our “lack of knowledge”, “laziness” and “naiveness” in addition to our “FOMO” act as growth hurdles. Many a time, a small discount on the price blindfolds us towards the concept of transparency. A reduction in the price operates as per the rules of a builder. Do you know who really is the cause of these price fluctuations in the market?   It’s you!   Not everyone who aims at buying a house that they may have dreamt of while cycling to school or simply daydreaming must know the A to Z of the real estate market, but being informed matters. It not only makes you an enthusiast or an informed buyer but also ensures that your hard-earned money, 15 long years of education, and all the sacrifices you and your family may have made are invested in the right place. Once you understand the market and your needs, you my friend will drive the market and be your own hero.   Knowledge never goes to waste, and, mastering it is a process or a journey. It’s a journey we can help you navigate, to bring out a change, a revolution. Your awareness, your understanding, and your thoroughness can drive the market to make it buyer driven transparent for it to flourish to its optimum. Today, we go by what the “mafias” of the market dictate not by our will inspite of it being our investment. Know the facts and let the market, supply your demands.   Follow 1 Trec For Real Estate’s Reality Check!  Indian real estate market trends facts subscription plans