Panchatantra theme park for children at New Bolaram

Panchatantra Theme Park For Children At New Bolaram

A theme park emphasizing Panchatantra is being developed in Railway Employees Colony, New Bolarum by GHMC. 

The space is spread over 900 square yards and incorporates games and recreational facilities exclusively for children. For adults, forest theme benches are in progress. 

This unique facility will introduce Panchatantra Stories to children through a jungle multi-play station, which has imitations of animals. 

The crawl between the two sandpits through the caterpillar tunnel, a run through the walkways shaped like a dog’s paw, and then sliding over the giraffe has insinuated the locals even before the park's official inauguration. There are additional swings and customized fruit-shaped benches.  

The GHMC has also blended the recreational facility with education. The wall paintings at the park have educational benefits and an outdoor animal-themed classroom has been built. Even the dustbins are shaped like animals. 

All these capabilities will stimulate children's curiosity, excitement, enthusiasm, and learning interest.