Hallmark 5A

Earlier high rise apartments were native to the western world with a very few in India. Today, living on the 
40th floor of a building in any city is considered to be a luxury inspite of it being closer to pollution (*scoff*). 
While that is true, there still are a few people who enjoy living grounded! Jokes apart, there are still a few 
people who enjoy the “villa lifestyle” against huge flats for sale.
Catering to those and many others who love the idea of living in a villa but swing to the notion of them 
being out of their budget, Hallmark builders, a known name of the Hyderabad real estate have come up 
with villas for sale in Velimala that you can’t say no to.
Hallmark builders have been a part of the Hyderabad real estate since more than a decade and have been 
building masterpieces one after the other. Their thorough understanding of the client to their power of 
visualisation, Hallmark builders have made themselves a trusted name.
If you are looking for villas for sale, look nothing beyond this gorgeous property spread across 5.35 acres. 
High on privacy, safety as well as security, these villas for sale in Velimala promise the residents a life they 
have dreamt about. Additionally, these villas for sale are connected by a 100 feet road thus making the 
connectivity to other parts of the city easy along with promising a good return on investment; which after 
all does matter!
n addition to the two main focal points, what does a property offer matters as well! Hallmark 5A, luxurious 
villas for sale in Velimala are flanked by ultra modern amenities that make home o’clock the best time of 
the day. They are:
1. Waiting lounge
2. Reception
3. Multi-purpose hall
4. Gymnasium
5. Salon
6. Kids play area
7. Indoor sports
8. Yoga & meditation room
9. Guest rooms
10. Administration office
11. Swimming pool
12. Club house
Today with the size of families reducing, 3 BHK and 4 BHK villas for sale provide comfort beyond your 
imagination. Hallmark 5A is one such property by the Hallmark Builders that strive to give the buyers a living
experience they love and rave about. Catering to not just one age group but everyone in the family this 
Hyderabad real estate property is the one for you. 
Go visit Hallmark 5A while we come back with some more!