GHMC Building Permission Charges and Procedure in Hyderabad

Procedure to Get GHMC Building Permission in Hyderabad
09:37 AM 11 Jul 2018

GHMC building permission is required before you start constructing any building in Hyderabad.

Why do You Need GHMC Building Permission?

The town planning authority conducts detailed checks before granting permission for construction of any residential or commercial building in Hyderabad.

The proximity to monuments, a heritage structure, water bodies, oil or gas pipeline, and the height of the building are some factors considered before granting permission.

Your layout and building plan must comply with the rules and regulations of various authorities.

GHMC Building Permission Checklist:

The town planning authority gives building permission after scrutinizing the GHMC building permission rules:

  1. Type and nature of the building.
  2. Does the layout of the proposed building meet the conditions laid out by the building permission rules in Hyderabad?
  3. What kind of infrastructure development is required? (In this case, infrastructure development covers road widening, junction improvements, construction of parks, playground, subways, parking lots, bus bay, and so on).
  4. And, finally calculating and collecting the admission fee, development charges, regularisation charges, building license fees, scrutiny fees, demolition fees, and other costs. These charges are collected before issuing building permits.

What are the Building Plan Approval Requirements?

Earlier, to get permission for construction of multi-storied buildings & Apartments in Hyderabad, you must get No Objection Certificates (NOC) from the various government department.

For example, you must get NOC from revenue, fire services, irrigation, urban land ceiling, traffic police, Airports Authority of India, and National Monuments Authority separately.

As the entire process was taking a lot of time. GHMC has introduced a ‘single window system’ in the form of a common application form for applicants seeking GHMC building permissions for constructing apartments, independent houses, and Villas in Hyderabad.

Let’s look at the procedure to apply for building permission:

Processing and Rules of Building Registration Process

The current registration process for the building permission in Hyderabad is detailed below:

Source: GHMC website

  1. Fill the application form and submit all documents required with the requisite processing fee.
  2. ACP (the concerned officer) receives the application form. He then visits the site to take photos and reports his findings online.
  3. The application is scrutinized at different levels such as Addl. CCP, CCP, Addl. Commissioner (P&P), Commissioner, and Building Committee.
  4. After passing through all these stages, the Building Committee reviews the recommendations and approves, rejects, or suggests a revision of plans.
  5. After the Building Committee approves the file, you have to pay the GHMC building permit fees.
  6. GHMC notifies you via SMS and email about the status of the application and the fees due.
  7. After you pay the fee, the building permit will be available online to download and print.

GHMC Building Permission Process

Procedure for submitting an online application form for building plan approval:     

  1. Click on  “DPMS – Submission of Building Applications Online”.
  2. Register here. You can register either as “Architect/ Engineer/ Surveyor/ LTP's Registration” or “Developer/ Citizen Registration”.
  3. Once you complete the registration process, you will select a user-id and password.
  4. If you have already registered before, you can log in with credentials.
  5. Once you log in, select “New Application” from the “Applications” tab.

Next, we’ll see how to enter the details in the application form:

  1. Add the proposal information and site details in the general information tab.
  2. Then, add the Architect/Engineer/Surveyor Information, Applicants, Structural Engineer and Developer Information in the applicant information tab.
  3. Check all the details and save the page.
  4. Once you save the page, you will get a temporary file number.
  5. Complete entering details in the plot detail tab, land details tab, and building details tab.
  6. Save data entered in each tab separately.
  7. Complete the geolocation tab and select the plot coordinates in the
    displayed google map. The latitude and longitude coordinates are displayed automatically. Then, enter the plotted measurement with reference to the
    coordinates and save the page.
  8. After completing the application, select the documents tab to upload the supporting documents.
  9. Next, upload the AutoCAD drawing of the proposals (Building Plan) in the Pre DCR format and submit the application.

The Building Plan must contain the following:

  • Location Plan
  • Contour Plan
  • Site Plan
  • Detailed Drawings of each floor
  • Detailed Drawings of Parking Floors
  • Terrace Plan
  • Building Elevations
  • Cross Section
  • Longitudinal Section
  • Plan showing rainwater harvesting pits

And, the mortgage plan duly signed by the owner, builder, architect/engineer/surveyor, structural engineer.

How to pay processing fee online?

  1. Go to the payments page and pay the processing fee through an online integrated payment gateway (the initial building permit licensee fee is Rs 10,000).

How To Find Out The GHMC Building Permission Status?

  1. After paying the fee, you will get the file number as an SMS on your registered mobile number.
  2. Check the GHMC building permission status of your application in the submitted application folder.
  3. GHMC sends SMS and updates the status of the approvals periodically on the website. The different stages of approval include inspection, shortfall letter, rejection letter, fees intimation letter, permission plan, and proceedings.
  4. After final approval, you will get the GHMC  building permission order and sanction plan through email. You can also view and download the permission order once you log in to the website.

Click on the link to check the documents required to get GHMC building permission if you are constructing building up to 10 meters in height.

And, documents to be submitted for buildings more than 10 meters in height.

For more details, refer to the link on Building Permissions.

GHMC follows strict timelines to issue building permissions in Hyderabad. The process must be completed within 21 days of the date of receiving an online application. If GHMC needs to contact other agencies for NOC, the timeline increases.

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