Kompally & Suchitra - Real Estate Overview
Property Adviser brings to you a SINGLE go-to article for all that you need to know about Kompally & Suchitra. Read on, and make well-informed decisions. These will be spread in 14 episodes.

Kompally Area - The Conclusion

In this final episode of Geo Connect series brought to you by Property Adviser, we will share with you a quick conclusion on Kompally.

Top Pros of Kompally

  • Easy Connectivity with Major Areas - Kompally is a popular residential hub along NH7, and it is just 10 Km from Secunderabad. It is well connected to RG International Airport and also the IT corridors of Hyderabad, via the ORR. There are plenty of bus stops and bus facilities in Kompally, connecting to various important parts of the town.
  • Equipped with all Major Amenities - It hold all the major amenities in Kompally for a comfortable living and entertainment - from retail - to international schools - to recreation facilities. Notable among the fun in Kompally are Runway-9 (the largest go-karting circuit in India), and Dhola-ri-Dhani, a Rajasthan desert themed park. More amenities are being set up, including GHMC parks, restaurants, malls and other.
  • Upcoming Area developments - A lot of further infrastructure development is underway including roads, flyovers and underpasses. An IT Park is also coming up in Kompally with plenty of job positions.

Top Opportunities for Business or Investment in Kompally

  • Opportunity for Rental Income - Since Kompally is close to engineering colleges and also well connected to job hubs, it is a lucrative area for rental income.
  • Yield good ROI - 200 acres of open land are still available for residential development. Property value has appreciated close to 1.5X in the last ten years, and it is profitable for both developers and home buyers to invest in Kompally.

Top Reasons Why Kompally is Suitable for You

  • Offers wide range of Properties - There are a range of residential options in Kompally from affordable to luxury. Apart from being conveniently connected to job hubs, Kompally area is filled with a good amount of greenery.
  • Disciplined Neighbourhood - Many people from defence services live there and you can find good discipline in the area.
Kompally Conclusion

Now that you have taken a virtual tour of Kompally, it’s time to check it out personally!

Suchitra Area - The Conclusion

Hope you liked the virtual tour of the small industrial-area-turned-residential area, namely Suchitra, in our Geo Connect series.

In this episode, we present a quick conclusion on this wonderful area.

Top Pros of Suchitra

  • Well Connected - Suchitra is a small residential hub which is just 5 km from Begumpet, and just 10 Km from Secunderabad railway station. It is thus not a remote place like most residential hubs, rather one very close to age old downtowns.
  • Fast Developing Area - It is a fast-developing area with various amenities including supermarkets, retail, schools, colleges, hospitals and others. A lot more amenities, as well as infrastructure development are in the pipeline - such as malls, roads, flyovers and underpasses - that will take the area to a whole new level of convenience and smooth life for its residents.

Top Opportunities for Business or Investment in Suchitra

  • Opportunity for Rental Income -As Suchitra is close to engineering colleges and other developments, homeowners are able to get good rental income.

Top Reasons Why Suchitra is Suitable for You

  • Enjoy Retail facilities -Suchitra is developing fast with various brands like METRO Cash & Carry, DMart, Decathlon etc. setting up their outlets in the area.
  • Abundant Educational & Extra Curricular facilities - There are good educational institutions in Suchitra, such as Loyola Academy, Suchitra Academy International School, Akshara International School, Orange College of Hotel Management, etc. There are also facilities for sports and hobbies like Prem'ss Cube Dance & Fitness Studio, Suchitra Badminton Academy and Little Scallywags Academy (an art & craft infused preschool).
Suchitra Conclusion

See you at Suchitra!

Residential Supply Index of Kompally

If you have enjoyed the journey and decided to settle down in Kompally, here is some information to give you an idea.

Currently there are close to 88 new residential projects in Kompally.

53 of them are already listed on propertyadviser.in and rest are hidden based on seller’s request.

Inventory Supply Analysis

Residential Supply of Kompally

According to the Property Adviser’s research, 51% of new residential projects are Ready to Move whereas 49% are Under Construction too.

There are close to 4400 new homes in Kompally.

As per the research, Kompally is witnessing a rise in the supply of mid-size homes consists of majorly 2BHK having 51% of flat units and large-size home consists of 3BHK having 45% of flat units.

Kompally has the trend of low-rise & mid-rise but now high-rise apartments are getting into the trend. A lot more high-rise apartments are in pipeline by big builders.

Residential Supply of Kompally

Residential Supply Index of Suchitra

If you have enjoyed the journey and decided to settle down in Suchitra, here is some information to give you an idea.

Currently there are close to 48 new residential projects in Suchitra.

26 of them are already listed on propertyadviser.in and rest are hidden based on seller’s request.

Inventory Supply Analysis

Residential Supply of Suchitra

According to the Property Adviser’s research, 65% of new residential projects are Ready to Move. Therefore, people who are looking for immediate possession can consider Suchitra for their home buying.

There are close to 1700 new homes in Suchitra.

As per the research, Suchitra is witnessing a rise in the supply of large-size home consists of 3BHK having 45% of flat units.

People who are aspirant for spacious homes can choose Suchitra as their residential destination.

Residential Supply of Suchitra

Major Commercial Development in Kompally

Kompally is the fastest growing residential area. In this episode, we will look at the commercial development that has taken place in Kompally in the last couple of decades.


Siva Sivani Institute of Management

Kompally is 30% commercial area.

  • Kompally has always been famous since the 90s for Dhola-ri-Dhani, a Rajasthan desert themed park.
  • In the 90s, it was also a logistics hub.
  • Another famous attraction in Kompally is a B-school named Siva Sivani Institute of Management.
  • Satyam Computers had an office in Kompally, which was set up in 2005.
  • Cineplanet, a multiplex theatre, was constructed in 2007.
  • In more recent times, the first and the largest go-karting circuit in India - Runway 9 was started in Kompally.
  • There are numerous international and other schools and colleges.
  • In the present times, the TRS government approved an IT park in Kompally in 2020.
  • There is a mall in Kompally - PVR commercial complex.
  • There are many restaurants, food courts and hotels. Many more are coming up.
  • Numerous other malls are under construction.

Major Commercial Development in Suchitra

Today, Suchitra is a residential suburb. But it had started out in 1981 as a small area of 1 sq km, with a small scale industry - the famous Suchitra Electronics Ltd.

Even today, Suchitra is 10% commercial area. It is bustling with all kinds of commercial development from wholesale, retail to education, health and more.


Suchitra Junction

  • Friends Circle Restaurant was started in 2003.
  • Suchitra Educational Academy is a remnant of Suchitra Electronics which was founded in 2010.
  • Other reputed schools in the area include
    • Akshara International School
    • SR Digi School
    • Loyola Academy
    • Orange College Of Hotel Management
    • ICFAI Group
    • METRO Cash & Carry outlet at Suchitra Circle was opened in May 2017.
  • Reputed brands across the spectrum have a presence in Suchitra Junction. These include DMart, Decathlon, KFC, R.S. Brothers and more.
  • There are also reputed hospitals in Suchitra.
  • More malls are coming up.

Major Developers Who Speeded Up Residential Development in Kompally

Kompally has witnessed fast residential growth - across all segments from affordable to luxury. Even today, more than 150 acres of land is under development, and there are large inventories of thousands of flats.

One of the reasons for this is that it is well connected to other nearby developed areas, and via ORR it also connects well with the airport and the IT corridors of Hyderabad.

Governments have been supportive of residential development by way of approvals for standalone and gated communities.

Apart from that, some developers have done humongous work in Kompally.

Prajay Engineers Syndicate

Prajay Engineers Syndicate

They are a household name in real-estate development in Hyderabad, specifically in the affordable segment, with more that 30 years of experience working on more than 100 properties. We have all heard of Janapriya apartments. Now they have also diversified to offer luxury apartments and villas.

Their work in Kompally is notable.

Prajay Jamuna Gruhatara : These are affordable 1BHK and 2BHK flats, completed in 1997, costing Rs. 100,000, and Rs. 160,000 at that time.

NCL Homes

NCL Homes

NCL has more than two decades of experience in the construction sector.

They believe in not just building homes, but also building communities that last.

Aside that, they are also committed to moving ahead with the times and offering contemporary housing solutions, with a special focus on gated communities

NCL has delivered these projects in Kompally.

NCL Godavari : This is their first semi-gated project of 2 and 3 BHK apartments. It was completed in 2006.

NCL Sindhu : This is a current project, an ultra-luxurious gated community of 2 and 3 BHK apartments, that have great views, and all the amenities you can ask for.

Aparna Constructions

Aparna Constructions

Since 1996, Aparna has been focused on making luxury an affordable proposition.

They build world-class gated communities, and maintain a high level of transparency in all their communication and transactions.

Their projects are strategically planned to reduce daily commute to work, to preserve the environment and to offer the best in luxury and living.

Here is the work they did in Kompally.

Aparna Palm Meadows : These are 3 and 4 BHK villas completed in 2012.

Aparna Kanopy Tulip : This is their first gated project of 360 apartments - 2 and 3 BHK, delivered in 2012.

Major Developers Who Speeded Up Residential Development in Suchitra

Suchitra has been one of the fastest growing suburbs of Hyderabad. It’s proximity to Begumpet Airport and other popular residential and job hubs has helped it grow at an amazing pace. It has evolved from a predominantly industrial area to a residential hub.

Vasudha was the first residential hub of 70 units that was launched in 1997, and this was rapidly followed by various projects and large colonies.

Even at present, close to 2000 flats are under various stages of development.

Here are a few developers who played an important role in the residential development of Suchitra Junction.

Modi Builders

Modi Builders

Modi builders offer affordable, luxurious quality homes in safe and secure locations, and have delivered over 15 residential projects in Hyderabad.

They are also in CSR activity, and work with schools and students.

They have worked on this project in Suchitra.

Modi Silver Springs : This is a budget gated community project of 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments.

Vasavi Group

Vasavi Group

Founded in 1994, Vasavi is committed to shaping the skyline of Hyderabad. They work on apartments and gated communities, apart from other work in the commercial sector.

Here is a project in Suchitra from Vasavi Group.

Vasavi - TNR RP SILVER OAK : This was launched in January 2021, and is expected to be completed in 3 years time.

There are 25 floors, consisting of 3 BHK spacious apartments.

Commercial Development in Kompally

Residential growth in Kompally is matched with a fair amount of commercial growth.

The Commercial Growth Story of Kompally

  • In the early 1990s, a part of Kompally was earmarked as a logistics hub.
  • Satyam Computers was established in 2005.
  • More malls are under construction currently.
  • An IT park is coming up in Kompally, as announced by IT Minister. Land acquisition process for this has already begun.

Commercial Development in Suchitra

Suchitra had commercial beginnings, much before any residential development happened.

Key Milestones in the Commercial Growth of Suchitra Junction

  • Suchitra Electronic Ltd. was started in 1981. It had over 1500 employees and it functioned until 2000.
  • Suchitra Educational Academy was founded in 2010, which led to the opening of other educational institutions.
  • During the last decade, lifestyle stores such as METRO Cash & Carry, DMart and Decathlon made their way to Suchitra.
  • Apart from that, reputed hospitals, top furniture hubs, electronics, automobile showrooms, hotels, various schools and colleges were also opened.

The Residential Growth of Kompally

Kompally, which is spread across 2600+ acres, has an inventory of over 7000 flats. From a small village of vineyards and farmhouses, it is now a real-estate hotspot with a population of over 15,000 people.

Key Contributors & Milestones in The Residential Development Story of Kompally

  • Initially, during the period 1991 to 2001, the state government contributed with residential layouts and also built some infrastructure for the convenience of the people.
  • In 2005, Satyam Computers was established in Kompally (which was later taken over by Tech Mahindra), which generated numerous jobs. This led to residential growth as well.
  • From 1997 to 2010, various builders like Prajay, NCL, Godavari, Aparna and others developed residential colonies in Kompally.
  • From 2005 to 2020, infrastructure development such as the Nagpur Highway expansion resulted in the development of more colonies like NCL colony, Dandamudi Enclave, Rubi Block, Satyam Enclave, and Jayabheri Colony.

The Residential Growth of Suchitra

Suchitra is a fast growing suburb of Hyderabad. 1700+ flats are currently under development on 50+ acres of land.

Timeline of Residential Growth of Suchitra

  • 1997

    • The first residential hub, Vasudha, was launched. It is a semi-gated project with 70 units, built on one acre of land.
    • This was quickly followed by more residential projects along Suchitra to Quthbullapur Road, as well as in Raghavendra colony.
  • 1997 - 2007

    • Numerous standalone and community projects were launched in Raghavendra Colony.
    • Good connectivity and infrastructure development of Suchitra made more people move-in from areas like Bowenpally and Chintal to Suchitra.
  • 2010

    Suchitra Educational Academy was founded. This led to expansion of residential constructions.

  • 2001 - 2010

    • Social infrastructure development led to development of residential communities like Godavari Homes and Gayatri Nagar.
    • Major lifestyle stores were opened, including METRO Cash & Carry, DMart, Decathlon, apart from reputed hospitals and furniture hubs. This led to further residential development.

Real Estate Appreciation in Kompally

In this episode, let's take a look at how the Kompally's price has changed over the last decade.

Price Appreciation of Land in Kompally

It was originally a tiny village of vineyards and farmhouses that had been transformed into a residential centre. In the previous ten years, the cost has increased by 142 percent.


Appreciation Of Apartment Pricing in Kompally

As the neighbourhood grew in popularity, so did demand for residences. Because of the nearby area's advantages, demand for apartments has grown. The apartment prices have increased by 129 percent during the last ten years.


Appreciation of Independent Houses Pricing in Kompally

The desire for self-contained dwellings has grown over time. In the previous decade, the price has increased by 48 percent.


Appreciation of Villa Pricing in Kompally

Kompally has a wide selection of villa projects ranging from basic to high-end, all of which are surrounded by greenery. In the previous decade, the price has risen by 117 percent.


Real Estate Appreciation in Suchitra

In this episode, we'll look at how pricing trends have evolved over the previous decade.

Land Appreciation in Suchitra

Suchitra is one of Hyderabad's fastest developing suburbs. Because of its closeness to a neighbouring town with a range of facilities, the Suchitra region is becoming increasingly attractive. In the previous ten years, the price has risen by 158%.


Appreciation Of Apartment Pricing in Suchitra

The demand for a certain place rises in tandem with its growth. As a result, when Suchitra region grew in popularity, so did the need for residences. In the previous decade the price has increased by a factor of ten i.e., 100%.


Appreciation of Independent Houses Pricing in Suchitra

With a rise in demand for the region, the need for independent residences rose. In the previous decade, the price has risen by 48 percent.


Appreciation of Villa Pricing in Suchitra

As demand grows, the price rises. As prices have grown, demand for villa developments has not decreased. In the preceding ten years, the price had climbed by 22%.


Kompally - Neighbouring Areas & Their Influence

Love Your Neighbour, But Choose Your Neighbourhood

How does Kompally gel with the surrounding areas? Who are the top neighbours? What can they share or exchange with each other? Read on.


Top Two Neighbours Of Kompally

1. Machabollarum

Machabollarum is a fast-growing real-estate hub, 5 Km from Kompally.

That’s close enough to share each other’s infrastructure and resources, while also exchanging real-estate sales between them.

We can travel between the two areas via the service road along Kompally Circle - Machabollarum - Bolarum Railway Station - Karimnagar Road .

Alternately, there is an internal road along Kompally - Pet Basheerbagh - Ambedkar Nagar - Ice Factory Road - Machabollarum.

How Kompally & Machabollarum Complement Each Other

Kompally complements Machabollarum with facilities for eating out, sports, fun, entertainment, theme park, hospitals and educational institutions.

Machabollarum, on the other hand, doubles up as a railway station for areas in its neighbourhood.

Property buyers are likely to weigh the cost and benefit in the two areas, as well as their preferences and budget, while making a final decision.

2. Bahadurpally

Kompally has another real-estate hotspot neighbour in Bahadurpally.

The two are 12 Km apart, which means a 25-minute commute via internal and service roads.

  • Service road route: Kompally - Dulapally - Dulapally forest academy - Bahadurpally.
  • Internal route: Kompally village - Gundlapochampally - Gowdavelli - Gandimissamma - Bahadurpally.

How Kompally & Bahadurpally Complement Each Other

Kompally and Bahadurpally share a residential-commercial complementary relation to an extent.

Kompally has been more of a residential area with facilities for lifestyle and entertainment.

Bahadurpally has career opportunities in the numerous factory outlets, Tech Mahindra Training Centre, and several other commercial and support services..

Suchitra - Neighbouring Areas & Their Influence

You Can Change Friends, But Not Neighbours

But when you have neighbours like those that Suchitra Circle has, you would never want to change them. Suchitra has classical neighbours that complement it in helpful ways.


Have A Look At Suchitra’s Neighbours

1. Bowenpally

Bowenpally, a legacy affluent area in Secunderabad, is about 4 Km from Kompally.

It is replete with schools, colleges, places of worship, and all the facilities that a developed age-old area would have.

You can commute from Suchitra to Bowenpally via NH-44.

There is also a service road along Bowenpally - Hasmathpet - Mallikarjun Nagar - Old Alwal Road - Suchitra .

How Suchitra & Bowenpally Complement Each Other

Bowenpally offers facilities for shopping and education, as Suchitra is a fairly new residential locality still in the process of complete development.

Since Bowenpally has a shortage of land bank, Suchitra gets some of the residential projects that can’t be undertaken in Bowenpally.

Suchitra shopping

2. Alwal

An erstwhile British cantonment area, Alwal is less than 5 Km from Suchitra Junction.

Thereby Suchtira residents are able to avail the benefits Alwal has to offer.

They can reach Alwal via the Suchitra Junction - Alwal - Karimnagar Road.

There is also a High Tension Line Road that connects Suchitra Junction -Alwal Hill Colony - Alwal

How Suchitra & Alwal Complement Each Other

Alwal is a legacy area where famous people like Shyam Benegal, Gaddar and others live.

It offers the facilities and benefits of a more developed area to meet the lifestyle and entertainment needs of Suchitra residents.

Also since Suchitra is a smaller residential area with limited land bank, Alwal is able to accommodate gated and semi-gated communities.

3. Kompally

Suchitra and Kompally are like young cousins eager to catch up with life and progress.

The 5 odd Km distance between the two areas is easy to commute via NH-44 .

Additionally, there is a service road along Suchitra - Jeedimetla Village - Pipe Line Road - Dandamudi Enclave - Kompally.

How Suchitra & Kompally Complement Each Other

Kompally is a fun zone with facilities for cricket, go-karting, movies and a theme park.

Cine Planet, Runway 9, Dola ri Dhani, etc., are popular destinations for people in Suchitra.

The tiny Suchitra can have only so many projects. Kompally becomes the obvious destination when developers start pushing the boundaries of Suchitra.

Political Leanings of Kompally

Here is an overview of political views of Kompally residents, and how the governments have developed the area.

Electorate & Administrative Areas Kompally Comes Under

Kompally is split between various administrative units.

Legislative Assembly Constituency Medchal
Lok Sabha Constituency Malkajgiri
Mandal Qutubullapur
District Medchal-Malkajgiri
Civic Body Malkajgiri Municipality
Planning Body HMDA
Pin Code 500100

Which Party Ruled Kompally in The Last Decade or More?

Members of Legislative Assembly

Medchal assembly constituency that Kompally comes under has switched support from INC to TRS.

  • 2009 to 2014 - Kichannagari Laxma Reddy - INC
  • 2014 to 2019 - Malipedhi Sudheer Reddy - TRS
  • 2019-Incumbent - Malla Reddy - TRS

Members of Parliament

Malkajgiri parliamentary constituency, that Kompally comes under, is the largest constituency in India with over 3 million voters.

  • 2009 to 2014 - Sarve Satyanarayana - INC
  • 2014 to 2019 - Malla Reddy - TDP
  • 2019-Incumbent - Revanth Reddy - INC

Which Political Parties Developed Kompally Area


Here are a few milestones in the development of Kompally:

  • Kompally has benefitted from ORR, and is accessible through NH-44.
  • There are plenty of buses to Kompally to ease the commute for the residents (thanks to the governments since late 90’s to present).
  • Governments have been supporting real-estate and commercial development in the area through approvals for standalone and gated communities, schools, colleges, supermarkets, etc.
  • The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has approved a six-lane 10-km stretch between Suchitra and Kompally junctions on National Highway 44, costing Rs 492 crore. This will include three flyovers, four underpasses, and service roads.
  • In 2020, TRS government approved an IT park in Kompally, as part of its efforts to disperse growth of IT and jobs in Hyderabad.
  • There is a plan to build a gateway on Medchal-Kompally road.

Thus, a lot of infrastructure development in Kompally is in the pipeline. Brighter days lie ahead than ever.

Political Leanings of Suchitra

In this section, we will look at the Political views of Suchitra residents, and what the Government is doing to develop the area.

Electorate & Administrative Areas Suchitra Comes Under

Suchitra is split between various administrative units.

Legislative Assembly Constituency Qutubullapur
Lok Sabha Constituency Malkajgiri
Mandal Qutubullapur
District Rangareddy
Civic Body GHMC
Planning Body HMDA
Pin Code 500067

Which Party Ruled Suchitra in The Last Decade or More?

Members of Legislative Assembly

Qutubullapur assembly constituency that Suchitra comes under, has been changing political views in the last three terms.

  • 2009 to 2014 - Kuna Srisailam Goud - Independent
  • 2014 to 2019 - KP Vivekananda - TDP
  • 2019-Incumbent - KP Vivekananda - TRS

Member of Parliament

Malkajgiri parliamentary constituency, that Suchitra comes under, is the largest constituency in India with over 3 million voters.

  • 2009 to 2014 - Sarve Satyanarayana - INC
  • 2014 to 2019 - Malla Reddy - TDP
  • 2019-Incumbent - Revanth Reddy - INC

Government Efforts to Develop Suchitra Circle

Suchitra is catching up with development in recent times, with the TRS government focusing on the area.

  • Legacy development in the area includes the school, Suchitra Academy - a residual of the company, Suchitra Electronics.
  • METRO Cash & Carry outlet at Suchitra Circle was opened in May 2017.
  • In July 2021, the TRS government announced three flyovers, four underpasses, service roads, and widening of junctions on the Suchitra-Gundlapochampally/Kompally route.
  • In September 2021, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) approved a six-lane road spanning 10 km between Suchitra and Kompally junctions, at a cost of Rs 492 crore.

More on Lifestyle & Entertainment in Kompally

Let’s take a closer look at life and fun in Kompally.

What Is In It For the Young?

Logos of Schools & Colleges

Education in Kompally

There are about a dozen schools and a dozen colleges in Kompally, apart from higher learning.

Siva Sivani Institute of Management in Kompally is a famous one.

Notable schools and colleges

  • Delhi International School
  • St. Peter's High School
  • Geetanjali The Global School
  • PAGE Junior College
  • Siva Sivani Degree College
  • Sai Teja Degree College

And more.

Extracurricular Activity in Kompally

There is a lot in Kompally for the youth when it comes to sports and entertainment.

  • Crickway Club Academy (Cricket academy)
  • Central Park (Cricket ground)
  • Just V Dance Studios (Dance academy)
  • Kvr Badminton Arena
  • Runway 9 (the first and the largest Go-karting circuit in India)

And more.

What Does Kompally Offer Working Professionals?

Kompally is a happening place even for working professionals. There is plenty they can do outside of office hours.

There are many food courts, restaurants and hotels in Kompally.

Hotel KASS is among the notable ones.

There is one mall already in Kompally - PVR commercial complex, and four more malls are coming up.

PPS Motors is the place for Volkswagen fans!

Kompally also has a cinema theatre.

Working Professional Entertainment

How Is Life for Senior Citizens in Kompally?

Senior citizens can be happy in Kompally. There are plenty of temples, mosques and GHMC parks

Meenakshi Estates Jogging Track is a famous and beautiful one.

Hanuman Temple and Ponaganti Uma Maheshwara temple are some famous temples.

More on Lifestyle & Entertainment in Suchitra

Suchitra is filled with amenities, apart from enjoying proximity to other developed areas in its surroundings.

What Is In It For the Young?

Education in Suchitra

Education in Suchitra

There are reputed schools and colleges for Suchitra residents.

  • Suchitra Academy International School
  • Akshara International School
  • SR Digi School, etc
  • Loyola Academy
  • Orange College Of Hotel Management
  • ICFAI Group

And more..

Extracurricular Activity in Suchitra

What is good academics without some fun and sports? There are ample amenities for overall development of kids and youth in Suchitra.

  • Prem'ss Cube Dance & Fitness Studio
  • Suchitra Badminton Academy
  • Little Scallywags Academy (an art & craft infused preschool)

And more.

What Does Suchitra Offer Working Professionals?

What does working professionals do in Suchitra for relaxation and fun?

There are plenty of food courts and restaurants for eating out, or home delivery.

  • My Friends Restaurant
  • KFC
  • The Juice Bar

And more.

Working Professional Entertainment

Shopping & Wellness

  • There are plenty of supermarkets & electronics stores.
  • There are many apparel stores including the famous R.S. Brothers
  • Additionally, a new mall is coming up.
  • There are salon and spa facilities including the reputed Metro Spa

How Is Life for Senior Citizens in Suchitra?

Senior citizens are well taken care of in Suchitra area, with enough opportunities for keeping them engaged and happy.

There are three local parks including GHMC Park and Venkateshwara Colony Park .

There are numerous temples, churches and mosques including Sree Kanaka Durga Temple and Peniel Church .

Kompally - Area, Facilities & Lifestyle

Amenities & Lifestyle in Kompally

Kompally has enough greenery to make it a real-estate attraction, apart from connectivity to various important areas.

This village of vineyards and farmhouses in the past, has now progressed into an urban area with 15,000 people. What kind of lifestyle does Kompally offer? Read on.

Existing Amenities in Kompally

Food, Lodging & Retail
Food Courts (50+), Restaurants (10), Hotels/Lodges (5), Vegetable Markets (10), Supermarkets (6), Electronic Shops (10), Furniture Hubs (5), Bike & Car Showrooms (8)
Hospitals & Pharmacies (10)
Schools (10), Colleges (12)
Bus Stops (5), Petrol Pumps (6)
Recreation & Spiritual
Cinema Theatre (1), Temples (10), Mosques (10), Local Parks (3), Function Halls (12), GHMC Parks (12), Theme Park (1)
Govt. & Pvt. Business
ATMs (10), Banks (10), Police Stations (1), Government Offices(5), Warehouses (10)

Upcoming Amenities in Kompally

In the land of Dhola-ri-Dhani, there are not yet sufficient amenities as much as people would like it.

Private players are investing in further development in the area and we have plenty of amenities coming up. People can look forward to a lot of life and fun.

  • Four new shopping malls
  • Three GHMC parks
  • Four food courts
  • Three supermarkets
  • A new hotel
  • Two new restaurants

Property Adviser Team Repeatedly Surveys Kompally

We strive to offer you an in-depth real-estate connect.

Property enthusiasts, buyers, sellers, developers and other stakeholders are invited to browse this website for up-to-date, authentic and unbiased information on Kompally.

Property Adviser spent
1500+ hours
in Kompally in
130+ visits!

Area Level Insight for Kompally

  • One striking feature of Kompally is that a sizable number of residents belong to the defence community.
  • Another feature of Kompally is that out of 10+ sq km of area, 70% of it is residential land.
  • Apart from being a residential destination, Kompally is a big hub for warehouses and cargo-oriented business.
Kompally is a "Warehouse & Cargo" hub.

Project Level Insight For Kompally

With a current inventory of 7000 apartments, homebuyers would be happy to know that 65% of on-going projects will be ready to occupy in the next 6 months.

Suchitra - Area, Facilities & Lifestyle

Nobody might have thought that the area in which the famous electronics company named Suchitra Electronics Ltd. started will one day develop into a popular residential hub filled with rich amenities.

Amenities & Lifestyle in Suchitra

Food, Lodging & Retail
Hotels/Lodges (4), Restaurants (10), Food courts (50+), Electronic Shops(4), Super Markets (5), Vegetables Markets (5), Bike & Car Showrooms (1)
Hospitals & Pharmacies (10)
Schools (10), Colleges (5)
MMTS Station (1), Bus Stop (1), Petrol Pumps (4)
Recreation & Spiritual
Temples (10), Mosques (4), Local Parks (2), GHMC Parks (6), Function Halls(5)
Govt. & Pvt. Business
Government Offices (4), Warehouses (5)

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Area Level Insight for Suchitra

  • Suchitra is a small scale-industry and employment hub for middle class people, with with 90% residential area.
  • Less than a tenth of the area is commercial.

Project Level Insight for Suchitra

  • 95% of on-going projects are 2BHK & 3 BHK apartments.
  • You can get a 2BHK apartments within Rs. 47 to Rs. 80 Lakhs.
  • 3BHK apartments would cost you between Rs. 58 Lakh and Rs. 1.56 Crore.

Let's look at data on Kompally and Suchitra, from the real estate perspective. The information in this section is helpful for buyers, developers, banks, government authorities and private sector players.

Real Estate Evolution & Opportunities in Kompally

Land Bank in Kompally

Land Bank in Kompally

  • Kompally is spread across 2600+ acres.
  • 150+ acres of total land is currently under development.
  • There is an inventory of close to 7000 flats.
  • 200 acres of open land bank is left for future developers.

Infrastructure Development in Kompally

  • An IT-park is coming up shortly in Kompally.
  • IT Minister, KT Rama Rao has already directed officials to expedite the land acquisition process.

What Else Can the Government Do to Help?

  • The presence of pharma industries in Kompally makes the area prone to water and air pollution.
  • Government can offer some regulation and other initiatives to mitigate the problem.

Opportunities for Private Sector in Kompally

  • Kompally is a highly populated area, and yet there is not much fun for people living there.
  • There are shopping complexes and upcoming malls.
  • There is only one theatre and food court.

Thus, there is a lot of opportunities for private investors to liven up the area and add some zing to it.

Home Loans and Opportunities for Banks

  • Kompally is close to engineering colleges, and well connected to other happening areas of the town.
  • This makes it a lucrative area for rental income, and thus it is an attractive destination for home buyers.
  • Banks can thus check out the current and upcoming projects in the area to generate leads and increase sales for home loan products.

Interesting Facts About Kompally

Kompally has 2 high-rise projects under construction with 15 floors.


Real Estate Evolution & Opportunities in Suchitra

Land Bank in Suchitra

  • Suchitra Junction is spread across 250 acres.
  • 50+ acres of total land is currently under development.
  • There is an inventory of 1700+ flats.
  • Three acres of open land is available for future development.

Infrastructure Development in Suchitra

  • Proposals for MMTS expansion, and revival of Moulali-Sanathnagar line for MMTS will also benefit residents of Suchitra.
  • Likewise, introduction of MMTS service on Secunderabad-Ghatkesar route will also be helpful to Suchitra residents.

What Else Can the Government Do to Help?

  • With the presence of pharma industries, Suchitra is prone to air and water pollution.
  • Government authorities and industry owners can intervene to mitigate the problem.

Home Loans and Opportunities for Banks

  • Suchitra enjoys proximity to engineering colleges, rising commercial developments and good connectivity with other prime areas.
  • As such, it is a good place for those looking to buy property in order to generate rental income.
  • Hence, it is a good area for home buyers.
  • Banks also have enough opportunities in the area to offer home loans.

Interesting Facts About Suchitra

13 is a lucky number for many people! Suchitra has one high-rise project under construction with 13 floors.


In this section, we bring to you details about the areas that lie within close range of Kompally and Suchitra , the total area, and how to commute to and from these localities.

Kompally - Connectivity, Transport, Total Area

Kompally is located along the national highway NH7 that runs between Nagpur and Secunderabad. It is within half-an-hour drive from other developed areas

  • Pet Basheerabad - 3.8km (13 min)
  • Jeedimetla - 7km (18 min)
  • Bolarum - 4.9 Km (13 min)
  • Suchitra X Roads - 5km (13 min)
  • Bahadurpally - 6.7km (15 min)
  • Gundlapochampally - 11km (23 min)
  • Alwal - 8.4 Km (22 min)

Though Kompally is far off from the IT corridor of Hyderabad unlike other popular real estate hubs, it is important to note that Kompally is well-connected to the international airport and Hitech City via the ORR. Secunderabad is just 15 kilometers from Kompally.

Machabolarum and Gundlapochampalli are the closest railway stations that are less than 5 kilometers from Kompally.

There are plenty of buses to help you commute to and from Kompally, just as there are plenty of bus stops.

  • Bommidala Bus Stop
  • Kompally Bus Stop
  • Malla Reddy Engineering College Bus Stop
  • Pochampally Bolarum Bus Station
  • Pochampally BusStation
  • Bolarum Bus Station
  • Total Area of Kompally


    Kompally has a total area of 10.78 Sq. Km. (2663.8 Acres), with 70% residential area and 30% commercial area.

    At Property Adviser, we are a one-stop shop for unique and verified listings in Kompally. We keep it unbiased to help buyers, and offer monthly updates.

    Suchitra - Connectivity, Transport, Total Area

    Suchitra Junction is less than Begumpet Airport 11km (29 min). Other popular real estate hubs lie within 20 minutes drive of Suchitra Junction.

    • Pet Basheerabad - 2.5 Km (7 min)
    • Jeedimetla - 4.5 Km (15 min)
    • Bowenpally - 4 km (11 min)
    • Kompally  - 5 km (14 min)
    • Quthbullapur - 2 Km (10 min)
    • Alwal - 5.3 Km (19 min)

    Suchitra connects well with Hitech City and Gachibowli via Begumpet.

    Nearest Railway Station is in Alwal, at a distance of 3.24 Km. Secunderabad Railway Station is 10 km.


    Nearest bus stops are Suchitra, Suchitra X Roads, Suchitra Bus Stop, Jeedimetla Deewan Dhaba and Alwal Halt.

    Total Area of Suchitra


    Suchitra is spread across 1.01 Sq. Km. (249.57 Acres), with 10% residential area and 90% commercial area.

    Property Adviser is happy to offer you unique and verified listings in Suchitra. You can expect unbiased information from us, as our goal is to help property buyers. We update area information on a monthly basis, so that you can have the latest information at your finger tips.

    Let’s Take A Deep Look At Kompally

    Lets Take A Deep Look At Kompally
    In this section, we will walk you through the information related to Kompally from a real estate perspective.

    Kompally - The Origins, History & Popularity


    Kompally, which is just 13 kilometers from Paradise, Secunderabad, is one of the fastest growing residential areas of Hyderabad.

    It was once a small village of vineyards and farmhouses, under Quthbullapur mandal. Prior to 2016, it was part of Rangareddy district. It now comes under Medchal-Malkajgiri district, Dundigal Gandimaisamma mandal.

    Kompally offers a range of residential options - from affordable to luxury, filled with ample greenery. It is thus a real-estate hotspot and already there are over 15,000 people living in Kompally.

    Attractions in Kompally include the famous Dola-ri-dhani, Cine planet and Runway 9.

    Popular neighbourhoods in Kompally include Kotha Basti, NCL Colony, Ruby Block, Satyam Enclave, Sai Nagar,Jayabheri colony and many other well-developed colonies.

    Nearby localities include Pet Basheerabad, Jeedimetla, Dulapally and other.

    A Complete View Of Suchitra

    A Complete View Of Suchitra
    In this section, we will walk you through Suchitra area in Hyderabad to ensure you know all about the area.

    Suchitra - The Origins, History & Popularity

    The Name Suchitra came from the famous electronics company by name Suchitra Electronics Ltd. in Hyderabad from 1981 to 2000, with over 1500 employees. Today that area is known as Suchitra.

    Suchitra is one of the fastest growing suburbs of Hyderabad, close to Begumpet Airport. There is now a school in the same premises by the name Suchitra Academy.

    Suchitra is also known as Suchitra Junction, and Suchita Center and Suchitra X Roads. It is spread over one square kilometer, with a population of close to 10,000 people. There are bridges constructed to ease traffic

    Suchitra is located on Bowenpally-Medchal Road. It is connected to Chintal, Shahpur, Jeedimetla IDA on the west and Alwal on the east.


    Neighbourhoods in Suchitra

    • BHEL Avemachs
    • Boudha Nagar Colony
    • Praga Tools Colony
    • Subhash Nagar
    • Sri Durga Estates
    • Raghavendra Colony
    • Gayatri Nagar
    • Bank Colony
    • MN Reddy Nagar
    • Ramaraj Nagar
    • Jayaram Nagar
    • Venkateshwara Colony
    • New Manikyanagar
    • Bhagyalaxmi Colony
    • Godavari Homes
    • Shantha Sriram Satellite Township
    • Laxmi Ganga Enclave
    • Spring Fields Colony

    Nearby areas include Pet Basheerabad, Jeedimetla, Bowenpally, and more.


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