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Villas for sale in Hyderabad with metro connectivity
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28 Feb 2024 | 986 Views
Metro With Biggest Homes Is Now Hyderabad!
Huge Living rooms full of sunlight, bedrooms larger than ever, and a backyard that awaits lazy afternoons with loved ones. Sounds like a dream, right? But what if this dream could be a reality, and not in some far-off land, but right here in Hyderabad?  Forget the cramped quarters of other metros. Hyderabad has dethroned them all, earning the crown for the biggest homes in India. Shocked? Let us tell you some facts. The average size of apartments in Hyderabad is a substantial 2,300 square feet, nearly twice the typical size in Delhi! And let's not even begin discussing the available villas for sale in Hyderabad.  Let's just say they're fit for the Nizams themselves!  But why this sudden shift towards spacious living, you ask? Well, the post-pandemic world has us all craving more personal space. Remember those months cooped up in tiny apartments? No one wants that anymore! Plus, Hyderabad's booming IT sector and offers some of the most competitive property prices in the country, making those dream homes even more attainable.  Imagine unwinding in a living room that fits your entire family for movie nights. Picture hosting the epic game. Imagine a home office spacious enough to spark your productivity, villas for sale in Hyderabad sound pretty good, don’t  they?  Hyderabad has something for everyone, it is a city that believes in living large. There are impressive facilities and great schools, and the cultural environment is lively. From old retirees to young professionals  or even growing families can find a home here.  So is it the choice to buy a home in Hyderabad?  To Buy a home in Hyderabad isn't just about living in a metro, it is an investment as the city’s real estate is on an upward trajectory, and property values are expected to continue to rise steadily in the coming future. So, buying now could get you significant returns very soon.  Made up your mind to buy?  From luxurious villas in Gachibowli to spacious apartments in Jubilee Hills. You  can find your home in Hyderabad from a plenty of options.  It’s time to leave the small spaces behind and get yourself the home you deserve. Explore the options and make your dream home a reality. Hyderabad is waiting for you. 

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 Hyderabad’s Hot Real Estate Zones
Hyderabad’s Hot Real Estate Zones | Kondapur & Kukatpally

  Hello property enthusiasts. We are here to give you a personalized tour of the Hyderabad Real Estate. Get Ready to dive into the heart of this metropolis and be ready for your next big Real Estate Move.    Let’s start with getting to know you a little. So which one of the following are you?   1. Lifestyle Seeker: Are you a tech-savvy urbanite craving the Madhapur hustle, a family-oriented soul yearning for Kukatpally's serenity, or somewhere in between?  2. Budget Navigator: Do you have a penthouse-worthy budget ready to conquer Madhapur's heights, or are you looking for a Kondapur haven that's kind to your wallet?  3. Connectivity Connoisseur: How important is easy access to work, family, or that killer cup of chai? Let's find a zone that puts you at the center of the action.  Ok let’s Explore our options:   Madhapur  · IT Hotspot: Imagine swanky flats for sale in Madhapur with city views, buzzing cafes just downstairs, and Google as your next-door neighbor. Sound like your scene? Madhapur beckons!  · Luxury Playground: From rooftop pools to sprawling penthouses, flats for sale in Madhapur pamper you with top-notch amenities and a lifestyle that's anything but ordinary.  · Connectivity King: Zoom through the city with the ORR, NORR, and metro at your fingertips. Madhapur keeps you connected to everything that matters.  But wait, there's more!  Kondapur  · Rising Star: This up-and-coming zone, flats for sale in Kondapur offer a blend of swanky apartments and commercial spaces, all at a slightly friendlier price tag than its glitzy neighbour.  · Green Oasis: Escape the city's chaos with flats for sale in Kondapur's lush parks and green spaces. Breathe easy and find your zen amidst the urban jungle.  · Infrastructure on the Rise: With new roads, flyovers, and metro stations popping up, Kondapur's future's looking bright. Get in early and reap the rewards!  And finally, the family-friendly haven:  Kukatpally  · Peace & Quiet: Picture tree-lined streets, renowned schools, and a welcoming community vibe. Flats for sale in Kukatpally are ideal for families seeking a safe and nurturing environment.  · Spacious Sanctuaries: Ditch the cramped apartments and embrace the comfort of spacious homes in gated communities. Flat for sale in Kukatpally let you stretch out and breathe.  · Well-Connected: The ORR and metro keep you connected to the rest of the city, while Kukatpally itself offers everything you need close at hand.  Remember, Hyderabad's real estate market is vibrant and ever-changing, so let's explore it together, one interactive step at a time!  Ready to find your Hyderabad haven? Let's make it happen!   

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financial advisor to see if it's the right move for you.
Why Invest In Real Estate?

Tired of watching your savings gather dust? Let's talk about something juicy: investing in real estate. Investing in real estate is literally like building your future, brick by brick!  Your rental property brings you cash while you relax. That's real estate – a passive income playground, where rents pay your bills and fatten your wallet and your property can grow in value over time. Real estate investments are like gold mines.  Owning rental properties is an easy way to generate some additional income. Once you've purchased a property and found tenants, you'll receive regular rental  payments that can help you cover your mortgage, pay for other expenses, or simply pad your savings account. Rent is just another easy way to generate income  Worried about the economy? Real estate investments are nothing like the unstable stock market. It gives you a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that you have a physical investment that is not  subject to the whims of the stock market. It's like a financial fortress, protecting you from inflation and downturns. Over time, real estate tends to appreciate. This means that the property you buy today could be worth much more in the future, especially if you invest in a desirable location or make  improvements to the property. Real Estate tends to keep pace with or even outpace rising prices. This is because the cost of  land and materials is constantly increasing, which drives up the value of properties,Many tax benefits come with owning real estate, such as depreciation deductions, mortgage interest deductions, and property tax deductions. These benefits can help to offset the costs of owning and  maintaining a property. But real estate investment isn't just about you. It's about building a legacy, something to pass down to your kids or grandkids. Imagine that cosy home becoming a family treasure for generations to come.  Real estate isn't rocket science, but it's not a walk in the park either. Do your research, find a good team, and remember: that knowledge is your best investment. We hope this gives you a good overview of why real estate investment is a good idea. If you're considering investing in real estate, we encourage you to do your research and speak to a financial advisor to see if it's the right move for you.   

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Hyderabad Real Estate Boom Proof Of The City
Hyderabad Real Estate Boom Proof Of The City's Economic Stability

Hyderabad - the city of pearls, also ranked as the most liveable city in the country has experienced a consistent upsurge in the real estate market despite escalated property prices. It has been able to retain its allure for homebuyers irrespective of the hurdles that may have come its way which can be quantified by the impressive surge in property registrations.  According to a recent report by a renowned real estate firm Knight Frank, November 2023 witnessed a weighty rise in property transactions, marked by a 25% increase in the number of deals as compared to the previous year (2022). This drastic shoot-up is indicative of the unwavering interest and an individual’s desire to own a home in this much-loved city of India - Hyderabad.  On analysing what the report says, 6,268 property deals were successfully closed during November 2023 thus contributing to a huge stamp duty revenue. The total value of properties reached a whopping amount of Rs. 3.741 crores thus making for a significant growth of 29% in terms of value when compared to the period in the previous year.  What makes this furthermore noteworthy is an unexpected trend of individuals leaning toward buying expensive homes which displays their desire for a lavish living that is encircled with amenities, conveniences, security, and most importantly great ROI. Therefore, this shift in preference towards premium housing further underscores the city's resilience in the face of economic fluctuations.  The Hyderabad real estate boom is not just proof of the city's economic stability, but also of a real estate ecosystem that stands strong on the pillars of growth, trust, and value which continues to attract investors and homeowners alike. The steady increase in property transactions, along with heightened stamp duty revenue, demonstrates the market's confidence and optimism.  The record-breaking performance in November 2023 serves as a positive indicator for the city's real estate sector as Hyderabad makes its mark as one of the largest and most sought-after property markets in the country. Despite the obstacles faced by growing property prices, the Hyderabad real estate market remains in reign, providing opportunities in this dynamic context for both buyers and sellers. 

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The real estate market in Hyderabad is thriving compared to 2022
The Hyderabad real estate market is on a boom compared to 2022

  In 2023, residential sales were registered at 61,715 units. This figure stood at 47,485 units in 2022, indicating a growth of 30 percent in this analysis year. Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad dominated the total residential absorption 2023. Additionally, around 76,345 new residential units entered the Hyderabad market in 2023. Compared to the past, this is a noteworthy 12 percent increase.  The real estate landscape in Hyderabad is showing signs of prosperity. With an increase of 24 percent in residential property rates compared to the previous year, this information was released by ANAROCK, a prominent real estate consultancy firm. This rise from Rs 4,620 per square foot to Rs 5,750 per square foot, as per the figures aligned with the previous year, highlights a significant increase.  Among the recently introduced residential units, 82 percent are priced between Rs 40 lakhs and Rs 2.5 crores, per the disclosures. ANAROCK's chairman, Anuj Puri, highlighted that the Indian housing construction sector has accomplished remarkable work in 2023. He stated, "With global headwinds impacting, and consistent growth in property rates, the Indian housing construction sector's advancement in 2023 is significant."  The reports shared interesting details about the housing construction sector's performance in 2024. They revealed exciting developments and rising interest in this area. Across the seven major cities in the country, residential property rates saw an increase of 8 to 10 percent in the past year. ANAROCK predicts stable demand in the housing construction sector. Such stability suggests a probable increase in luxury housing demand in 2024, as reported.   

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GHMC Quality Assessments has urban biodiversity projects in Hyd
GHMC has initiated quality assessments for urban biodiversity projects

The GHMC is committed to ensuring the quality of projects under its urban biodiversity (UBD) wing to maintain high standards in urban greenery and development initiatives. In 2023, GHMC led various projects, including park enhancements, junction improvements, gardens, urban forests, and tree plantations across Hyderabad. To ensure successful completion, the civic body introduced a stringent quality control process, allocating 75% of the billed amount upon project completion, with the remaining 25% reserved for thorough quality checks.  GHMC recently sought expressions of interest (EOI) from government institutions, colleges, and departments like Horticulture, Forest, and Agriculture to conduct quality assessments. Evaluations will focus on the past year's completed projects, excluding ongoing maintenance.  The Forest College and Research Institute (FCRI), Mulugu, conducted assessments involving field-level scrutiny and certification for two years. Contractors face penalties for deviations, while compliance earns certification, releasing the remaining 25% of payment. Selected agencies are tasked with quality control and certification (QCC), providing a detailed report for UBD projects exceeding Rs.1 lakh, covering quantities, specifications, soil quality, planting material, etc. 

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IIT Hyderabad announced to host India’s Largest R & D fair
IIT Hyderabad is set to host India's extensive R&D fair.

IIT Hyderabad announced that it would host the second edition of 'IInvenTiv,' the nation's most significant Research and Development (R&D) innovation fair, on January 19 and 20, 2024, as per a press release.  IInvenTiv 2024 marks the follow-up to the inaugural event, a flagship program of the Ministry of Education, held at IIT Delhi in 2023. This forthcoming event aims to convene 23 IITs and prominent educational institutions like NITs, IISERs, IISc Bangalore, and the top 50 NIRF-ranked engineering colleges. The focus areas include affordable healthcare, agriculture & food processing, defense & space, Industry 4.0, and sustainable technologies.  The event anticipates the participation of approximately 2,000 companies dedicated to transforming innovative concepts into practical applications, stated IIT-H in a press release.   

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Gold ATM's second edition has been unveiled at Ameerpet
Gold ATM's second edition has been unveiled at Ameerpet.

Goldsikka Ltd unveiled its upgraded gold ATM, marking the second iteration, at the Ameerpet metro station. The enhanced version allows customers to procure gold coins ranging from 0.5 to 20 grams and silver coins from 10 to 100 grams. This ATM integrates live rates sourced from LBMA, ensuring clients can access the most current prices.  Innovatively, the company has expanded payment options beyond debit and credit cards to include UPI, providing customers with more flexibility in their purchases. CEO Sy Taruj underscored that this updated iteration surpasses the initial version, which solely dispensed gold coins.   

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CM envisions the Musi river transforming into an 'economic growth center'

Telangana's Chief Minister, A Revanth Reddy, unveiled his vision for Hyderabad's old city, aiming to revitalize the Musi riverbed into a bustling 'economic growth center' and a pivotal 'job creation hub.' Additionally, overseeing the municipal administration and urban development, Reddy outlined plans to transform the entire stretch into a tourist magnet. He urged authorities to craft comprehensive strategies for constructing bridges, commercial shopping hubs, amusement parks, hawker zones, and pathways along the Musi River through public-private partnerships.  During a recent review meeting attended by Deputy Chief Minister Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka, ministers D Sridhar Babu and C D Raja Narasimha, and All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi, Reddy emphasized the river's potential. Originating 100 km from Hyderabad and 50 km through the city before joining the Krishna River, the Musi demarcates the old city.  Reddy promptly assessed the Musi Riverfront Development Corporation's operations after assuming office. The previous administration had proposed an ambitious Rs 16,634 crore plan for rejuvenation, beautification, and riverfront development, encompassing sewage treatment plants, three check-dams, and 14 new bridges.  Reddy emphasized installing sewage treatment plants and checking dams to address pollution. He stressed the importance of treated water flowing into the Musi and directed officials to maintain optimal water levels through these structures. 

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Construction of Moosarambagh high-level bridge is started
Moosarambagh HL Bridge construction is in progress

Preparations are underway to construct a high-level bridge spanning Musi, connecting Moosarambagh and Amberpet. Estimated at Rs. 52 crore, this bridge aims to address the waterlogging problems encountered by the current bridge in that location.  During a recent site inspection, GHMC Commissioner Ronald Rose directed officials to expedite the project's completion. Efforts are being made to acquire the necessary land for construction swiftly.  This six-lane bridge, stretching 220 meters in length and 29.5 meters in width, will feature a 20-meter-wide carriageway flanked by 3.5-meter footpaths on both sides. Two abutments and four piers will support the structure. Among the five bridges planned over the river Musi, this high-level overpass was part of the projects initiated when former MAUD Minister KT Rama Rao laid the foundation stone in September 2023.  The existing low-level road, commonly known as Moosarambagh Bridge, faces frequent flooding during monsoon seasons, necessitating its closure by authorities. The construction of this new bridge aims to ensure uninterrupted commuting regardless of weather conditions. It will significantly alleviate traffic congestion for commuters traveling between areas near OU, Amberpet, and Moosarambagh.       

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Hyderabad Uppal Metro Station Location, Amenities, and Attractions
Guide to the Uppal Metro Station :Location, Amenities, and Attractions

You can find the Uppal metro station, part of the Hyderabad Metro, next to the Kendriya Vidyalaya in Uppal. Hyderabad has three metro lines: Red, Green, and Blue. Hitech City is reached via Ameerpet from Uppal on the blue line. It links HITEC City to significant areas like Secunderabad and runs 27 km east-west.  Stadium metro station is next to Uppal, and Nagole lies before it. From Nagole to Raidurg and back, the Blue metro runs. Uppal and Raidurg are 25 km apart, with 21 intermediate stations. Parade Ground and Ameerpet are interchangeable Uppal metro stations to Raidurg.  Facilities at Uppal metro station, Hyderabad, are CCTV cameras, escalators, elevators, disabled access, parking, and more.  Many housing projects near the Uppal metro station include Ramky One GenextTowers, Navya Lingal Residency, Sunrise Abode, MNR Marvel, and Navya Castles.  Popular and famous places near Uppal Metro Station include 1.5 km from Nagole Metro Station, 1 km from Stadium Metro Station, 12.4 km from Begumpet Airport, 11 km from Salar Jung Museum, 9.1 km from Parade Ground Metro Station, 15.9 km from Ameerpet Metro Station, 7.1 km from Jamai Osmania Railway Station and 4.9 km from Uppal Shilparamam Metro Station.   

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A better understanding of how real estate market  functions
Real Estate
03 Jan 2023 | 1.6K Views
Are you an informed real estate adult fit to make the best investment?
Are You A Real Estate Adult? Rather, Let’s Just Say, The Story Of A Real Estate Adult.   Are you 21 years of age or more? Do you know the power you withhold?  You can be the change, the change you desire!   Unlike yesteryears, you are gaining knowledge every second, all thanks to Digitalisation. From banking, shopping, gaming, meditating, journaling, and conferencing, to dating and investing the world has seen a massive shift. When we are mere sponges soaking information day in and day out about any and everything around us, why not real estate?   Real Estate is that one unsung market that hasn’t experienced many heads dabbling into the depths of it. While some think it’s buyer-driven, is it truly so?   Poof, goes your bubble!   Like you, most of the others that we have spoken to, think of Real Estate to be a “buyer-driven market”. We at Property Adviser, one of India’s largest property directories have helped a whopping 52,000 registered customers in the due course of our operation by educating them with the 5W’s and 1H of the real estate market. Additionally, in the last six months, we spoke to another 5000 registered customers and figured they live in the same myth of Real Estate being buyer driven!   Disappointing but true!   Assuming that this untapped market was truly buyers driven, would you really have to sacrifice parameters like location, budget, size, project prestige, and more? The harsh truth is, a builder is someone who manages to get land at a cheaper cost and markets his own ideas to forcefully suit your needs. Does succumbing to an excellent play of business qualify to be categorized as a “sacrifice”? Is it their smartness or your lack of knowledge?   The real estate market seems to have fallen prey to some shrewd business owners who don’t care much about anything else but their growth. Is this how you expect the market to flourish? Often our “lack of knowledge”, “laziness” and “naiveness” in addition to our “FOMO” act as growth hurdles. Many a time, a small discount on the price blindfolds us towards the concept of transparency. A reduction in the price operates as per the rules of a builder. Do you know who really is the cause of these price fluctuations in the market?   It’s you!   Not everyone who aims at buying a house that they may have dreamt of while cycling to school or simply daydreaming must know the A to Z of the real estate market, but being informed matters. It not only makes you an enthusiast or an informed buyer but also ensures that your hard-earned money, 15 long years of education, and all the sacrifices you and your family may have made are invested in the right place. Once you understand the market and your needs, you my friend will drive the market and be your own hero.   Knowledge never goes to waste, and, mastering it is a process or a journey. It’s a journey we can help you navigate, to bring out a change, a revolution. Your awareness, your understanding, and your thoroughness can drive the market to make it buyer driven transparent for it to flourish to its optimum. Today, we go by what the “mafias” of the market dictate not by our will inspite of it being our investment. Know the facts and let the market, supply your demands.   Follow 1 Trec For Real Estate’s Reality Check!  Indian real estate market trends facts subscription plans