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veg and non veg markets and water plants
Veg and non-vegetarian markets and water plants are to be set up by TS Govt

The Telangana Government has asserted the flourishing implementation of schemes to furnish basic facilities in urban areas.   The government allocated a press note on urban development, claiming that many programs are undergoing for overall state development.  Pattana Pragathi Scheme was presented to benefit the citizens with infrastructural facilities. Development works are enabled by releasing monthly funds for this scheme. 10% of the green budget has been allocated to municipalities and corporations.  500 crores have been allocated to assemble markets which led to the development of surrounding areas. Veg and non-veg markets will be established in 144 sites. 125 of these sites are finalizing construction.  139 water-purifying plants are assembling at 430 crores, 22 of which have been finalized.  Implementing T-pass and B-pass laws in urban areas eased obtaining permission to construct houses. Steps are undertaken for urgent construction works approval.  Special attention was given to health, and sanitation works in urban municipalities. 

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Oversupply of office space in Hyderabad
Hyderabad builders worried about an oversupply of office space

With the fear of global recession, Hyderabad's property market has at least 25 to 30 million square feet of ready-to-occupy office space in its IT corridor.   Another 50 million square feet is in the upcoming pipeline to be set up in the next three years time.   A senior real estate consultant has recently said that Hyderabad might be unable to fill its existing office supply in the upcoming four years.   He has also mentioned that not many corporates are willing to sign leases in the Financial District.   P Ramakrishna Rao, the President of Credai-Hyderabad, had said that post-Covid, there have been issues that are inevitable, but they are temporary.   Once all the offices open up and their staff returns, things will start looking up, he assures.   Hyderabad's sale of units has increased to over 80,000. Factors like exorbitant land rates led to the developers building 4 to 6 lakh sqft per acre.

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ORR is to be leased to Adani for 30 years
Adani to take over the ORR under a 30-years lease

Adani Road Transport Limited indicated an interest in obtaining the lease of ORR. Adani Road Transport Limited is amongst the 12 companies that have presented a tender for the 30-year maintenance of the Outer Ring Road.  The state government's agenda is to earn around Rs 8,000 crores from the lease of the ORR. The HMDA has brought out tenders to lease the 158 km long ORR.   The operation, maintenance, and transfer under this lease will last 30 years.  HMDA has assigned a consultant for the fulfillment of the lease. The parties that want to acquire the lease will have to pay Rs 15 crores as a tender processing fee. They must deposit Rs 1,500 crore immediately after the tender allotment, with the remaining amount due soon.  HMDA sources affirm that many reputed organizations partook in the pre-tender meeting.  There have been tremendous responses to this ORR lease. The last date for the input of applications is February 16. 

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Flats to be sold by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority
The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority to start sales of flats

HMDA and TRSCL are allowing the sale of several flats in the city. They are collaborating to allot unsold Rajiv Swagruha flats available at Bandlaguda and Pocharam.  At Bandlaguda, 400 1BHK flats are on sale. 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK apartments are on sale in Pocharam.  An official revealed that the cost of the 1BHK flat at Bandlaguda is Rs.15 lakhs, and potential buyers must visit the site.  To further the deal, applicants must pay an initial deposit of Rs.1 lakh for 1 BHK flat.   The amount has to be paid in the form of a DD in favor of the HMDA commissioner by January 18.  People looking for 2BHK and 3BHK flats must pay Rs.2 lakhs and Rs. 3 lakhs, respectively.  The remaining amount for the flats can be paid after the allotment. The initial deposit will be refunded if no flat is allotted.  Interested buyers must contact the HMDA office in Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited. 

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3000 acres of Telangana's land bank to be increased due to SCB-GHMC merger
SCB-GHMC merger will increase Telangana's land bank by 3000 acres

The SCB-GHMC merger will increase Telangana’s land bank by 3,000 acres minimum.   The Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) will transfer all the land within its limits to the GHMC after the Ministry of Defence (MoS) agrees to the excision.  An SCB official stated that “The state government can roll out infrastructure on the line of neighboring GHMC only after the transfer."   He added that the land to be handed measures over 3000 acres.  The lands will incorporate Cantonment land, vacant land within SCB properties like parks, reservoirs, gardens, employees’ residential quarters, workshops, and more.  The official added that the present market value of these lands is very high due to their prime locations.  People involved stated, “After SCB transfers the land to the municipal corporation, a committee comprising engineering wing officials will be constituted to recommend building skyways/flyovers along the busy stretches, foot-over bridges, take up road widening at major traffic junctions, and other infra projects." 

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Mission Kakatiya at the national level
Acknowledgment of Mission Kakatiya at the national level

Mission Kakatiya, which aims at improving groundwater levels and making water available for irrigation and drinking purposes, has been acknowledged on the national level again.   The latest report of the Social Progress Index (SPI) has recognized the contribution of Mission Kakatiya in improving groundwater levels in Telangana.  The report said that only two districts, Hyderabad and Rajanna Sircilla, were categorized as 'overexploited’ while the 23 other districts were in the ‘safe’ category.  People across districts actively managed water resources, and proposed plans were discussed with the villagers and farmers, who were motivated to participate.  The report says that Haryana (134.56%), Rajasthan (150.22%), Punjab (164.42%), and Delhi (101.40%) fell in the ‘overexploited’ category.   Arunachal Pradesh (0.36%), Sikkim (0.86%), Nagaland (1.04%), etc., fell in the "safe" category and had the lowest percentage of groundwater extraction.   Over 110 districts, water extraction in 17 communities is more than 200%, with Jaisalmer at 318.63%, Sangrur at 301.62%, Jalandhar at 257.59%, and Jodhpur at 254.07%. 

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Hyderabad Airport Metro Express still under suspense 
Hyderabad monorail project launch still under suspense 

The suspense of the launch of the monorail project goes on, as the Telangana government is currently focusing on Hyderabad Airport   Metro Express.  The government had previously constituted a committee to study the practicality of the monorail project.  This committee was assigned the responsibility of finding economical transportation and funding methods.  Monorail is a railway in which tracks consist of a single rail, which requires low space, is less expensive than the Metro and provides an alternative mode of transportation.   Currently, monorails operate in cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune.   Last year, Telangana CM K. Chandrashekar Rao laid a foundation for Hyderabad Airport Express Metro, which will cut the travel time from the city to the Airport to just 26 minutes.  For the 31 km long Airport Metro corridor, a particular purpose vehicle, Hyderabad Airport Metro Limited (HAML), was built.  It is a joint venture of Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL), Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA), and the Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TSIIC). 

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Railway Projects launched by PM Modi in Hyderabad
PM Modi visited Hyderabad on the 19th Jan to launch railway projects

Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated various Railway projects valued at approximately Rs 2,400 crores.   These projects will commence in Telangana, along with the Prime Minister flagging off a Vande Bharat Express train between Hyderabad and Vijayawada.  There was a meeting held putting into light Modi’s visit to the state of Telangana. The attendees of this meeting included the State President of  BJP, a Lok Sabha member, namely Bandi Sanjay Kumar, an OBC Morcha National President, and a Rajya Sabha member named K Laxman.  They collectively paid a visit to the Secunderabad Railway Station to hold a meeting along with a few officials of the South Central Railway.  PM Narendra Modi will initiate several projects to contemporize the Secunderabad Railway Station.   These projects are estimated to cost around Rs 700 crores. There will be works to commence the construction of the Periodical Overhauling (POH) workshop located at Kazipet.     

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PE investment in Hyderabad records $2,854 million worth
Hyderabad records $2,854 million worth of PE investments in 2011-2022

Hyderabad recorded private equity (PE) investments worth $2,854 million from 2011 - 2022.   Hyderabad accounted for more than 5 percent of the entire PE investments recorded in India.  Knight Frank India’s report stated,"‘Investments in Real Estate; Trends in Private Equity Investments in India - 2022".    The office sector ushers the PE investments in the City of Pearls with a total of $2,081 million, followed by the residential sector with $476 million, the retail industry with $197 million, and the warehousing sector with $100 million.  The residential sector registered the most number of 16 deals in Hyderabad during 2011-2022.  The aggregate private equity investments in the Indian real estate domain were valued at $54.8 billion through 659 deals from 2011-2022.   The Indian real estate sector documented PE investments amounting to $5.1 billion through 29 deals in 2022.   On an annual comparative, PE investments saw a fall of 17 percent  year-on-year from $6.2 billion registered in 2021. 

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 Five more IT hubs will come up in Telangana
Telangana to have five more IT hubs soon

Aiming to take the IT industry beyond Hyderabad, the Telangana Government is creating new IT hubs.  As per KT Rama Rao, the IT hubs will be coming up in Nizamabad, Mahbubnagar, Nalgonda, Siddipet, and Adilabad.  The decision to establish new technology centers is under the state government's policy to take IT to tier-II towns.  Three IT hubs in Warangal, Khammam, and Karimnagar are already installed and are operating successfully, KTR added.   The Nizamabad and Mahbubnagar IT Hubs are nearly ready to be inaugurated. The Siddipet hub is hovering completion, and the Nalgonda IT hub will take six more months.  KTR stated, "As part of the 3 D Mantra - Digitise, Decarbonise and Decentralise; the state government is taking IT to District Headquarters."  Meanwhile, the government is emphasizing developing the IT infrastructure and facilities in Hyderabad.   A property market report newly quoted what the minister tweeted, stating that "Hyderabad surpassed Bengaluru in the new office space addition in the 1st half of FY 2022-23." 

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