Encroachments destroyed by GHMC officials in Kondapur

The officials of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation were instructed to demolish many encroachments.  

The demolition drives occurred at JVG Hills Park and the High Tension Road in the Kondapur area. 

A few of the temporary structures that mushroomed on the pavements on either side of the roads have been pulled down by the administrations. The demolition procedure required the utilization of Earth movers. 

The said demolition drives were being carried out in the presence of the Police.  

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation had carried out a demolition drive, not too late in the South zone. In this drive, a decent number of temporary structures had been demolished. 

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation is constructing footpaths simultaneously. They are also taking up enforcement activity to maximize efficiency. 

This is being done to protect the newly built pedestrian structures. It is being carried out in order to retain and improve the existing ones as well.