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Meenakshi County Plotting Project at Shankarpally with Decent Surroundings
Meenakshi County Plotting Project at Shankarpally with Decent Surroundings

Real estate is one of the effective and stable investment forms. Today, because of the many advantages of planned communities, demand for a plotting project is increasing. If you consider buying a plot in a peaceful locality and reasonable price, then the Meenakshi County plotting project in Shankarpally is the right place for you. It is a project with open plots available in the east and west-facing from 167 sq.yds to 533 sq.yds. A wide range of high-quality amenities are set to offer an upbeat lifestyle for all ages. The residents of the Meenakshi County Plotting Project are easily accessible to every area of the city due to its proximity to the Mumbai National Highway and Mutangi ORR. Shankarpally is the right place for those who want to stay away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The area is a decent, calm locality with peaceful lush greenery surroundings. Spacious Plots with Decent Surroundings Meenakshi County offers you vast open spaces that make you stay quality and healthy living. The plots are developed in areas that are extremely safe, secure, and with a good neighborhood from all aspects. Owning a plot in a well planned plotted development makes excellent financial sense. During good times, your property would grow at a much faster pace compared to the other forms of investment. The clam and greenery surrounding the plots making the stay of all its residents comfortable and enjoyable.  The plotting project in Shankarpally offers plots with the best class amenities at unbelievable prices. Also, buyers can purchase them in the form of relatively low prices. Meenakshi County plotting is the perfect investment opportunity with combined affordability, decent environment, and convenience. Rapid improvements in infrastructural developments in the suburbs and increased competitiveness among property developers have given home buyers an immense choice when it comes to finding a home to invest in. Affordable Plotting Project with Modern Amenities As a significant move towards achieving transparency in the real estate sector and protecting the buyer's interests, the plotting project is approved by the RERA Act. In comparison, Meenakshi County is like a blank canvas to create your dream home. The relatively low prices of the properties enable even every investor to purchase them for HDFC and ICICI home loans easily. However, most buyers plan to buy land and build their home that suits their lifestyle. The plotting project is well planned with modern amenities such as a swimming pool, children play area, clubhouse, BT roads, electricity with street lights, overhead tank with pipelines, underground drainage, plantation, and so on. You can build your house from scratch, add important elements, and even use your product choice. With reasonable prices, they make buyers dream come true of owning a plot.  Browse to know more details on Meenakshi County Plotting Project for sale in Shankarpally, India's first-ever property directory, and find accurate property information to make smart home-buying decisions. Meenakshi County Plotting Project at Shankarpally with Decent Surroundings Click To Tweet By: Shailaja K

Explore Neighbourhoods of Adasada Eco Village in Mucherla

Do you need a place to build your dream home that offers a luxurious stay with top quality services at an affordable price? Then Adasada Eco Village in Mucherla is the rightful place for you. These open plots act as the perfect foundation for your home since they offer more than just land. Located in Mucherla far away from the turmoil but giving excellent connectivity to daily necessities, Adasada Eco Village is a fully-gated residential enclave of only 94 plots spread across 9.4 acres.  Best Affordable Plots with Impeccable Features Brilliantly designed by Adasada Developers Pvt Ltd, with plot sizes ranging from 240 Sq.Yd to 332 Sq.Yd,  Adasada Eco Village promises you a life of unending ease and splendor. From the moment you reach, this project captures the imagination. You can soon see the enormous Central Park, whose rippling mountains and greeneries make an impressive show when you walk through the wide entrance gate. The intersectional mix of 60 ft and 40 ft wide roads ensure that your house is always easily accessible regardless of where it is in the neighborhood. The highways are bike driven so that traffic jams in any area are avoided. Excellent Connectivity to Daily Necessities Adasada Eco Village project has a natural atmosphere that allows the inhabitants to live in harmony. The plotting project is strategically located near hospitals, shopping centers, schools, and banks. It is 1.5 km from the National Highway, which provides quick access to all areas in the city. Nearby attractions such as the outer Ring road, RGI Airport, TCS Adibatla, and Hitech City Cyber towers are among the Adasada Eco Village tracing projects in Mucherla, putting you within ready reach of all civic needs and amenities. It consists of all available municipal and social facilities that make you conduct a comfortable lifestyle. Ideally planned open spaces such as playgrounds, public areas, parks, and walking paths all lead to a safe and full lifestyle. All the essential connections, such as water supply, electrical and sanitary, have been equipped with each plot to ensure plug-and-play communication. In fact, overhead power lines, sewage systems, and facilities for water collection are standard features in this project. This plotting project is also well planned with state-of-the-art amenities such as Kid’s Play Area, Tennis Court, Green Landscaping, BT Roads, Electricity with Street Lights, Plantation, and so on.  Adasada Eco village offers plots with most exceptional services at meager affordable prices, making it even accessible for young buyers. Are you interested in investing in this premium plotting project? Visit, to find all details on this project and other gated-community plots for sale in Hyderabad. Explore Neighbourhoods of Adasada Eco Village in Mucherla Click To Tweet By Govi

How New Features Add Value for its PAN India Expansion?

With the arrival of 2020! At, we’re are more than excited for everything that’s in store for all the real estate stakeholders. But first, we want to take you on our website’s 2019 journey that enhanced the user experience of the 1.30 Million+ average yearly users who entrusted us to be part of their real estate journey. Let’s deep dive into some of the major highlights of 2019 releases: Home Search Made Easier with Smart Property Search Filters In this fast-forwarded era, everyone wants information just in a fraction of seconds, and we ran errands to make this into reality to become the best real estate website. To uncomplicate your properties’ search, we have improvised our property search filters with advanced machine learning. For instance, you can now choose up to 5 suitable areas, sizes, budget, facings, community types, all needed options that will refine your search to find your perfect home in one place. Directing you to your selected properties, we integrated with google maps and provided “Get Directions” option on our property website to navigate buyers through their dream homes. We provided graphical analytics display features like site visit, call back, SMS me, price negotiation, and more to directly connect users with builders. We also reworked on our page speeds so that every action is more relaxed and comfortable. Now, our property site page loads ten times faster and can get you all the needed information just like that. New Improvised Analytical Area Page for a More Familiar Neighbourhood One of the most significant aspects of buying a home is the neighborhood since the location of property dictates everything from the past to the future. This is what our new area page is all about! Without compromising on the design of our property website, we completely redesigned our local pages for a better understanding of the location for users. We upgraded our page with the latest elements that provide analytical information on the number of units, types of properties, new infrastructural upgrades, google maps for the area overview, price analysis, monthly updates, to name a few for a complete overview of the area. From infrastructural developments to past  & present price fluctuations, our customers can quickly learn full details about the area for informed locational decisions Property Expert Guidance (PEG) | A buyer-oriented 100% Transparent Service for a Complete Insight into Projects Excellent architectural design, consistent commitment to lifetime quality, and a spectacular locational advantage is the rightful desire of every home buyer. To make this dream come true! We have launched PEG service to help customers in identifying properties that fit all their requirements with the best quality at the best price for smart, profitable decisions. Property Expert Guidance provides complete insight into properties with in-depth project and area analysis for a clear perception of projects. With years of local expertise and maintaining a buyer-friendly attitude, our experts carefully study customer’s home and family requirements. Based on customer queries, search patterns, and behavior, our team rule out some properties and take buyers for site visits. Before taking to site visits, all project details are priorily shared with the buyers for a more well-informed experience. All Plots in Hyderabad Covered | RERA Registration status on Projects In response to tons of customers’ feedbacks, has started on plotting project listings and has successfully covered every plot for sale in Hyderabad. It is to make our buyers get all the necessary data on residential properties available for sale in one place. Now customers can find around 236+ plotting projects for sale in every corner of Hyderabad on our website. What’s more, is that we know there is a growing concern for buyers to know on the RERA registration status on projects. Since we are covering all projects, how can we miss out on this! So, for the convenience of our users, we are providing RERA approval/pending/applied status on projects.  User-Friendly Upgrades for a Smooth interface Since a lot of our customers stay connected and entrusted us to be part of their real estate journey, we have done some user-friendly upgrades on our website. Managing subscriptions has never been easier before since you can now subscribe to different types of categories like the project, area, blogs, e-paper all in one place. For an easily accessible information experience, we have upgraded the design of our pages and created all real estate news sections for you to stay updated with all the latest real estate happenings. For the convenience of our audience who want to be a part of us, we made a hassle-free signup process. Although text plays its role, we know our users need a visual representation of the project for a better understanding, covering this criterion we have a dedicated project videos page, where users can watch all project videos at ease. We thank our beloved customers (buyers, builders, investors, brokers, and bankers) who shared their valuable feedback and been part of in making us the best real estate website in Hyderabad. Our team has spent a lot of time concentrating on every minute details of the client’s inputs in 2018 and implemented them to give a better user experience in 2019. With more interactive features and expansion to 11 cities in 2020, we are all set for our future endeavors to become the one-stop real estate destination for our users. How New Features Add Value for its PAN India Expansion? Click To Tweet By Govi

Discover a Happy Lifestyle at Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas Plotting Project
Discover Happy Lifestyle at Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas Plotting Project

If you are looking to purchase plots in Hyderabad, Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas Plotting Project in Yadagirigutta is an excellent option. The locality has developed infrastructure, excellent transport services, and spacious plots for sale at affordable prices. Apart from enjoying good connectivity to major areas of Hyderabad, this plotting project is situated near the famous Yadadri temple. Yadadri Hills Lakshmi Nivas plots are situated near the Warangal highway and easily reachable to Gatakeshwar Ring Road (ORR). Exquisitely Planned Plotting Project at Yadagirigutta Yadagirigutta is a developing area near Hyderabad with excellent infrastructure and connectivity to the city. There is also limited availability of open plots for residential use in the surrounding areas, which ensures the area will not get over-crowded. Greenery, prominent educational institutions, hospitals, and less traffic have played a significant role in attracting many buyers to purchase open plots in this suburb of Hyderabad. Yadadri Hills–Lakshmi Nivas provides large and spacious plots. Awe-inspiring landscapes make it more particular and elite all over the plots. The fully gated plots are designed to provide the residents of Yadadri Hills-Lakshmi Nivas a pleasant living experience and quality living with a brilliant architecture. Amenities at this include solar fencing, indoor games, green landscaping, BT roads, electricity with street lights, underground drainage, and meticulously planned with utmost importance to state-of-the-art 24/7 securities. Experience Utmost Comforts at Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas Yadadri Hills–Lakshmi Nivas in Yadagirigutta well-planned facilities promise to enhance the lifestyle. This project gives you not only superior quality plots but also a wide range of world-class wellness and health facilities. You can lead a peaceful life by ensuring high-quality modern facilities, protecting against pollution and noise from outside. You will enjoy the facilities of a children's playground, BT roads, street-lighted electricity, garden, etc. within the residence. The residential plots come with large areas where you can relax and play games whenever you want. It is a great way to mingle in your favorite sport with other residents at a convenient time. Children can enjoy and play in the well planned secured area of the plotting project. Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas offers you tranquility amid nature and is perfect for people who are fond of living in a natural environment. Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas is often situated in strategic places, with convenient access to basic amenities. Ensure the happiness and well-being of your family by choosing the best plots in this spacious gated community plots in Yadagiritgutta. Why wait! Visit  to find detailed information on this gated community plotting project in Yadagirigutta and make wise decisions. Discover Happy Lifestyle at Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas Plotting Project Click To Tweet By: Shailaja K

RERA Telangana Appoints New Chairman | B/w 2017-19 Only 25% RERA Compliant Projects
RERA Telangana New Chairman | B/w 2017-19 Only 25% RERA Compliant Projects

Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA Act), 2016 came into force to bring transparency in the real estate industry like in terms of buying and selling property. It has developed confidence in buyers and boosted the real estate sector. RERA act proposes that developers share up-to-date information about project delivery time. So, the property buyers will have an estimated time of their project delivery and will beware of imposters. Plans to Appoint Permanent Telangana RERA Chairman Taking a step forward to ease the working of Telangana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (TS RERA) the state government is planning to appoint permanent Telangana RERA Chairman. In July 2017, more than one year after the central RERA act has been enacted, the Telangana Real Estate Regulation and Development Regulations Act came into force. Although several senior bureaucrats have been given additional responsibility from time to time, none were formally named by government orders. For example, just three months ago, Somesh Kumar, who is posted as RERA chairperson on its website, was only made in charge of the authority. Now the post is vacant with him being promoted to the chief secretary of Telangana. Arvind Kumar, principal secretary, MAUD and K Vidyadhar, director of town and country planning’s names also appear on the "leadership" list. But they are not defined in their functions. Finally, Vidyadhar is appointed as a TSRERA secretary, but the act does not mention this. Rajeshwar Tiwari, Special Chief Secretary for Telangana RERA, still had to be named as Permanent Telangana RERA Chairman earlier in January 2018. Then he was in the revenue department. The RERA Telangana website which came live in 2018 stated that, until the permanent authority is formed, Tiwari was appointed as a Regulatory Authority for the management of affairs under the Act. While some official’s names have been forwarded to CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao for the selection committee, he has yet to call upon them. How Many Projects are Registered in RERA Between 2017 to 2019? RERA-compliant disclosures show just 25% of the real estate projects in Hyderabad, Telangana are registered in RERA between 2017 to 2019. While more than 6,000 ventures have been registered in Hyderabad, over this time, only 1,550 of these have a mandatory registration number at Telangana State Real Estate Regulatory Authority (TSRERA). The Telangana RERA regulations, enacted on 31 July 2017, made registration with the State RERA Authority mandatory for all projects which were allowed to construct on or after 1 January 2017. It also included ongoing projects that did not receive an occupancy certificate or certificate of completion at the time of roll-out. But, several projects are still effective without the RERA stamp. Most frequent violations include ads and sales without a registration number, denying compensation to customers as stated in the act and employing non-RERA-certifiable marketing agents. Confirming that RERA is still being enforced patchily across many states and territories of the Union, Satish Vadaga of Anarock said even now it offers no watertight solutions to real estate sector problems such as construction delays in most states, including Telangana. Homebuyers in many states are still waiting and suffering from slow adjudication to settle their grievances. Despite repeated deadlines for project registration, a large number of developers have yet not registered their projects with State RERA. Authority imposed Rs 3 lakhs as a penalty for developers for late property registration. However, RERA officials are dealing with violations strictly, and when a matter is brought to their notice, the action is taken immediately. So far, 60 to 70 show-cause reports have been released on several projects, and 160 have been fined, between Rs 50,000 and Rs 3 lakhs. An official said that in one case they had levied a fine of Rs 14 lakhs, while two more Rs 25 lakhs have been penalized. Final Words Although the RERA Act was only enforced for two and a half years, it was too early to assess the effects. The RERA act is a savior for builders and buyers, anybody who has been correctly aware of RERA must certainly be reassured that for the extensive good the government has introduced the legislation. RERA punishes fraudulent land builders and sentences them with heavy fines while legitimate builders are legally covered by selling most of their projects. Are you interested in buying a RERA approved project? Log into to find all RERA approved properties in Hyderabad with accurate information. Visit us to make a smart decision in your dream home investment. By: Shailaja K

SBICAP Clears 4 Applications in First Round of Stressed Real Estate Funds

To boost the struggling real estate industry, earlier in September, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced that the Union Cabinet has decided to create a Rs 25,000 Crore stressed relief real estate fund to complete stalled housing projects throughout the country. In order to be structured as an alternative investment fund (AIF), the government has agreed to form a special window.  Taking this scheme ahead, SBICAP Ventures in the first batch has cleared four projects proposals, lending Rs 25 Crore each to real estate developers.  Although this may not be an aggressive step for the stalled real estate sector, it undoubtedly holds out hopes to lakhs of homebuyers stuck for many years. With more than 100 applications being received by the SBICAP Ventures by December 31, some banks had worked overtime to clear the applications given the urgency of the matter. Real Estate Sector Booster Package Funds for Stalled Projects SBICAP Ventures has been entrusted with the task of managing the planned stressed relief real state fund of Rs 25,000 Crores for the builders of the stalled projects. As per the approved plan,  the government agreed on contributing Rs 10,000 Crore as an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF). In the meantime, Rs 15,000 Crore will be adding to the fund by the State Bank of India and Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) to support over 1,600 projects with 4.58 Lakh dwelling units. AIF funds will be deposited in tranches via an escrow account. The advantages of this fund can only be obtained for RERA approved projects that have a positive net worth. Inter-ministerial and several stakeholder consultations were held with the housing industry, including housing finance companies, banks, NBFCs, real estate developers, and investors.  Problems that are being faced by the real estate stakeholders including the homebuyers, developers, lenders, and investors are ascertained to be addressed through the special window. In addition, project managers are going to evaluate the project to determine how long it takes. They will be responsible for the funds spent and need to deliver home to homebuyers on time.  SBICAP Ventures has fixed the lending rate at 15%, and the loan is conditional on first paying the company's future receivables. Although the fund lends a project as the last option, it is the first person to get back its money when the inflow begins, with the last-in, first-out (LIFO) rule. The funds can also be benefitted for builders who have been declared NPA or have been considered not worthy for liquidation by NCLT. The risk assessment ahead of this has already been worked out with the banks.  Are you thinking of investing in properties and want to stay up-to-date with the Indian real estate but are puzzled about making the right decision? No worries, browse to find all the latest real estate news and properties for sale in Hyderabad to make a profitable investment. SBICAP Clears 4 Applications in First Round of Stressed Real Estate Funds Click To Tweet By Govi

Live Life to Fullest with Risinia Trendilla Ultra-Modern Amenities
Live Life to Fullest with Risinia Trendilla Ultra-Modern Amenities

Risinia Trendilla apartment project is an unmatched residential property located in Bachupally, Hyderabad. The fully gated apartment project offers plenty of benefits that include prime location, comfortable and lavish lifestyle, great amenities, and healthy surroundings. The spacious apartment is built by Risinia Group, a leading group in the real estate market. It is known for its quality constructions and punctual delivery of high-end residential projects. The apartment comprised of 2BHK and 3BHK flats at an affordable price in a total built-up area ranging from 1195 to 1695 square feet size. Apartment Location Advantages The Risinia Trendilla in Bachupally is strategically positioned in a serene location and provides direct connectivity to all major points in and around the city. It is one of the most reputable addresses of the city with easy accessibility to many prominent educational institutions, shopping centres, hospitals, and several recreational facilities. This luxury fully-gated apartment project is located near the National Highway (NH-65). You can have easy access to Relief Hospital Silver Oaks School, ICICI Bank, and Ratnadeep Supermarket. Accurately they are situated in Bachupally crossroads. Miyapur Metro Station is 7 km away from the apartment make you have easy commuting to all the areas of the city quickly. The leading IT hubs such as Hitec City Cyber Towers and Gachibowli DLD Building are12km away from the residence topping the list of many people, especially working professionals. Contemporary Architecture and Exceptional Amenities The spacious apartment in Bachupally is spread over an area of 3.3 acres of land area with many nine floors. This gated community apartment comprises of wide space with excellent ventilation at every corner of the flats. The interiors of the apartment are beautifully crafted with designer tiled floor, modern kitchen, and huge windows for proper sunlight. With the combination of luxury and comforts, Risinia Trendilla apartment is a perfect place to stay conveniently. The amenities offered in Risinia Trendilla flats are swimming pool, 24/7 security, children’s play area, fitness centre, municipal water, clubhouse, rainwater harvesting pits, jogging track, basketball court, conference room, cctv surveillance, solar fencing, intercom phone, indoor games, TV projector room, amphitheatre, and so on. All the comfortable facilities at one place assure many choices to relax, revitalize and relish at own home. Apart from that, 24/7 security services ensure safety to the residents that make them lead a peaceful life. Are you interested to know more about the gated community flats for sale in Bachupally? Home-seekers can browse to find updated construction status, floor plans, latest price, builder info and many more for better understanding of the project. Log into, save your money and time to find your dream home for happy living. Live Life to Fullest with Risinia Trendilla Ultra-Modern Amenities Click To Tweet By: Shailaja K

IT Sector To Boost in Proposed Executive Capital Visakhapatnam
IT Sector To Boost in Proposed Executive Capital Visakhapatnam

The IT sector has become one of India’s most robust industries. It is a driving force behind global economic growth, more than any other industry or economic dimension, with increased productivity, particularly within the developed cities. Owing to its unique identity, Visakhapatnam has set up its own benchmark in all sectors like roads, educational institutions, and IT Park. Proposed Plans on Vizag IT Development The Metropolitan Region Development Authority of Visakhapatnam (VMRDA) has begun to work in Madhurawada with renewed vigour on the planned IT City (Information Technology City) project. The urban development corporation recently started conversations to move the project forward with many private stakeholders. Many technological giants in the country showed interest in the earlier ‘expression of interest’, published in 2018 for the project. The project submitted many specific proposals about all or separate components of the 22 acres IT city project. However, the VMRDA has so far been carefully treading since the project comprises 22 acres of prime land in Madhurawada and major investment is required. In addition, the government of the former rejected twice the request for a 100 percent rental guarantee. The VMRDA had now re-envisioned its attention on the project in a time when the government was hinting to move the executive capital to Visakhapatnam. Vizag IT Park Space and Layout Plans  It is anticipated that the IT project will accelerate development in the north-east of the city, which will possibly contain power. According to the concept master plan, in a total of 22 lakhs square feet built-up area includes an iconic IT space & IT tower, commercial and social space for malls, star hotels, theatres, clubs and space for residential apartments and premium villas will be created in this project. The project is built in a public-private partnership model with acceptable sharing arrangements in compliance with the preliminary plan. A joint partnership between AP State Government and Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) and Andhra Pradesh Urban Infrastructure Asset Management Ltd (APUIAML) is the asset manager. In accordance with market demand, the project components will be introduced during the next three to five years. It is planned that all elements will continue with a significant emphasis on building Vizag IT hub and creating industrial, social and residential areas at once. VMRDA President Dronamraju Srinivasa Rao told that the VMRDA is keen to develop the project. They have already informed the state government about the project. Metropolitan Commissioner P Koteswara Rao and other VMRDA officials are in discussions to various private actors about the initiative. Although no progress has been made on the project during the last year, the VMRDA already has environmental clearance, and the construction of the roads to the site is almost completed. The scheme is also approved online. The upcoming executive capital is expected to boost Vizag IT Sez, and the real estate industry would be set to hike more in coming days for profitable returns.  Do you want to stay updated and find out all residential properties for sale in Hyderabad with trending real estate news? Log into, India’s first-ever real estate property directory which lists more than 1,28,483 residential units for sale with detailed information. Visit us to put an end to your home search and lead a happy life with your family in your dream home. IT Sector To Boost in Proposed Executive Capital Visakhapatnam Click To Tweet By: Shailaja K

Take Advantage of Astonishing Open Spaces of Shanta Sriram Brookwoods

Shanta Sriram Constructions introduces a residential township named Shanta Sriram Brookwoods in Kismatpur. This residential project has 3 and 4 BHK multi-storey villas & this project envisages maximum profitability to all those connected with it. Being located at a 5 minutes driving distance from Appa Junction Outer Ring Road and being in close proximity to reputed schools, shopping malls, and hospitals, Shanta Sriram Brookwoods is a habitat-seekers dream come true.  Lush Greenery Open Spaces within Fully-Gated Community Villa Project Today everyone desires of a home in a peaceful and serene environment but they don’t want to live in the outskirts of a place where they need to travel miles of distance to access their daily necessities. So, this is a problem is getting solved in gated communities by providing ample open spaces. Illustrated from the inspiration of modern-aged lifestyle for the nature-friendly residents, Shanta Sriram Brookwoods has been developed with 50% open spaces to enhance the artistic appeal and provide many recreational opportunities to its residents.  Sprawling across 5.5 Acres of Land area, this promising fully-gated villa project has been aesthetically designed to improve the general health and well-being of the inhabitants to live life to the fullest. One can truly surrender themselves in the spacious open spaces, enjoying nature’s privileges. It features the best amenities, including balconies and rooms, for your leisure. With carefully designed open spaces, residents have an elegant way of spending their quality time with families while enjoying nature, which in turn makes life stress-free. Exceptional Project Highlights to Live Life to the Fullest Shanta Sriram Brookwoods is a RERA approved project, with an approved home loan from ICICI bank(s). With well-planned lush greenery landscaping, this apartment project elevates the standard of living and unveils the true self of living in the heart of mother nature. Each villa is designed sophisticatedly in a total-built area of 3087 S.ft - 4031 S.ft to meet the residents’ expectations.  Shanta Sriram Brookwoods villas have easy access to close by daily facilities like Shadan Hospital at 2.8 Km, Times School at 3 Km, Heritage Super Market at 4 Km, Best Price Supermarket at 7 Km, MCube shopping mall at 9 Km, to name a few. Apart from this, the area is observing excellent infrastructural developments marking it as a fast-emerging area in Hyderabad. Shanta Sriram Brookwoods facilities have been built for everyone, from the playground to the elders walking in the park for catching fresh air.  Cities don't have sufficient playgrounds these days now and while they are, distance is sometimes a problem. Therefore, making a note of this important aspect, Shanta Sriram Brookwoods is built with the Kid’s play area with recreational features. It acts as the best recreational area for children with maximum safety and assists parents in getting closer to their kids. The project also accompanies ultra-modern amenities like for the adults Yoga & Meditation Hall, 24 Hrs Security Personal, Water Body & Landscaping, Jogging track, etc to enjoy life to the fullest without the need of stepping out of the premises. Can’t get enough of this luxurious residential project? Want to know more about gated community villas for sale in Kismatpur? As a digital real estate market pioneers, offers a comprehensive range of property listings on various residential villas for sale in Hyderabad. Visit us to know further information on Shanta Sriram Brookwoodsand similar projects to find your ideal home. By Govi

Lead a Secure and Happy Life at EIPL Rivera at Narsingi

EIPL Rivera is an exclusive community that offers ultra-luxury homes for the very upper crust. Set amidst the vast backwaters of Narsingi, EIPL Rivera is home to 2 & 3 BHK premium luxury apartments, which compliment the lifestyle of its residents. Each apartment is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to give you the best in modern living.  Unfold across 2.5 acres of greenery and excellent locational connectivity, EIPL Rivera is miles from the noise of the city, yet minutes away from civilisation. Step through the magnificent gates and into a world of tranquillity, with trees and water bodies dotting the landscape. The project is crafted, keeping in mind each minute detailing to offer you the finest in luxury living. Fully equipped with all that you need to keep you and your family entertained, its sprawling clubhouse and recreational amenities include a Book Library, Yoga & Meditation Hall, Tennis Court, Swimming Pool, Outdoor Party Area, Gym, Badminton Court, Table Tennis, Other Indoor Games, Kids’ Play Area, as well as provisions for a Convenience Store.  EIPL Rivera has been designed to withstand wind and seismic loads with an RCC reinforced construction. The project is intended to achieve conformity for the citizen’s wellbeing. All this exclusively for 156 finely planned and brilliantly laid out apartments that come in a range of sizes and configurations, from 1425 S.ft to all the way up to 2225 S.ft, so that you can choose the home that best suits your needs. Set in HMDA approved pristine acres in the fast developing heart of Narsingi, just off Outer Ring Road, EIPL Rivera is located close to major schools, colleges, hospitals, and shopping malls, ensuring that your daily life is convenient and hassle-free. Not just that, the development is within immediate reach of major IT hubs including the proposed Gachibowli Wipro Circle and Cyber Towers besides being eminently accessible from all parts of Hyderabad via expressways and arterial roads.  Are you interested in this lavishing fully-gated residential project? Browse for accurate information on all properties for sale in Hyderabad to make the most desirable home as your permanent address to add new, beautiful melody to your life! By Govi

Discover Exceptional Benefits of Shanta Sriram Pinnacle 24/7 Security Facilities
Exceptional Benefits of Shanta Sriram Pinnacle 24/7 Security Facilities

Ameerpet is a well-known residential and commercial hub of Hyderabad. There are many educational institutions, cinema theatres, restaurants, and hospitals in and around the area to suit the needs of the families and working professionals. Ameerpet interchange station has bought an increase in the real estate sector in this area, and huge residential projects are upcoming in this area. Nowadays many people are especially working parents interested in buying a home with high-security facilities for a comfortable stay. The presence of security at residence can provide peace of mind and a sense of security to the owner and family members. Keeping this in view, Shanta Sriram Constructions launched a fully gated apartment project in the Ameerpet area with secured and luxurious facilities that make the resident stay peacefully. Let us know in detail Why the Shanta Sriram Pinnacle apartment emerged as a buyer’s choice in the premier segment. Outstanding Benefits of 24/7 Security Facilities Shanta Sriram Pinnacle in Ameerpet is a gated community apartment project with modern and secure facilities. The apartment has intercom phones and 24/7 security guards. Having a 24/7 security personnel present is an excellent obstacle to crime. Thieves will think twice about targeting an individual that has a uniformed safety. The professional guards would find suspicious activity within the residence and react to security breaches. The CCTV cameras are placed in every nook and corner of the apartment. Being a fully gated apartment, any non- resident person is stopped before venturing into the residence. So all in all, the Shanta Sriram Pinnacle apartments seem to be the safest option for families with elder parents and kids. Top-Notch Amenities The spacious Shanta Sriram Pinnacle apartment comes with different modern amenities. The luxurious amenities include yoga hall, car parking, fitness centre, multipurpose hall. There is 24 hours supply of bore water, power and generator backup in case of a power cut, elevator facilities, and many more. The complex has the provision of the child-safe play area so that kids can play in the open air without compromising safety. All the recreational facilities that are inside the complex are easily accessible. Exceptional Open Spaces Shanta Sriram Pinnacle is a fully furnished luxury high-end apartment project that is spread over 1 acre of GHMC approved layout at Ameerpet, Hyderabad. This exquisite project is composed of 2BHK and 3BHK flats that are available in a total built-up area 1220 to 1455 sq.ft sizes. Shanta Sriram builders developed this gated community apartment in Ameerpet with 60% of open spaces. The open spaces in the project are not only beautiful but also offer the residents a secure environment for spending their quality time, both individually and in groups. Therefore, it improves the general health and well-being of the residents while reduces stress encourages physical activity and reduces depression. The apartment project is designed with all the comforts by keeping all age-groups of people. There are 34 apartment units are available for sale with different facings. So while looking for flats, the buyer can choose from various options depending on their requirements. The Shanta Sriram Pinnacle apartment has multiple advantages and hence is preferred by many people while buying a new home. Do you want to know more details on Shanta Sriram Pinnacle apartment for sale in Ameerpet, Hyderabad? Browse, India's first-ever property directory and find accurate property information to make smart home-buying decisions. By: Shailaja K

Important Factors to Consider While Buying a Flat in NCC Urban Gardenia
Important Factors to Consider While Buying a Flat in NCC Urban Gardenia

Buying a dream home is one of the most important investments in everyone’s life. Many buyers expect to choose a place that looks like it has been designed for their family. NCC Urban Gardenia in Hitec City is the right address to stay happily with well-planned quality and modern facilities. This gated community apartment project offers 4BHK and 5BHK+ flats with a total built-up area of 3448 to 4146 sq.ft. The project consists of completely furnished and luxurious apartments spread over four acres of GHMC approved layout, with a total of G+12 floors. Why NCC Urban Gardenia Apartments Unique From Other Projects? Excellent Location NCC Urban Gardenia in Hitec City is designed for those people who want to change their address to a serene environment. This location is considered as one of the leading commercial and residential areas in Hyderabad. The area is enclosed by many developed areas like Madhapur, Kondapur, Gachibowli, Kothaguda, and Jubilee Hills. Hitec City Metro is nearby the location, gives excellent accessibility to other areas. The daily necessities like prominent hospitals, educational institutions, banks, shopping malls, etc. are situated proximity to the apartment make the residence lead a comfortable life. Well Planned Structural Specifications NCC Urban Gardenia apartment is specially designed considering every need of families, the interiors of each flat come with ambience complimenting the peaceful surroundings. These luxurious flats show modern styles and lavish areas which will fulfil the requirement of residents. Every flat has cross ventilation and natural light to create a pleasant and refreshing home environment. All the flats in NCC Urban Gardenia are constructed with Vastu features to attract more positive energy. The breath-taking green landscapes are planned for a relaxing view, and a sense of soothing tranquillity to its residents makes to lead a healthy lifestyle. Exceptional Amenities The gated community apartment in Hitec City is wisely engineered with a combination of luxury and comforts, which make the residents, lead life to the fullest. The project offers a spacious clubhouse to have uninterrupted fun and for larger gatherings. The apartment has a safe and secure kid’s play playgrounds, particularly created, keeping the safety of children in mind. The other facilities include well-maintained landscapes, Yoga & Meditation Hall, 24/7 Security, Jogging track, etc. to enjoy life without the need of stepping out of the residence. With comfortable facilities, modern speciations, and accessible location, NCC Urban Gardenia apartment perfectly fit you and your family. What are you waiting for? There is no reason to wait to make your dream into a reality. Browse, as a digital real estate market pioneers, and we offer a comprehensive range of information on various residential projects for sale in Hyderabad. Visit us to know further information on NCC Urban Gardenia and find your ideal home. Important Factors to Consider While Buying a Flat in NCC Urban Gardenia Click To Tweet By: Shailaja K

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