What are the Top Areas to Invest in Hyderabad?

In recent years, Hyderabad has consistently ranked among the top cities in India for its socio-economic growth across various indices. It has now emerged as one of the most dynamic cities in the world, in a list of 130 cities, due to its strong growth amid the economic slowdown. Needless to say, there are plenty of best places to invest in Hyderabad.  

The city's availability of properties at affordable rates is steadily gaining popularity. Some areas in Hyderabad have been delivering healthy returns for the past few years because of the rise in property prices. Property investments in Hyderabad are really booming.  

Due to rapid strides made in education, employment opportunities, medical facilities, ITeS, hospitality, and other sectors, the residential real estate market is being widely regarded as low-risk and high-return form of investment. You can also buy land in Hyderabad and then construct your dream home.  

Both financially and emotionally, acquiring property for investment is considered as a big step. If you are confused to know which is the best area to invest in Hyderabad, or which is the best place to buy land in Hyderabad, then these are some of the top areas in the city to look out for. 

Top 5 Areas to Invest in Hyderabad 2021 


Kondapur is a suburb positioned in Hyderabad's western part. It is one of the rapidly growing residential destinations and very near to the city hub. Over the past decade, Kondapur has seen an active growth of citizenship and an infrastructural turn. Several builders are launching modern apartments and villas in Kondapur with quality facilities at reasonable prices, which provide a really good investment option. 


For homebuyers and real estate developers, Narsingi is a hotspot. One of the things that work for it is that it has the picturesque lake of Gandipet. In addition, it is lined with high-rises and gated communities. Various flats are available with sizes ranging from 1,030 to 3,380 sq.ft size at fair prices. If you are searching for new villas or residential apartments in Narsingi, the area is the best place to buy land in Hyderabad. Developers too are looking to build high-rises that are HMDA approved. 


Tellapur is considered one of the best places to invest in Hyderabad. It continues to be a lucrative and prudent decision to own a property in this housing market. The area is seeing a drastic shift in construction activities due to its beautiful landscapes, improving quality of life and ambient weather. Moreover, as many IT companies including Infosys, Wipro and Microsoft have their offices near Tellapur, the area is slowly becoming a commercial hub. The properties for sale in Tellapur are available with high-end amenities at reasonable rates from Rs 4,400 - 6,000 per sq.ft. 

Pragathi Nagar 

Pragathi Nagar in Hyderabad is situated close to commercial areas, thereby making commuting and availing of civic facilities easy. In addition, due to rising property prices and affordable supply, Pragathi Nagar is drawing the attention of buyers and investors. With the growth of good infrastructure in the city, the area has been rising considerably in the last few months. Pragathi Nagar is certainly a spot for long-term investment and permanent residency. 


One of the emerging suburbs situated in the northwestern part of Hyderabad is Bachupally. The area has a plethora of junior colleges, educational institutions of engineering, and international schools as well as IT companies. To meet the needs of future residents, the city has a growing number of fitness centers, malls, schools, and restaurants. The Bachupally area has impeccable flats for sale at affordable prices with sizes ranging from 700 to 2,761 sq.ft. 

List of Property Rates in Hyderabad Top Areas - 2021 


Apartments (Sq.ft Size)

Price Range



         2BHK (990 - 1475) 
        3BHK (1228 - 2835) 
        4BHK (3070 - 3165) 
         53.6 Lakh - 1.09 Crore 
         76.2 Lakh - 2.49 Crore 
        2.70 Crore - 2.78 Crore


2BHK (1030 - 1430)
3BHK (1430 - 3208)
4BHK (2630 - 3380


47.4 Lakh - 89.8 Lakh
51.9 Lakh - 1.48 Crore
1.81 Crore - 2.30 Crore




2BHK (1040 - 1505)
3BHK(1270 - 3440)
4BHK (2190 - 5036)


59.0 Lakh - 95.1 Lakh
72.1 Lakh - 1.62 Crores
1.06 Crore - 3.13 Crore



        Pragathi Nagar

2BHK (867 - 1910)
3BHK (1430 - 1890)

36.7 Lakh - 85.9 Lakh
63.4 Lakh - 92.2 Lakh



1BHK (700 - 800)
2BHK (819 - 1470)
3BHK (1287 - 2761)    

30.0 Lakh - 37.4 Lakh
35.0 Lakh - 80.0 Lakh
49.6 Lakh - 1.34 Crore


The above areas are lucrative, fast-growing property markets with excellent connectivity to all parts of Hyderabad. These areas are expected to have impeccable infrastructure developments in the future years, with an abundance of residential and commercial growth inflows. If you want to buy land in Hyderabad or properties, you can accrue the benefit from the highly rewarding real estate market, these are some of the best places for property investments in Hyderabad to take into consideration. 

What are the Benefits of Property Investments in Hyderabad?  

Excellent Infrastructure & Connectivity 

In the last decade, Hyderabad's infrastructure and connectivity have increased tremendously. The city has a high rate of growth in infrastructure, which keeps growing annually. Enhanced Hyderabad infrastructure helps the city connectivity and is also paving the way for future development of real estate. The strengthening of road connectivity around Hyderabad was also a major concern. One of the important factors contributing to Hyderabad's growth is the Outer Ring Road (ORR) project as it lowers traffic congestion in the city.  

Thriving Labour Market  

It is a fact that where jobs are higher, a higher return on investment is to be expected from investment in property. Hyderabad has become a major player in the IT sector, and the city is full of abundant jobs. As a consequence, people are interested to move to the city. This strong and growing labour markets increase the demand in areas close to industrial hubs for houses, villas, and open plots.  

Affordable Lifestyle  

Hyderabad is a city with a budget-friendly lifestyle. In contrast to other metropolitan cities, living costs in Hyderabad are lower. Hyderabad is the place to enjoy all the convenience of a major city at an affordable cost compared to other cities in India. Importantly, in terms of living quality in India Hyderabad is consistently ranked among the top cities.  

No Space Crunch  

The Hyderabad landscape offers many open areas with access to the center of town. This makes it possible for builders to offer properties surrounded by peaceful nature away from the lively crowd. Projects are well designed and offer luxury living in open spaces. In a calm environment with environmentally friendly amenities, there are numerous opportunities for a home without compromises on luxury and comfort.  

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