GHMC has initiated quality assessments for urban biodiversity projects

The GHMC is committed to ensuring the quality of projects under its urban biodiversity (UBD) wing to maintain high standards in urban greenery and development initiatives. In 2023, GHMC led various projects, including park enhancements, junction improvements, gardens, urban forests, and tree plantations across Hyderabad. To ensure successful completion, the civic body introduced a stringent quality control process, allocating 75% of the billed amount upon project completion, with the remaining 25% reserved for thorough quality checks. 

GHMC recently sought expressions of interest (EOI) from government institutions, colleges, and departments like Horticulture, Forest, and Agriculture to conduct quality assessments. Evaluations will focus on the past year's completed projects, excluding ongoing maintenance. 

The Forest College and Research Institute (FCRI), Mulugu, conducted assessments involving field-level scrutiny and certification for two years. Contractors face penalties for deviations, while compliance earns certification, releasing the remaining 25% of payment. Selected agencies are tasked with quality control and certification (QCC), providing a detailed report for UBD projects exceeding Rs.1 lakh, covering quantities, specifications, soil quality, planting material, etc.