Lake Garden Progress Work

Nature has never ceased to impress and has always refreshed and calmed minds. Lake Garden works have been started in some parts of the city including Dandamudi Enclave, Kompally, etc. The natural beauty of lakes will be enhanced, incorporating greenery, seating, and playing areas for amusement and relaxation. 

Dandamudi Enclave, Jeedimetla is a prime locality in Quthbullapur and offers many amenities to its residents. Although such comforts have been provided, the lack of nature's bliss has been felt by the inhabitants. 

To Amend this, Lake garden works are being progressed near the areas to connect humanity with greenery and freshness. The succession of this project will deliver pure contempt, refreshment, calmness, and will soothe residents and visitors. The area will gain an aesthetic view and have an increased appeal towards citizens and tourists. 

It'll be the most suitable spot for recreation, comforting people and attracting more people towards the locality.