Government funds expansion of metro rail till RGIA

Five years after the inaugural run of Hyderabad Metro, which was based on a public–private partnership, the Airport Express Metro project is progressing. 

Its cost is rounding off to Rs.6,000 crores. The approximate cost previously was numbered at Rs.5,000 crores. This is going to be a Telangana government project.  

From this, the GMR group was arranged to invest 10 percent of the project cost of Rs.519 crores. 

The Minister recently announced that the metro line connecting HiTec city and the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport would be developed in 3 years.  

The travel duration from the two points will be just 20 minutes, making it convenient for all.  

Two more lines, BHEL to Lakdikapul (26km) costing  Rs.8,453 crores and Nagole to LB Nagar (5km), were promised in a Tweet posted by KTR.  

Soon after this post, KTR was flooded with requests to extend other lines of the Metro, too, and even in the districts.