The Telangana government extending road connectivity.

There were 27,734 roads in Telangana, out of which 1,687 km were state roads, 11,463 km and the other 14,584 km were district roads.  

With Rs.2,655 Crore expenditure, 1,835 km of roads were sanctioned for a double lane road between the Mandal headquarters and districts, and 1,669 km were completed. 

To resolve the problem of overflowing canals, the government undertook the reconstruction of 541 dilapidated bridges, out of which 350 have been completed on the Godavari and Krishna rivers.  

 Additionally, about 1,223 km of national highways were converted into two lanes. 

During the last eight years, 81 works related to 2,199 km were sanctioned at Rs.19,056 Crores. 

The government has also planned to develop a regional ring beyond the outer ring road, 340 km in length at 30 km beyond the ORR.