Kokapet & Narsingi - Real Estate Overview
Property Adviser brings to you a SINGLE go-to article for all that you need to know about Kokapet and Narsingi. Read on and make well-informed decisions. These will be spread in 14 episodes.
Episode 3 :

In this section, we will throw light on interesting information and data on Kokapet and Narsingi, from the real estate perspective. The information in this section is helpful for buyers, developers, banks, government authorities and private sector players.

Real Estate Evolution & Opportunities in Kokapet

Land Bank in Kokapet

So, how much land is available in Kokapet?

Is there enough available for developers and buyers looking at Kokapet?

Or is it all taken?

  • Well, at present, development is going on in 74 acres of residential land in Kokapet.
  • The good news is that there is still a lot of scope for development.
  • 50 acres of land bank is still available for future projects!!!

Infrastructure Development in Kokapet

Infrastructure Development in Kokapet

All eyes are on Kokapet, and the Government is focusing on infrastructure development. Kokapet is set to be the best township in the country.

  • HMDA is constructing a 50 feet wide road.
  • Additionally, 100 feet roads are being constructed at strategic points.
  • An exclusive trumpet road connecting the Kokapet layout to the Outer Ring Road (ORR) is underway.
  • Electrical substations of 400 KV capacity are sanctioned.
  • 5.3 acres of land is allocated for electrical substations.
  • Underground electricity cables will be laid.
  • 9.3 acres of land is allocated to the Water Board to develop water supply infrastructure.
  • New drinking water pipelines are being laid.

What Else Can the Government Do to Help?

  • With all the development going on in Kokapet, certain roads that are under construction are causing traffic jams.
  • The government might want to notify residents about upcoming infra project constructions to ease traffic in Kokapet.
  • Detour options to commuters from Gandipet, Narsingi and Mokila passing through Kokapet are also desirable.

Opportunities for Private Sector in Kokapet

  • Kokapet has only two banks - Axis Bank and HDFC.
  • Kokapet has only three supermarkets - Vijetha, Ratnadeep and Heritage.
  • Kokapet, the real estate hotspot of Hyderabad, can certainly do with more banks and more supermarkets.

Home Loans and Opportunities for Banks

  • 90% of the projects in Kokapet are approved by ICICI Bank.
  • 50% of them are approved by HDFC.
  • Which means there is a large opportunity for other banks to step in with home loan offers in Kokapet.

Interesting Facts About Kokapet

1. Are you a fan of skyscrapers?

  • There are 8 skyscrapers in Kokapet.
  • The tallest skyscraper of South India is upcoming in Kokapet & will have 57 Floors.

2. Another interesting fact about Kokapet is that it is neighbour to Gandipet!

  • Well, so what?
  • Hmm. That's a huge deal.
 Interesting Facts Kokapet

GO 111 applies to Gandipet because of the presence of Osmansagar lake, according to which there cannot be heavy commercial and residential constructions in Gandipet.

Now this means lesser congestion and pollution in the neighbouring Kokapet.

This also means more water and greenery in Kokapet!!!

To be continued... Watch this space to stay with us on the exciting journey through Kokapet.

Episode 3 :

Real Estate Evolution & Opportunities in Narsingi

Land Bank in Narsingi

  • Currently, residential development is going on in 163.21 acres of land
  • Close to 100 acres of the land bank is available for future development.

Infrastructure Development in Narsingi

Infrastructure Development in Kokapet

The ORR is already in place to connect Narsingi with IT hubs. The government is now on an infrastructure development spree in Narsingi, with a special focus on developing missing link roads.

  • Hyderabad Growth Corridor Limited (HGCL) will widen the existing service road from Narsingi to Kollur into a four-lane road.
  • Government of Telangana is to develop Missing Link Corridors and Slip Roads to ease traffic and act as shortest alternative routes.
  • Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA & UD) has finalized 133 links to the tune of 126.20 Km.
  • Additionally, there is an upcoming Missing Link Road for the corridor from Alkapur Township to Radial Road Narsingi.

What Else Can the Government Do to Help?

  • Water supply seems to be a challenge in Narsingi.
  • A heads up to the Government to look into the problem.

Opportunities for Private Sector in Narsingi

  • Narsingi has only two Banks - Kotak and SBI..
  • Needless to say, that with so much development going on in Narsingi, we need more banks in the area

Home Loans and Opportunities for Banks


ICICI, HDFC and LIC are the major banks providing home loans for buyers in Narsingi.

Other banks - Are you listening?

Interesting Facts About Narsingi

Want to live on the 40th floor?

  • Narsingi has seven high-rise projects
  • The tallest among them have 40 floors. There are two of them.

To be continued... Watch this space to stay with us on the exciting journey through Narsingi.

Episode 2 :

Before investing in property, it is natural that you want to know how well it is connected and how one can travel to and from the area with ease. In this section, we bring to you details about the nearby areas to Kokapet and Narsingi, the modes of transport and total area.

Kokapet - Connectivity, Transport, Total Area

Those living in Kokapet are much in proximity to job hubs and other neighborhoods.

  • Narsingi - 2.5 Km (7 min)
  • Gandipet - 4 Km (10 min)
  • Nanakramguda - 4.6 Km (9 min)
  • Puppalguda - 5.3 Km (15 min)
  • Manikonda - 6 Km (19 min)
  • Gachibowli - 7.2 Km (14 min)

If you are using your own transport, then Kokapet is just a few minute's drive from popular areas, as mentioned above.

Coming to public transport, state RTC buses ply from Mehdipatnam to Shankarpally every hour and they pass through Kokapet.


Total Area of Kokapet


To be precise, Kokapet is 5.82 Sq. Km. (or 1438.15 Acres) in total area.

Around 10% of Kokapet is commercial area , 40% is residential area

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Episode 2 :

Narsingi - Connectivity, Transport, Total Area

Like Kokapet, Narisingi lies within a few kilometers range of popular areas and job hotspots

  • Kokapet - 4.3 Km (11 min)
  • Puppalguda - 2.8 Km (8 min)
  • Nanakramguda - 4.8 Km (10 min)
  • Financial District - 3.9 Km (9 min)
  • Gandipet - 6.1 Km (15 min)
  • Khajaguda - 5.3 Km (11 min)
  • Manikonda - 3.5 Km (12 min)

Narsingi conveniently connects with the rest of the town via ORR, public buses, cabs, autos and shared autos.


Total Area of Narsingi


Narsingi has a total area of 6.90 Sq. Km. (1705.03 Acres), of which 40% is residential, and 10% is commercial.

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Episode 1 :

The Story of the Fortune Called Kokapet

The Story of the Fortune Called Kokapet
In this section, we will take you on a journey through Kokapet. By the end of the journey, you will have all the information that a prospective buyer needs to know. Read on!

Kokapet - An Introduction to Its Popularity

To start with a bit of history, Kokapet - the most popular area for real estate in Hyderabad, was known as “Kotham Kunta” (and later as “Asad Nagar”), way back in the 19th century.

This tiny village of the past, which was a Jagir at that time, went on to develop into an extension of the Financial District in Gachibowli!

There are now colonies in and near Kokapet Village, ORR Service Road, Golden Mile Road, Dantu St. Road and Kokapet Road.

kokapet demographics

In an area spanning about 6 square kilometers, about 16,000 fortunate people live in Kokapet, with approximately 50% each of male and female demographics.

These lucky residents of Kokapet has access to all the lucrative jobs in the IT parks in Gachibowli and HiTech City, because Kokapet is well connected to these work places via the Narsingi-Nanakramguda Road. That’s not all. Their kids study in world-class schools and colleges right next to their houses!

Apart from Gachibowli, Kokapet is also close to other popular areas like Nanakramguda, Narsingi, Manikonda and Puppalguda KokapetNearbyPlaces

Hold your breath! The famous Osman Sagar lake, also known as Gandipet Lake which is spread across 7000 acres , is just about 3 kilometers from Kokapet.

Episode 1 :

The Story of Narsingi - The Satellite Town in Hyderabad

In this section, let’s take a journey through Narsingi! Find all the information that you need before investing in real estate in Narsingi.

An Introduction to the “Green” Narsingi

Narsingi is located in the administrative headquarters of Gandipet Mandal. With its lush green surroundings, the unpolluted Narsingi is considered as one of the best locations to live in.

Spread across about 7 square kilometers, there are developed colonies near ORR Service Road, Langar House/ Osman Sagar Road, Narsingi Junction, Manchirevula Road and Narsingi Village



For a quick overview of demographics, Narsingi has a population of about 25,000 and a fairly equitable distribution of male and female demographics.



The feather in the cap is, the literacy rate of Narsingi is at 78.3% which is higher than the state average of 67.02%.



About 15% of the population consists of kids under 6 years of age. So, of course, there are world-class schools in the area.

Narsingi is close to other popular areas. Kokapet, Puppalguda, Nanakramguda, FInancial District, Gandipet, Khajaguda and Manikonda Kokapet lie within 3 to 6 kilometers of Narsingi. NarsingiNearbyPlaces

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