Kokapet & Narsingi - Real Estate Overview
Property Adviser brings to you a SINGLE go-to article for all that you need to know about Kokapet and Narsingi. Read on and make well-informed decisions. These will be spread in 14 episodes.

Kokapet Area - The Conclusion

Welcome to the last episode of this wonderful journey through Kokapet! Having discussed all the aspects of Kokapet to let you have knowledge about the area, it’s time for a quick recap about the best aspects of Kokapet.

Top Pros of Kokapet

  • Equipped with Job Opportunities - There are plenty of well-paying job opportunities within a 10-to-15 minute drive of Kokapet. So, it is a good career decision to have a home in Kokapet. Two more SEZ are also in the pipeline with thousands of new positions to be filled. So, expect a bright career if you station yourself in Kokapet.
  • Equipped with major facilities - Kokapet has all the amenities needed for a comfortable living - from restaurants to world class schools, from retail therapy to salon and spa therapy - you have them all. And more retail fun is in the pipeline.

Top Opportunities for Business or Investment in Kokapet

  • Opportunity for Retail Business - Kokapet is a fast-developing residential hub. With SEZ and more commercial development coming up, it is also a lucrative place for retail opportunities if you are a self-employed person, small business owner or an entrepreneur.
  • Investment Opportunity - Kokapet keeps seeing high appreciation because of SEZ and proximity to IT hubs. Apartments and villas have appreciated by close to 85% in the last ten years, and land value has appreciated close to 3X. It is therefore a lucrative area for investors.

Top Reasons Why Kokapet is Suitable for You

  • Premium Properties in budget - High-end "properties are available" at reasonable pricing in Kokapet. You can aspire to buy something within your budget, or by just stretching it a little bit.
Kokapet Conclusion

See you at Kokapet!

Narsingi Area - The Conclusion

If you have liked the ride through Narsingi in this "Geo Connect" series brought to you by Property Adviser, then you need to read this recap of what is awesome about Narsingi, all in all.

Top Pros of Narsingi

  • Surrounded by Numerous SEZ - Narsingi residents are surrounded by tons of job opportunities. It has the rare privilege of being the only area in Hyderabad that is already surrounded by four SEZs (highest in Hyderabad). Hold your breath, two more SEZs are coming up in neighbouring Kokapet. Living in an area that is just beside the Financial district (SEZ) of Nanakramguda could be the dream of every IT corridor employee.
  • Equipped with Area Facilities - Narsingi is equipped with basic amenities for food, retail, health, education and public transportation. There are advanced lifestyle amenities in the neighbouring areas like Nankramguda and Gachibowli, that are easily accessible.
  • Connectivity with Other Areas - Narsingi has easy connectivity with other areas of Hyderabad via ORR.

Top Opportunities for Business or Investment in Narsingi

  • Opportunity for Banks - With all the residential growth and advantages that Narsingi enjoys, the area has only two banks as of now - Kotak and SBI. There is thus a large opportunity waiting for the banking sector to tap the business potential of Narsingi.
  • Opportunity for Investors - Land value has appreciated exponentially in Narsingi in the last decade - to the tune of close to 400%. With close to 100 acres of land bank still available for development, Narsingi presents a goldmine for builders and investors.

Top Reasons Why Narsingi is Suitable for You

  • Living next to Job Hubs - If you don’t like a long commute to work, Narsingi is the area for you. You can live right next to all those job hubs
  • Access to Lifestyle options - If you enjoy social life, then you might want to choose Narsingi, which has easy access to all those lifestyle opportunities.
  • Fully Gated Apartments - If you want to live a life of luxury in fully gated apartments, then Narsingi has a plethora of options in various budgets.
Narsingi Conclusion

Congratulations for knowing Real Estate of Narsingi area by 40%!

Residential Supply Index of Kokapet

If you have enjoyed the journey and decided to settle down in Kokapet, here is some information to give you an idea.

Currently there are close to 24 new residential projects in Kokapet.

11 of them are already listed on propertyadviser.in and rest are hidden based on seller’s request.

Inventory Supply Analysis

Residential Supply of Kokapet

According to the Property Adviser’s research, 55% of new residential projects are Under Construction. Therefore, Kokapet can be an appropriate real estate destination for those who are looking for mid-term investment solution at a prime location.

There are close to 4700 new homes in Kokapet and many more luxurious high-rise projects are in pipeline.

As per the research, Kokapet is witnessing rise in the supply of large-size homes consists of majorly 3BHK having 73% of units share and 4BHK having 21% of units share.

Kokapet is known for premium homes at a competitive price range.

Residential Supply of Kokapet

Residential Supply Index of Narsingi

If you have enjoyed the journey and decided to settle down in Narsingi, here is some information to give you an idea.

Currently there are close to 33 new residential projects in Narsingi.

15 of them are already listed on propertyadviser.in and rest are hidden based on seller’s request.

Inventory Supply Analysis

Residential Supply of Narsingi

According to the Property Adviser’s research, 53% of new residential projects are Ready to Move. Therefore, people looking for immediate possession can consider Narsingi’s spacious home options.

There are close to 4700 new homes in Narsingi.

As per the research, there is rise in supply of large-size homes which includes majorly 3BHK having 62% of flat units and 4BHK having 20% of flat units in Narsingi.

Narsingi is known for its spacious homes at reasonable price range.

Residential Supply of Narsingi

Major Commercial Development in Kokapet

Kokapet is not just a sought-after destination for home buyers. It is also emerging as a hot commercial hub. For every measure of residential land in Kokapet area, there is parallelly a fourth of it that is commercial area.


Ocean Park, Osman Sagar Lake, IT SEZ

  • Being close to Ocean Park and Gandipet makes Kokapet an inherently viable area in terms of commercial development.
  • There have been announcements of SEZ in Kokapet, apart from HMDA allocating land in Kokapet to SEZ, and various other businesses.
  • Kokapet is set to be home to the largest IT hub in the country, at the cost of $2 Billion.
  • International schools and reputed colleges have found their way to Kokapet.

    • Rockwell International School
    • Gatik Junior College
    • CBIT Engineering College
    • Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology
  • More retail commercial spaces and mega commercial complexes are in the pipeline, to cater to the people who will come to live in the upcoming township, and work in the upcoming SEZ and IT hub.

Major Commercial Development in Narsingi

Narsingi is predominantly a residential area. Yet of a total area of about 7 square kilometers that Narsingi consists of, about 700 square metres is occupied by commercial enterprises and facilities. Residential development is leading to commercial growth as well, thanks to the builders who are rising to the occasion.


Malls, Commercial spaces & Convention Centres

  • Initially, schools and colleges were set up in Narsingi to cater to the residents.

    • Kangaroo Kids International School
    • Winridge International School
    • Smart Kids Techno School
    • Global School of Nursing
  • A lot of malls and commercial complexes are under development.
  • OM Convention Centre was built in Narsingi to cater to the companies in the nearby SEZs and IT hubs.

Major Developers Who Speeded Up Residential Development in Kokapet

Having come this far in the journey through Kokapet, we all know by now that Kokapet, which is just 7 Km from Gachibowli, is the red-hot destination for real estate investments and purchases in Hyderabad. A fourth of the total of 1400+ acres of area in Kokapet is dedicated to residential constructions.

Sure, the SEZ announcement and ORR played a large role in the residential development of Kokapet.

But a few developers played a significant part in the fast development of Kokapet as a residential hub.

Here are major builders in the last decade and the projects they delivered in Kokapet:

rajapushpa builder

Rajapushpa Properties Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in 2006, Rajapushpa is known for their customer-centric approach and on-time delivery. With a portfolio of 10 million sqft across 13 projects, they have delivered prestigious properties in the Kokapet area.

Apart from old projects, these are a few prominent Rajapushpa projects in Kokapet:

Rajapushpa The Retreat : These are a total of 192 - 2BHK & 3 BHK luxury apartments, all sold out.

Rajapushpa Regalia : There are 491 - 3BHK apartments, ready to occupy.

Rajapushpa Atria : These are a total 1103 - 2BHK, 3 BHK and 4BHK apartments of splendor and luxury. A few are still available for sale.

My Home Group

My Home Group

This three-decade old company that has a portfolio of 26 million sqft is doing its fair share of work in the Kokapet area.

My Home Tarkshya : Bookings are on for 660 apartments under construction. These spell luxury, and will make connoisseurs happy.

GEM Vivendas

GEM Vivendas

Known for their planned urban communities, Gem Vivendas is currently focusing their efforts on developing the Kokapet area.

GEM NAKSHATHRA Apartments : These are spacious 2BHK and 3BHK apartments, with world class amenities. Bookings are going on.

Prestige Group

Prestige Group

The pan-India famous builder founded in 1986 is doing their part in the ongoing residential development in Kokapet.

Prestige Tranquil : These are 906 3 BHK and 3.5 BHK units across close to 8 acres of land, with all the amenities you can ask for.

Major Developers Who Speeded Up Residential Development in Narsingi

Hope you are enjoying the journey through Narsingi!

Yeah, it is a green and fairly unpolluted area, and yet close to popular areas like Kokapet, Gachibowli and Financial District.

Now who would not want to live in such an area? Narsingi is predominantly a residential area, and currently close to 200 acres of land is under development for apartments and villas.

With the announcement of Financial District, the opening of ORR exit, and the upcoming SEZ and Metro Rail connectivity, top developers have been developing the area consistently in the last decade and a half.

Notable among them are these builders and their flagship properties in Narsingi.

My Home Group

My Home Group

This company, which is a household name in residential development, was founded in 1986. With 21 landmark properties in Hyderabad under their belt, they have also worked on Narsingi.

My Home Avatar : This is a unique property that follows the 80:20 rule. 80% of space is open area for recreation, and 20% is for living. Fathom that!

Hallmark Builders

Hallmark Builders

They are a 13-year-old company, and as the name suggests, they are known for their quality, credibility, innovative approach and creative modelling.

Vicinia : This is nothing short of a living dream, consisting of 441 2BHK and 3BHK flats that are ready to occupy.

Hallmark Skyrena (ongoing) : These are 678 2BHK and 3BHK apartments with the signature world class look and feel typical of Hallmark properties.

Hallmark Skyrena (ongoing) : These are 499 2BHK and 3BHK apartments surrounded by nature in a classy setting of landscape and community amenities.

NCC Urban

NCC Urban

A subsidiary of NCC, this company works on residential and commercial complexes in SEZs, and integrated townships.

NCC Urban One Phase 1 (completed) Phase 2 (ongoing) : These are 3 BHK and 4BHK apartments.

Accurate Builders

Accurate Builders

They have 25 years of experience in offering residential solutions for diverse consumer segments.

Accurate Wind Chimes (Total 6 blocks, 2 blocks ongoing construction) : These are 2BHK and 3BHK apartments with a six star rating.

The Commercial Growth of Kokapet - Key Contributors

Apart from being a residential hotspot, Kokapet is also a commercial hub.

Three factors that helped in the commercial growth of Kokapet

  • The announcement of the Financial District SEZ in 2007 also helped in the development of Kokapet as a commercial hub.
  • Yet another event in 2007 helped Kokapet development in a big way.  HMDA auctioned 167 acres of land with the highest bid being Rs. 14.25 crores, but was caught up in a legal battle over ownership of the land.

    After winning the case in 2017, HMDA allocated 110 acres to the SEZ, and another 55 acres were assigned to various other businesses and organizations.

  • Another HMDA auction of about 50 acres of land at Neopolis Layout in Kokapet earlier this year in July 2021 is set to take the game to the next level. The winning bids averaged to over Rs. 40 crores per acre.

The Commercial Growth of Narsingi

After consistent residential development in the last decade, Narsingi has slowly started catching up as a commercial hub.

Three Factors Helping in the Commercial Growth of Narsingi

  • Currently there are malls and commercial blocks under construction, to meet up with the demand caused by the residential growth.
  • Nearby SEZs are having a rub-off effect on Narsingi, and we now have a famous Convention Centre in the area.
  • The steady residential growth has also led to infrastructure development like Metro line connectivity, and the latter is set to boost commercial growth in the area.

Three Contributors to the Residential Growth of Kokapet

From a small village called Kotha Kunta, Kokapet has transformed into the current real-estate hotbed of Hyderabad, with 281% of price appreciation in the last 10 years. So how did Kokapet become such a massive success story?

Here are three events that helped residential development in Kokapet:

  • The first turnaround came in 2007, when the government announced the Financial District SEZ.

    Kokapet is just 5 Km from the said SEZ. That’s it. Kokapet turned eventually into a gold mine! Residential development kicked off sooner than later. After all, everyone would love to stay close to a job and lifestyle hub.

  • Power Welfare 7 Hills was the first gated residential project, and its popularity contributed to the residential development of Kokapet in its own way.

    This unique project was begun in 2010 and completed in 2017. It hosts a total of 853 units and is spread across an area of 8 acres. It was also the first Highrise project with 7 towers.

  • The ORR that started operating in Kokapet in 2012, connecting the Financial District and Patancheru, was yet another key factor in the growth of residential projects in Kokapet.

The Residential Growth of Narsingi

Narsingi is a well-connected satellite town that is only about 4 km from Kokapet. There is residential development going on in over 160 acres of land. But in the early 2000s, it was still a village. So what are the factors responsible for its fast development?

Four Contributors To The Residential Development of Narsingi

  • Firstly, the announcement of the neighbouring Financial District in 2007 played a big role in pushing Narsingi on the development path, as Narsingi is just 4 km from the Financial District.
  • Secondly, between 2008 and 2010, My Home Accurate, Hallmark and other big box developers started acquiring land for building gated communities in Narsingi.
  • Thirdly, the construction of ORR during the late 2000s encouraged more builders to focus on residential development in Narsingi.
  • Fourthly,ORR connectivity with Shamshabad Airport in 2012 also played a significant role in the development of Narsingi. People working in Gachibowli and surrounding job hubs started looking at residential options in Narsingi, as it is also a lush green and less polluted area.

Real Estate Appreciation in Kokapet

In this episode we will look at the pricing trends and how real estate value has appreciated in Kokapet in the last 10 years.

Land Appreciation in Kokapet

What was once a small village is now one of the fastest appreciating areas in Hyderabad.

Land pricing in Kokapet has increased 281% in the last ten years.

Kokapet ranks second in the top ten areas in Hyderabad for land appreciation, the first being Narsingi.


Appreciation Of Apartment Pricing in Kokapet

Being in the centre of the Financial District with close access to well-paying jobs, pricing of apartments in Kokapet has increased 85% in the last ten years.


Appreciation of Villa Pricing in Kokapet

Pricing of villas in Kokapet has increased 77% in the last ten years


Real Estate Appreciation in Narsingi

In this episode, we'll look at price patterns and how the value of real estate in Narsingi has increased over the previous ten years.

Land Appreciation in Narsingi

What was once a tiny hamlet is now one of the fastest growing regions in Hyderabad. In the previous 10 years, the price of land in Narsingi has grown by 400%.

Narsingi ranks first in the Top 10 Areas in Hyderabad for Land value appreciation, while Kokapet stands second.


Appreciation Of Apartment Pricing in Narsingi

Given its proximity to Khajaguda and Kokapet, both of which provide high-rise and premium property alternatives, Narsingi has a higher demand than those regions. And the justification for this is the land bank's availability& the price. Pricing per sq.ft has been increased to 78% in last ten decades.


Appreciation of Independent Houses Pricing in Narsingi

Pricing of Independent houses in Narsingi has increased to 106% in last 10 years.


Appreciation of Villa Pricing in Narsingi

There were no Villa projects till 2015.Villa’s price growth in Narsingi can be seen only for last 5 years as from 2016 only Villa projects have been started.

Prices of Villa projects in Narsingi has increased to 131% in last 5 years.


Kokapet - Neighbouring Areas & Their Influence

Good neighbours are priceless treasures! What are the complementing areas to Kokapet? Read on.

Kokapet Has Some of the Best Neighbours! Let’s See..

1. Gandipet

Gandipet, which is just 3 Km from Kokapet, is ONE GEM OF A NEIGHBOUR to Kokapet.

It is easy to ride to Gandipet from Kokapet.

Kokapet and Gandipet are on either side of the 100 feet road connecting ORR to Shankarapalli. So, at any point on that stretch, you need to just get across that road to move back and forth between Kokapet and Gandipet.

Aside from that, you can move between the two areas via the 80 feet pipeline road.

How Kokapet & Gandipet Complement Each Other

Gandipet provides Kokapet residents with the scenic relief needed for people living in a happening real-estate hub.

The limited construction in Gandipet (because of GO 111 restrictions), the enjoyable Ocean Park (a water park) and the historic Osmansagar Lake are more than enough to help Kokapet residents feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Likewise, Gandipet residents who are looking for a more urban lifestyle are moving to Kokapet, because of restrictions in Gandipet. Specifically, for those who are looking to live in high-rise apartments or gated communities, Kokapet is the go-to place.


2. Mokila

Mokila is another area that is benefitting because of the influence of Kokapet.

Mokila is under 13 Km from Kokapet SEZ.

When it comes to connectivity, the 100 feet road connecting ORR to Shankarapalli is one route. The internal road from Kollur is another


How Kokapet & Mokila Complement Each Other

Unlike Kokapet, Mokila has premium villa communities to offer. It is a preferred destination for those who want to avoid the buzz of Kokapet, and are looking for a more calm and peaceful area to live in.

GO 111 imposition in Mokila makes it look and feel different from the more “sky-scraperish” Kokapet.

But Mokila gets a chance to develop, because it is more affordable compared to Kokapet.

Narsingi - Neighbouring Areas & Their Influence

Love your neighbour as yourself!

Narsingi is surrounded by areas that complement it in mutually beneficial ways for the residents and investors. Read on to know more.

Narsingi Is Glad for These Neighbours

1. Kokapet

Narsingi and Kokapet are separated by the100 feet ORR to Sankarpalli.

Other than that, there is connectivity offered by the 200 feet ORR - Service Road.

How Narsingi & Kokapet Complement Each Other

The Kokapet SEZ has a spillover effect when it comes to real-estate development in Narsingi.

Narsingi also benefits from the social infrastructure of Kokapet - namely the international schools, good colleges, shopping, sports and entertainment facilities.

Kokapet is set to have the largest IT hub in the country similar to Gurugram’s Cyber Hub.

Such development requires more infrastructure for Kokapet. As one of the results of this, Narsingi will be getting its own ORR exit.


2. Khajaguda

Narsingi and Khajaguda are connected via

  • 200 Feet ORR - Service Road
  • 100 Feet Road - the Narsingi-Puppalaguda Main Road

Since Narsingi is more of a place for a calm feel, those looking for an urban buzz can look at the high-rise and premium housing options in the more urban Khajaguda.

Khajaguda is also quite equipped for retail and education needs for residents of Narsingi.

However, Khajaguda has limited land bank availability. As a result, Narsingi has seen a steady increase in real-estate projects.

Narsingi enjoys easier connectivity with IT hubs, compared to Khajaguda

Political Leanings of Kokapet

In this section, we will look at the Political views of Kokapet, and how specific Political parties developed the area.

Electorate & Administrative Areas Kokapet Comes Under

Kokapet which was a Jagir in the past is now a well-administered urban area.

Legislative Assembly Constituency Rajendranagar
Lok Sabha Constituency Chevella
Mandal Gandipet
District Rangareddy
Civic Body GHMC
Planning Body HMDA
Pin Code 500075

Which Party Ruled Kokapet in The Last Decade or More?

Rajendranagar assembly constituency that Kokapet comes under, has been a TRS hotbed for many years now.

TRS has been in power in the area since 2009, and T. Prakash Goud is the MLA incumbent.

Dr. G. Ranjith Reddy is the MP of Chevella Lok Sabha constituency, that Kokapet comes under.


Which Political Parties Developed Kokapet Area

Since 2008, Governments have been looking at the potential of Kokapet.

Development of Kokapet in the modern sense started during the YSR regime and is continuing in the TRS regime in full force.

From ORR connectivity to roads to electricity to drinking water pipelines to mega plans of developing standalone cities, a lot is happening in Kokapet.


Here are a few milestones in the development of Kokapet:

  • Kokapet was merged with GHMC in 2008, during the first term of the YSR-led INC government.
  • In the same year, earlier (February 2008), a HUDA land auction had catapulted the land value in Kokapet to be at par with that in Jubilee Hills - Rs.55,000 per sqyd.
  • In September 2019, HMDA announced the plan to develop 146 acres in Kokapet for a mega commercial and residential complex.
  • Apart from all this, in July 2019, the Telangana government announced the plan to develop Golden Triangle - a city stretched from Kokapet to Muthangi ORR. This new standalone city will include an area of 90 million sq ft. and accommodate a workforce of 5 lakh people.
  • In July 2021, provisions were announced for hundred-feet road, underground electric cables, dedicated transmission and distribution substations, and exclusive drinking water pipeline.

Kokapet, thus, has a bright future ahead.

Political Leanings of Narsingi

In this section, we will look at the Political views of people living in Narsingi , and the contribution of political parties to the development of the area.

Electorate & Administrative Areas Narsingi Comes Under

Narsingi, spread over 7 square kilometers, is located in the administrative headquarters of Gandipet Mandal.

Legislative Assembly Constituency Rajendranagar
Lok Sabha Constituency Chevella
Mandal Gandipet
District Rangareddy
Civic Body GHMC
Planning Body HMDA
Pin Code 500075

Which Party Ruled Narsingi in The Last Decade or More?

Rajendranagar assembly constituency that Narsingi comes under, has been a TRS hotbed for many years now.

TRS has been in power in the area since 2009, and T. Prakash Goud is the MLA incumbent.

Dr. G. Ranjith Reddy is the MP of Chevella Lok Sabha constituency, that Kokapet comes under.


Which Political Parties Developed Narsingi Area

Narsingi has been developed over the last 12 to 15 years by the previous INC government and later the TRS government.

Here are a few milestones in the development of Narsingi:

  • Narsingi was merged with GHMC in 2008, during the first term of the YSR-led INC government.
  • In 2019, Narsingi Municipality was established.
  • The TRS Government is focusing on infrastructure development in Narsingi. Link roads, slip roads and service roads are under development.
  • In August 2020, HMDA announced an interchange on the ORR at Narsingi to ease traffic and improve connectivity.
  • The government has also announced Metro Rail connectivity for Narsingi.

More on Lifestyle & Entertainment in Kokapet

Let’s take a closer look at life and fun in Kokapet.

What Is In It For the Young?

Education in Kokapet

Kids in Kokapet enjoy the privilege of having an opportunity to study in an International School and get a world class education.

Rockwell International School in Kokapet is affiliated to Cambridge International School.

Apart from that, there are other Private and Government run CBSE, ICSE and Telangana State affiliated schools.

For teenagers in Kokapet, there are Premium / Tier-1 Colleges.

For example:

  • Gatik Junior College
  • CBIT Engineering College
  • Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology (MGIT)
And more.

Extracurricular Activity in Kokapet

  • Ocean Park
  • Kids and youth can chill at books stores, toy stores and outdoor play stations.
  • For their physical development, there is a cricket ground too.

What Does Kokapet OfferWorking Professionals?

The calm and serenity because of G0-111 in Gandipet makes Kokapet an ideal home-cum-relaxation sanctuary for working professionals who are stressed after a hard day’s work and pressures.

There is also retail therapy with big showrooms like Fabindia, etc.

When people are bored with drab food at home, they are eating out at those interesting cafes and restaurants.

Subway, Tiffinette, KFC, etc. are available for rescue when Kokapet residents are hungry and don’t want to cook.

For beauty, health and fitness enthusiasts, we have Cocoon Salon, Bubbles Spa, Cult Fit and more!

Though malls are not there yet, they are coming soon. So more retail therapy and awesome shopping experiences await people of Kokapet.


Hold on!

  • The largest IT hub in the country is coming up at Kokapet at $2 Billion, along the lines of Gurugram’s Cyber Hub.
  • This will be built over 30 - 35 million sq ft. with MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions), star hotel retail and entertainment facilities.

How Is Life for Senior Citizens in Kokapet?

  • Senior citizens are not left out.
  • Kokapet has parks, jogging tracks, including the GHMC park.
  • To serve the spiritual needs, we have Katta Maisamma Temple.

More on Lifestyle & Entertainment in Narsingi

In this section, we will have a closer look at life and fun in Narsingi.

What Is In It For the Young?

Education in Narsingi

There are international schools in Narsingi, where kids can get world class education.

  • Kangaroo Kids International School
  • Winridge International School
  • Smart Kids Techno School, And more.

Apart from that, there are other Private and Government run CBSE, ICSE and Telangana State affiliated schools.

For the college-going population, there are Premium / Tier-1 Colleges.

For those aiming for a career in the nursing profession, we have Global School of Nursing.


What Does Narsingi Offer Working Professionals?

  • After office hours, working professionals can chill at large showrooms like Reliance Trends, and shop (or window shop) to their heart’s content.
  • For bike enthusiasts, there is Dealwell Automobiles.
  • For food enthusiasts, we have Santosh Dhaba, New Nisar Cafe & Restaurant.
  • For health and wellness enthusiasts, we have The Core Fitness.

How Is Life for Senior Citizens in Narsingi?

  • Narsingi takes good care of senior citizens
  • They don’t have to be bored when their children leave for the offices.
  • Narsingi has parks, jogging tracks, including the GHMC park, where senior people meet other senior people and have a happy time.
  • They can also visit Raktha Maisamma Temple.

Kokapet - Area, Facilities & Lifestyle

How is life like in Kokapet? What kinds of amenities are available? Read on.

Amenities & Lifestyle in Kokapet

Kokapet, which was a tiny village called "Kotham Kunta" in the 19th century is now a fast developing area replete with world class amenities for every aspect of your life. It is now an add-on area for the Financial District.

Existing Amenities in Kokapet

The 16,000 odd residents in Kokapet have access to well-paying jobs in the IT Parks within a few kilometers - in Gachibowli, Financial District and Hitech City.

There are excellent amenities within Kokapet to make the lives of the residents easy, interesting and happening!

Food & Beverage
Hotels (1), Reputed Food (5), Joints (2), Drive-in Restaurants (0), Bar (1), Restaurant (5), Cafe (2), Weekly Fruit & Vegetable Market (1)
Health, Beauty & Fitness
Fitness Centers (4), Clinics (5), Reputed Salons & Spa (5), Government Health Centers (1), Medical (2), Diagnosis Centers (5)
International School (3), Engineering Institutes (2), Junior Colleges (2)
Fuel Stations (3), Bus Stops (2)
Banks (3), Super Markets (3), Apparel Stores (1), Art & Craft (1), Books & Toys (2), Cricket Ground (1), Outdoor Play Stations (2), Home Interior Outlets (1)

Upcoming Amenities in Kokapet

Kokapet is the hotspot for development and is set to be the best township in the country. Apart from roads, electricity and water facilities, that the government is working on, a lot more amenities are underway.

  • Retail Commercial Spaces
  • Kokapet SEZ Development
  • SEZ ORR Connectivity
Upcoming Amenities Kokapet

Property Adviser Team Repeatedly Surveys Kokapet

Our team revisits Kokapet area every month and updates information on a real-time basis, about area development, amenities and real estate activities.

Our efforts are helpful for Kokapet Real Estate Connection. Enthusiasts, buyers, brokers, bankers and builders can benefit.

You can find unbiased information on this site.

Property Adviser teams have spent
1000+ Hours
60+ visits.

We post unique and verified listings in Kokapet.

Area Level Insight for Kokapet

  • Kokapet is spread over 6 square kilometers (close to 1500 acres).
  • It has a rocky terrain, and that makes it suitable for high-rise projects.
  • GO-111 on Gandipet limits the construction of high-rise buildings in Gandipet area, and since Kokapet is close to Gandipet, Kokapet area gets to enjoy open air and view of Osman Sagar lake.

Project Level Insight For Kokapet

  • Real estate development in Kokapet started with villa constructions.
  • Lately the focus is on high-rise apartments.
  • More than 50% of projects are developing as high-rise apartments.
  • Kokapet is touted as the Manhattan of Hyderabad.
  • HDFC and ICICI are majorly offering home loans in the area.

Narsingi - Area, Facilities & Lifestyle

How comfortable is it to live in Narsingi? Let’s find out.

Amenities & Lifestyle in Narsingi

Narsingi is a "green" area with lush green surroundings for nature lovers. It is developing to have various facilities needed for a comfortable living.

Existing Amenities in Narsingi

Narsingi lies within 3 to 6 Km range of other popular areas like Kokapet, Puppalguda, Nanakramguda, Financial District, Gandipet, Khajaguda and Manikonda.

There are already amenities in place, especially schools, since 15% of the population of Narsingi is under 6 years of age.

Food & Beverage
Hotels (2), Dhabas (3), Bar & Restaurants (2), Vegetable Markets (2), Bakery & Sweet Shops (5)
Government Facilities
Government Health care Centres (1), Primary Veterinary Centre (1), Sub Registrar Offices (1), Police Stations (1), Government Social Welfare (1), 33/11 KV Electrical Outdoor Sub Station (1), Agriculture Market Committee Office (1), Mee Seva Centres (1), Bus Stops (2)
Government Schools (1), Residential Educational Institutions (2), Private Schools (2), Play Schools (3)
Bus Stops (5), Petrol Pumps (6)
Convention Centers (4), Banks (4), Small Kirana Shops (15), Temples (2)

Upcoming Amenities in Narsingi

The government is on an infrastructure development spree in Narsingi with link roads, slip roads and service roads either already sanctioned, or already under development. Apart from that, there are more amenities in the pipeline.

  • Metro Rail Connectivity
  • ORR Exit
  • Shopping Malls

Property Adviser Team Repeatedly Surveys Narsingi

It is our endeavor to bring fresh and authentic information to property buyers, developers and other stakeholders. Property Adviser teams regularly visit Narsingi.

Home buyers can find unbiased information on this website to help you make well-informed decisions.

Property Adviser team has spent
1100+ Hours
65+ visits.

We have unique and verified listings with information updated in real time after every team visit to the area.

Area Level Insight for Narsingi

  • Narsingi is spread over 7 square kilometers (about 1700 acres).
  • Narsingi enjoys excellent connectivity with neighbouring IT hubs like Nanakramguda, Gachibowli, etc. For this reason, it is a preferred residential destination for IT professionals.
  • Property prices are currently cheaper compared to neighbouring areas.
  • The upcoming IT SEZ in the adjacent Kokapet can result in price appreciation in Narsingi.
  • Development will also pick up pace in the coming years.
  • Narsingi is thus a golden opportunity for buyers and investors.

Project Level Insight for Narsingi

  • Price/SQFT in Narsingi
    • For apartments - Rs. 4900 to Rs. 6400.
    • For Villas - Rs. 10000 to 14000.
  • ICICI, HDFC and LIC are among the banks providing home loans for projects in Narsingi.

In this section, we will throw light on interesting information and data on Kokapet and Narsingi, from the real estate perspective. The information in this section is helpful for buyers, developers, banks, government authorities and private sector players.

Real Estate Evolution & Opportunities in Kokapet

Land Bank in Kokapet

So, how much land is available in Kokapet?

Is there enough available for developers and buyers looking at Kokapet?

Or is it all taken?

  • Well, at present, development is going on in 74 acres of residential land in Kokapet.
  • The good news is that there is still a lot of scope for development.
  • 50 acres of land bank is still available for future projects!!!

Infrastructure Development in Kokapet

Infrastructure Development in Kokapet

All eyes are on Kokapet, and the Government is focusing on infrastructure development. Kokapet is set to be the best township in the country.

  • HMDA is constructing a 50 feet wide road.
  • Additionally, 100 feet roads are being constructed at strategic points.
  • An exclusive trumpet road connecting the Kokapet layout to the Outer Ring Road (ORR) is underway.
  • Electrical substations of 400 KV capacity are sanctioned.
  • 5.3 acres of land is allocated for electrical substations.
  • Underground electricity cables will be laid.
  • 9.3 acres of land is allocated to the Water Board to develop water supply infrastructure.
  • New drinking water pipelines are being laid.

What Else Can the Government Do to Help?

  • With all the development going on in Kokapet, certain roads that are under construction are causing traffic jams.
  • The government might want to notify residents about upcoming infra project constructions to ease traffic in Kokapet.
  • Detour options to commuters from Gandipet, Narsingi and Mokila passing through Kokapet are also desirable.

Opportunities for Private Sector in Kokapet

  • Kokapet has only two banks - Axis Bank and HDFC.
  • Kokapet has only three supermarkets - Vijetha, Ratnadeep and Heritage.
  • Kokapet, the real estate hotspot of Hyderabad, can certainly do with more banks and more supermarkets.

Home Loans and Opportunities for Banks

  • 90% of the projects in Kokapet are approved by ICICI Bank.
  • 50% of them are approved by HDFC.
  • Which means there is a large opportunity for other banks to step in with home loan offers in Kokapet.

Interesting Facts About Kokapet

1. Are you a fan of skyscrapers?

  • There are 8 skyscrapers in Kokapet.
  • The tallest skyscraper of South India is upcoming in Kokapet & will have 57 Floors.

2. Another interesting fact about Kokapet is that it is neighbour to Gandipet!

  • Well, so what?
  • Hmm. That's a huge deal.
 Interesting Facts Kokapet

GO 111 applies to Gandipet because of the presence of Osmansagar lake, according to which there cannot be heavy commercial and residential constructions in Gandipet.

Now this means lesser congestion and pollution in the neighbouring Kokapet.

This also means more water and greenery in Kokapet!!!

Real Estate Evolution & Opportunities in Narsingi

Land Bank in Narsingi

  • Currently, residential development is going on in 163.21 acres of land
  • Close to 100 acres of the land bank is available for future development.

Infrastructure Development in Narsingi

Infrastructure Development in Kokapet

The ORR is already in place to connect Narsingi with IT hubs. The government is now on an infrastructure development spree in Narsingi, with a special focus on developing missing link roads.

  • Hyderabad Growth Corridor Limited (HGCL) will widen the existing service road from Narsingi to Kollur into a four-lane road.
  • Government of Telangana is to develop Missing Link Corridors and Slip Roads to ease traffic and act as shortest alternative routes.
  • Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA & UD) has finalized 133 links to the tune of 126.20 Km.
  • Additionally, there is an upcoming Missing Link Road for the corridor from Alkapur Township to Radial Road Narsingi.

What Else Can the Government Do to Help?

  • Water supply seems to be a challenge in Narsingi.
  • A heads up to the Government to look into the problem.

Opportunities for Private Sector in Narsingi

  • Narsingi has only two Banks - Kotak and SBI..
  • Needless to say, that with so much development going on in Narsingi, we need more banks in the area

Home Loans and Opportunities for Banks


ICICI, HDFC and LIC are the major banks providing home loans for buyers in Narsingi.

Other banks - Are you listening?

Interesting Facts About Narsingi

Want to live on the 40th floor?

  • Narsingi has seven high-rise projects
  • The tallest among them have 40 floors. There are two of them.

Before investing in property, it is natural that you want to know how well it is connected and how one can travel to and from the area with ease. In this section, we bring to you details about the nearby areas to Kokapet and Narsingi, the modes of transport and total area.

Kokapet - Connectivity, Transport, Total Area

Those living in Kokapet are much in proximity to job hubs and other neighborhoods.

  • Narsingi - 2.5 Km (7 min)
  • Gandipet - 4 Km (10 min)
  • Nanakramguda - 4.6 Km (9 min)
  • Puppalguda - 5.3 Km (15 min)
  • Manikonda - 6 Km (19 min)
  • Gachibowli - 7.2 Km (14 min)

If you are using your own transport, then Kokapet is just a few minute's drive from popular areas, as mentioned above.

Coming to public transport, state RTC buses ply from Mehdipatnam to Shankarpally every hour and they pass through Kokapet.


Total Area of Kokapet


To be precise, Kokapet is 5.82 Sq. Km. (or 1438.15 Acres) in total area.

Around 10% of Kokapet is commercial area , 40% is residential area

Property Adviser offers unique and verified listings in Kokapet. We provide monthly updates and an unbiased approach for buyers.

Narsingi - Connectivity, Transport, Total Area

Like Kokapet, Narisingi lies within a few kilometers range of popular areas and job hotspots

  • Kokapet - 4.3 Km (11 min)
  • Puppalguda - 2.8 Km (8 min)
  • Nanakramguda - 4.8 Km (10 min)
  • Financial District - 3.9 Km (9 min)
  • Gandipet - 6.1 Km (15 min)
  • Khajaguda - 5.3 Km (11 min)
  • Manikonda - 3.5 Km (12 min)

Narsingi conveniently connects with the rest of the town via ORR, public buses, cabs, autos and shared autos.


Total Area of Narsingi


Narsingi has a total area of 6.90 Sq. Km. (1705.03 Acres), of which 40% is residential, and 10% is commercial.

For unique and verified listings in Narsingi with monthly updates and an unbiased approach , Property Adviser is the one stop shop.

The Story of the Fortune Called Kokapet

The Story of the Fortune Called Kokapet
In this section, we will take you on a journey through Kokapet. By the end of the journey, you will have all the information that a prospective buyer needs to know. Read on!

Kokapet - An Introduction to Its Popularity

To start with a bit of history, Kokapet - the most popular area for real estate in Hyderabad, was known as “Kotham Kunta” (and later as “Asad Nagar”), way back in the 19th century.

This tiny village of the past, which was a Jagir at that time, went on to develop into an extension of the Financial District in Gachibowli!

There are now colonies in and near Kokapet Village, ORR Service Road, Golden Mile Road, Dantu St. Road and Kokapet Road.

kokapet demographics

In an area spanning about 6 square kilometers, about 16,000 fortunate people live in Kokapet, with approximately 50% each of male and female demographics.

These lucky residents of Kokapet has access to all the lucrative jobs in the IT parks in Gachibowli and HiTech City, because Kokapet is well connected to these work places via the Narsingi-Nanakramguda Road. That’s not all. Their kids study in world-class schools and colleges right next to their houses!

Apart from Gachibowli, Kokapet is also close to other popular areas like Nanakramguda, Narsingi, Manikonda and Puppalguda KokapetNearbyPlaces

Hold your breath! The famous Osman Sagar lake, also known as Gandipet Lake which is spread across 7000 acres , is just about 3 kilometers from Kokapet.

The Story of Narsingi - The Satellite Town in Hyderabad

In this section, let’s take a journey through Narsingi! Find all the information that you need before investing in real estate in Narsingi.

An Introduction to the “Green” Narsingi

Narsingi is located in the administrative headquarters of Gandipet Mandal. With its lush green surroundings, the unpolluted Narsingi is considered as one of the best locations to live in.

Spread across about 7 square kilometers, there are developed colonies near ORR Service Road, Langar House/ Osman Sagar Road, Narsingi Junction, Manchirevula Road and Narsingi Village



For a quick overview of demographics, Narsingi has a population of about 25,000 and a fairly equitable distribution of male and female demographics.



The feather in the cap is, the literacy rate of Narsingi is at 78.3% which is higher than the state average of 67.02%.



About 15% of the population consists of kids under 6 years of age. So, of course, there are world-class schools in the area.

Narsingi is close to other popular areas. Kokapet, Puppalguda, Nanakramguda, FInancial District, Gandipet, Khajaguda and Manikonda Kokapet lie within 3 to 6 kilometers of Narsingi. NarsingiNearbyPlaces

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