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    Vessella Woods, Kondapur

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    Vessella Meadows, Narsingi

About Developer
  • Integrity-We adhere to high standards of honesty and strong business ethics. We do right by all our customers and stakeholders every time with no exceptions.
  • Inspiration-We strive to motivate, influence, energize and stimulate our employees through the most conducive work environment.
  • Innovation-We encourage progressive and forward-thinkers who engage in fresh ideas for better solutions and superior outcomes.
  • Design-We believe that architecture and design are for people, and as such, apply ourselves with great sensitivity to understand how thoughtful homes can make a difference in peoples’ lives.
  • Location-Secure, connected and pristine locations within Hyderabad are scouted for and strategically selected to build homes, while ensuring access to significant urban conveniences.

The Vessella Group stands a level above with a strong foundation and wealth of experience in building homes – we like to think of ourselves as ‘fine home connoisseurs’ delivering innovative, premium experiences to residents looking for a touch of class and calm in their living spaces.

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68+ Acres

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