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Spring Valley

1Trec Builder By Shanta Sriram Constructions
Budget : 7.92 Cr - 8.60 Cr

PA (Property Adviser) Verification Advantages

Realtime Pictures, Price Updates, Next Scheduled

Team did the 43 times site visits since from Jul 2017.

Team Captured 202 real time pictured up to now.

Team 43 times Updated price and unities information based on visits.

Property Address in Google location verified by PA Team.

PA team Scheduled the next visit date on Dec 2022.

Verification Advantages

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Key Highlight Must Know USPs, BHKs, Units, Sizes, Occupancy

"There is no Passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of Living "
                 It's true when you think about it. How many times  have we let go of what we wished for and settled for what we got ?
      How many times have the dreary realities of life come in the way of what we aspire to?
        And how often do we see this pattern repeating itself. In every aspect of our life. Day in, and Day out.
         At Shanta Sriram , we believe that you should not compromise . So come to Spring Valley live passionately, Live luxuriously. Live like you have never lived before. Live the life you deserve to. Without making any compromises.   

Budget : 7.92 Cr - 8.60 Cr
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