Property Adviser’s press Kit

About Property Adviser

Property Adviser is a directory of real estate projects with intuitive search filters geared for home buyers. It gives first-hand, verified information to all users on every residential project that is under construction or ready for occupation in Hyderabad. The website contains more than 2200 projects and has about 1000 unique visitors every day.

Property Adviser was started to address the problem of non-availability of verified and up-to-date information about residential real estate construction activity. Though many construction houses and independent builders (aka project owners) list their projects on realty portals, the information available is not enough to take a decision.

Once listed on realty portals, the project information is rarely updated. For example, the number of units available for sale in a project and the current price is rarely updated. The challenge of duplicate listings and projects that are sold out add to the chaos while searching properties online.

Ravi Kumar Bandlamudi (Ravi) saw the opportunity that bridges these gaps and founded Property Adviser in June 2015. Later, Mrs Anupama Bandlamudi joined him as a co-founder.

The listing of a project starts when the Property Adviser teams visit and collect the information from the realtor and tour the sites. They take photographs and collect the details about the stage of construction, floor plans, amenities, number of available units, and so on.

After the property is listed, the team visits the site every month to capture the progress of the project as well as the surroundings. The project’s page and Property Adviser blog pages are updated with the information gathered from these field visits.

Property Adviser team is testing RAISE (Real Estate Analytics Intelligence Smart Engine), the data-driven platform for the real-estate sector. The platform offers data-driven real-estate intelligence to buyers, sellers, builders, brokers, bankers, investors, and so on.

  1. 2015 - Ideation Stage
  2. 2016 - Started operations in March in T-Hub, Hyderabad Nextgen Property Advisers Pvt. Ltd, a technology company using big data and operating in the real estate sector.
  3. 2017 – Website’s beta version launched for users.
  4. 2018 – More than 1000 unique visitors every day. Featured in Startup Hyderabad website.
  1. 100% project coverage: 2200+ Projects from 140+ Areas are available on the portal with 15000+ updates.
  2. 2150+ builders are registered on our portal.
  3. 12000+ subscribed user base growing at 30-40% month-on-month.
  4. Contributes extensively to the digital real estate initiative which is in line with central government’s “Smart Cities and Digital India Initiatives.”
  5. 2,30,000 user sessions recorded in Google Analytics in the last 6 months.
  6. Our Average Google Organic search position is 10.2 out of 12.36 Lakh Impressions in the Last 90 days.
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Ravi Kumar Bandlamudi

Mr Ravi Bandlamudi is the founder of Property Adviser. He worked with MNCs in the IT industry for over 16 years across India, Singapore, and the USA.

After returning to India in 2010, Ravi decided to follow a semi-entrepreneurial path by starting a real estate franchise with REMAX, a US-based company in real-estate sales.The franchise helped Ravi understand the gaps and the opportunities, and he went on to launch Property Adviser in 2015.

Anupama Bandlamudi

Anupama Bandlamudi was a homemaker and turned entrepreneur when she started and held a real estate franchise of REMAX for five years. Later, she joined Ravi to launch Property Adviser in 2015.

Features available for registered users and their benefits:

Favourites : Mark your favourite projects to get an SMS or email every time there is an update to that property page. We update when there is a change in price, new photos, offers, discounts, or change in the project status.

Saved Search : Save your search, and when you come back, you can start from where you left. Saves you time as you don’t have to recollect what you searched for before.

“Area” page : In Property Adviser, Hyderabad is divided into six zones, North West Zone, West Zone, North Zone, South West Zone, North East Zone, and South East Zone. Each of these zones is sub-divided into areas. Select an area to get detailed information about the availability of all the residential projects in that area.

Smart Search Option : Use the Smart Search option to find your dream home quickly. Filter by type, location, size, budget (min-max), and occupancy.

Custom Notification : Get notified by email and SMS when we

  1. Add new projects
  2. Change the number of unsold projects in your saved searches.
  3. Update projects that are part of your saved searches.

No Duplicate Listing :Property Adviser lists a project only once.

Monthly Updates : Mark your favourite projects to get an SMS or email every time there is an update to that property page. We update when there is a change in price, new photos, offers, discounts, or change in the project status.

Property Adviser Real Estate Newspaper :Read news and project updates either online or subscribe to our print edition. We publish 1 lakh copies every month.

Data Analytics : Find out about the trending projects in different locations, how much they cost, the number of rooms they have and know when you can occupy the house. We represent the data graphically.

Unbiased Information : Property Adviser is a property directory. We don’t charge money for listing the project or updating the project details every month. Therefore, you get unbiased information.

Real Estate Blog : Follow our blog for the latest news and event updates from the real estate sector. We simplify jargons, cover legal stuff, and provide information that impacts your buying decision.

Compare Properties Page : Compare three properties side-by-side to shortlist one of them. It highlights similarities and differences of the three properties you select based on location, size, price, project completion status, GHMC approval, time to occupy, no. of units available, and so on.