New High Tension Line tower work is in progress at Pragathi Nagar

New High Tension Line Tower Work Is In Progress At Pragathi Nagar

Pragathi Nagar is one of the preferred residential suburbs in Hyderabad. The area has a well-developed infrastructure and comfortable facilities.

Villas and Apartments for Sale in Pragathi Nagar

  • The area has more than 924 residential project units for sale with modern facilities.
  • The villas and apartments for sale in Pragathi Nagar include HI – MAX, Royal Village, SR Gold, Gardenia, and SR Platinum.
  • The price of properties in Pragathi Nagar varies between Rs. 34.9 lakhs to Rs. 2.07 crores.

New Developments at Pragathi Nagar

  • High Tension Tower Line construction work is in progress near residential properties in Pragathi Nagar area.
  • These towers are used to support overhead power lines.
  • Residents of the area can lead a comfortable life with these developed facilities.

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By: Shailaja K