New High Tension Line Tower Work Is In Progress At Pragathi Nagar

New High Tension Line tower work is in progress at Pragathi Nagar
2384 - Royal Village
12:00 PM 23 Feb 2019

Pragathi Nagar is one of the preferred residential suburbs in Hyderabad. The area has a well-developed infrastructure and comfortable facilities.

Villas and Apartments for Sale in Pragathi Nagar

  • The area has more than 924 residential project units for sale with modern facilities.
  • The villas and apartments for sale in Pragathi Nagar include HI – MAX, Royal Village, SR Gold, Gardenia, and SR Platinum.
  • The price of properties in Pragathi Nagar varies between Rs. 34.9 lakhs to Rs. 2.07 crores.

New Developments at Pragathi Nagar

  • High Tension Tower Line construction work is in progress near residential properties in Pragathi Nagar area.
  • These towers are used to support overhead power lines.
  • Residents of the area can lead a comfortable life with these developed facilities.

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By: Shailaja K