Outdoor Gym Equipment Set Up for Walkers near Ameenpur Lake

Outdoor Gym Equipment Set Up for Walkers near Ameenpur Lake

The people who frequent Ameenpur Lake have a reason to cheer.  The outdoor fitness centre near Ameenpur Lake has been set up to improve a healthy environment for the residents of the area. The newly installed outdoor gym, includes a pull chair, arm-wheel, leg press etc. This equipment will allow fitness enthusiasts to do head-to-toe workout and stay fit.

As a modern hub for residential activities, the Ameenpur area is increasing rapidly, with modern gated communities being developed with quality facilities. The close proximity to all kinds of facilities such as schools, hospitals, ATMs, banks, etc. is an added feature.

The area is a superb place for professionals for its great-connectivity to offices. Considering the increase in demand, many builders built massive residential projects in the location. Ameenpur offers spacious construction projects at affordable prices. 

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By: Shailaja K