Road Expansion Work Is in Process at Janatha Nagar, Moosapet

Moosapet is suburban in Hyderabad that is located 2km away from Kukatpally and 5km from Madhapur with Kukatpally Y junction road in its middle making easy accessibility to Balanagar and Secunderabad. Apart from this, major landmarks like JNTU University, metro station, NH-9 and IT-Hub are nearby to the location.

The area has countless bus availability for commutation to every corner of the city and has all basic necessities like schools, hospitals, supermarkets, malls, and many more, which makes it an ideal place for inhabitants to show tremendous interest in residing in flats and independent houses in its vicinity. Road expansion work is in process at Janatha road, Moosapet to promote smooth vehicular movement in the area for passersby as they get a risk-free drive by utilising this road.

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By Govi