Secunderabad: GHMC plans to develop box drains at Rp road

Secunderabad: GHMC plans to develop box drains at Rp road

Monsoon in Secunderabad plays out the same situation every time - water logging and complete inundation of roads followed by long hours of traffic causing mayhem for the common people. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has devised a solution for the same in the Secunderabad zone.

GHMC plans to construct a box culvert drain at RP road which will prevent the overflowing of drains and over drowning water. Every time during monsoon, sewage water along with rainwater overflows and swamps away several colonies. This causes inconvenience to the people living in and areas nearby by disturbing their daily life chores.

Due to the lack of maintenance of drains and nalas near RP road, which has several prime commercial establishments and numerous localities under GHMC, gets submerged almost every year. With decades-old sewage systems adding to the severity of the situation, many water logging complaints have been registered. In reciprocation of the complaints, authorities assured new construction of drains and nalas to make life for the residents simpler and hassle-free.

The new construction will improve the existing drain and will enhance the carrying capacity of the nalas 20 time more. The project was executed in June with an estimation of Rs.3.1 Crores and nearly 50% of work is done till the date while the project is expected to reach its end in another two-three months.

With development striking the city, Hyderabad will soon be known for its rapid development and exceptional infrastructure.