Sky Mall Shopping Center Construction is in Process in Sanath Nagar

Sanath Nagar is located in the centre of Hyderabad and has convenient access to all the prominent parts of the city. It is recognized as one of the best residential areas with access to all necessary facilities, and just a short walk away. It has metro facilities, and the area is also very close to Bharat Nagar MMTS.

Sanath Nagar area consists of many residential and commercial developments over the course of time, leading to a burst of popularity for the city. In order to ensure better shopping facilities for the consumers of the city, a new Sky Mall Shopping Center is in its construction phase in Sanath Nagar.

To have all the requisite comforts at a walkable distance, reside at Sanath Nagar. Get more details about the new apartments for sale in Sanath Nagar and find an ideal home at your fingertips.

By: Shailaja K