Dwelling residential villa @Osman nagar with traditional vaastu

Home can be referred as a place of attachment. Isn't it? It imprints in our memory. It allows the memory to visualize.  It contains the customs and usages of family life. Some parts of the home may have a special role.

SANCIA HOMES is such a construction wherein everyone can preserve their memories. Located at Osman Nagar, the Villa Group boasts about 24-hour surveillance through security cameras and security guards, recreation parks, Indoor games, multipurpose hall and many other comforts.

The first level of Group Villas, which is now under construction has the entrance gallery, a living room, dining room, spacious balcony, and kitchen while the second level consists of three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a Family Room with terrace. You will enjoy every space here.

--Shailaja K