Independent house @ Jeedimetla offers resources for happy living

Nowadays many houses are constructing with service of Inverters for safety and security purpose. It consists of a device with connectors for AC cables. Connect your television, computer directly to one side of the inverter.  You can use for battery conversion or a battery pack, depending on the amount of power you need.  This facility in your new home will give your guarantee of security for your computer, hard drive and all connected devices.

KVS Homes is an independent residential house with the G+1 floor in a total project area of 484 Square yards at Jeedimetla. It is built with spacious Hall, Dining, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and wash area with very good condition.

It has Inverter facility with 24-hour borewell water. The house also possesses a garden and a playground.  It is rich in connectivity to the hospitals, colleges, and main road junction. 

 By:  Shailaja K