Spaciously designed residential villa at Dammaiguda @ comforts

A place where you receive a very good attention by the collaborators that make you feel is at home. The best place for a meeting with rest and tranquility. Moon sun and green gardens inspires reflection, breathe an atmosphere of tranquility. Buy a home where you feel a home environment in each part of the rest area.

The Spacious Villa Ravi Duplex Homes is a private studio located at Dammaiguda.  It offers a pleasant, private, and relaxed environment. The standalone villa is constructed in a secure location with a warm feeling. Open plan in 327 square yards of plot area with 3BHK with spacious hall, dining room, dining balcony, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen with wash area.

The Villa is approx 3 min out of the center to many useful resources of Super markets, School, Ban, Hospital, Outer ring road and Railway station. Villa offers all available amenities for comforts of its residents. This area is totally private so you will have total peace and tranquility all to yourself.

By:  Shailaja K