Independent house at Nagaram designed to lead happy restful life

Earlier people from downtowns and outskirts of a city, due to the shortage of transportation facilities had to allow their children to move to the city hostels. However, things changed drastically and now with the improved connectivity, many people enjoying the luxury of commuting from their own homes. Having your home where you have the supervision of parents is fun, but also exciting to your children for bright future.

VRR Homes is a fantastic independent house with Ground floor constructed on 3 acres of land in Nagaram. The house consists of hallway, dining, balcony, bedroom and bathroom, an excellent kitchen with wash area and a very nice terrace with nice views of the garden.

The house was built with high-quality materials and completely furbished to meet the taste of its residents. Near to many useful resources like Schools, Banks, Hospitals, Outer ring road, and so on. Also, it offers all available amenities for all comfort living of its residents. Now is the time to buy this independent house and enjoy the natural surroundings in an idyllic place.

By:  Shailaja K