Residential villa at Medipally designed spaciously with comforts

Just like all rivers lead to the sea, human beings run to home by dusk. It is a natural phenomenon that one cannot defy. If you have a dream home, we found a merchant of your dreams in the below paragraphs.

Harini Mansion is a residential villa located at Medipally. The G+1 floor picturesque Villa offers its residents a lavish view from the balcony. The ground floor of the villa is composed of a large entrance living room, Kitchen, wash area, Dining room, and a guest bedroom with attached bathroom.

The Upstairs consist of a Living room leading to a balcony, prayer room, and children's bedroom with attached bathroom and a master bedroom with attached bathroom. The beautiful garden enclosed to its green surroundings. It is nearer to many schools, public transport, Hospitals and other available resources. The Villa is built with solar fencing, Jogging track, Intercom facilities, and 24-hour security. The Property is exposed in East, West and North facings.

By: Shailaja K