Buy Residential Villas For Sale In Hyderabad At Bowrampet

New 3BHK Premium Quality Residential Villas at Bowrampet

Before you embark on pursuing your dream home, it is a wise thing to draw up a list with the criteria you are considering. This list helps you find a villa that fits your needs. Below is the information about an alluring property that you should consider prior your ‘largest financial transaction of your lifetime 'aka' dream home.

SRK Green Park at Bowranpet is a Beautiful villa four facade in a very sought-after area - near to ORR. A superb 9-acre property with a fully renovated villa with pleasant garden and separate enclosure views of gardens. The Villa contains three bedrooms with fitted wardrobes, one newly equipped kitchen, a large entrance hall and a living room with a view of the garden, bathroom, and a wash area. 

The villa is surrounded by fields and has beautiful greenery views.Green Park offers you to choose among 30 Villas which are up for sale in Bowranpet. They provide a perfect match with your search.  The magnificent villa is full of charm with a lovely view. The interior of the house offers a different design that is open, bright, and modern.  The outside space is perfectly maintained, adorned with flowers, trees, and plants of all kinds.  It is ideal for holidays but also to live there all the year.

--Shailaja K