Vastu Based East and West Facings Apartment at Kondapur

Home is the most important element of our life where we share all feelings of sadness, happiness or any stress feelings. We have to buy a home that surrounds ourselves with happy people. It should make us spend some more happy moments with good neighborhood.

Uber Heights is a residential apartment approved by GHMC. It is located in the middle of dazzling suburb city Kondapur. This semi gated apartment is constructed to satisfy all needs of its residents with its available resources.  It is also designed with modern amenities and with 100% Vaastu compliance.

Its greenery around makes us feel the healthy environment around us. Owing to a flat here makes you a proud owner. So gift your family members a long healthy life. Let's book a flat in this attractive residential apartment to live a happy and peaceful life with its friendly surroundings.

--Shailaja K