GRUHASHILPIS SAPTAPADI in Kismatpur updated on 24-Jan-2020 with current status

GRUHASHILPIS SAPTAPADI updated with a latest info on 24 Jan 2020

GRUHASHILPIS SAPTAPADI project at Kismatpur, Hyderabad is built with excellent facilities for comfortable stay of the residents.

A Monthly update on GRUHASHILPIS SAPTAPADI in Kismatpur on 24 Jan 2020:

  • Our trained professional team firstly added this project on 30 Oct 2019.
  • On 24 Jan 2020, they brought the latest project information regarding the construction photos, material photos, price changes, available units and occupancy time.
  • Till now, we have 20 construction photos of this project from the under construction stage to the present status, including the project elevation, street view, flat floor view, road view, rooms, etc.
  • The present price of the project is Rs. 54.0 Lakhs to Rs. 79.7 Lakhs at Rs. 4500 price per square feet.
  • It has 29 units for sale. The project Slab Work is in process and will be ready in 13-15 Months.
  • Our expert team will re-visit the project by 19 Feb 2020 to get renewed information.

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