Home is a place where happiness always blooms

Buying a home is a feeling! A feeling that adds to the already existing sense of belongingness, a feeling that you always would want to cherish. Rushing into such a vital decision of your life may not always result into a happy ending. Research well, know what you want, visit sites, and finally boil down to that one property that takes your heart away. Talking about “taking the heart away” Hallmark Treasor is that one of a kind property that is a charmer, head to toe. From it’s brilliant exteriors to the amenities it offers and its location all works in your favour. Adding to it’s beauty is the reputation of the builders - the Hallmark Group.  

Located in Narsingi, a developing rather a well developed area of Hyderabad, this grandeur filled property has the perfect balance of concrete and nature. Surrounded by greenery on all sides, these beautiful contemporary homes are sure to keep your love for nature alive. 

When it comes to selecting your home, a holistic viewpoint is a must. Knowing about the amenities, the BHK, the square feet, the future planning in and around - it all matters! To make it simpler for you, here’s a list of amenities that Hallmark Treasor caters to: 

  1. Terrace swimming pool 

  1. 24/7 Security 

  1. Tennis court 

  1. Cricket pitch 

  1. Yoga & meditation 

  1. Children’s play area 

  1. Gym 

  1. Library 

  1. Club House Jogging track 

  1. Basket ball court 

  1. Spa 

  1. Cafeteria 

  1. Skating rink 

  1. Multipurpose hall 

  1. TV projector 

  1. Guest room 

  1. Creche 

  1. Salon 

  1. Waiting lounge 

  1. Sqaush court 

In addition to these some of the other key highlights that you might want to note are: 

  1. 70% of the place is open leaving the premises with the best co-existence between the green spaces and the building. 

  1. The open decks are to die for. They act as the perfect socialising spot for everyone in the community. 

  1. Ample space for children and the residences making the premises a happy place to be in.  

  1. 100% DG backup for common areas and inside Flat 

  1. Piped gas to all individual flats in kitchen with gas meters. 

  1. Garbage Chutes will be provided for all towers 

  1. Domestic water is available through an exclusive water softening plant 

These 3 & 4 BHK grand flats are your introduction to inspired luxury living where every detail radiates class, modern living, and happiness.