NCC Urban Gardenia Apartments in Hitech City

NCC Urban Gardenia: Eco-Friendly Features for Green Home Buyers

NCC Urban Gardenia is the latest premium gated community spread out over 4-acres of lushness offering 4BHK (3448 Sq. Ft), 5BHK+ (4146 Sq. Ft) luxurious flats for sale at Hi-tech City, Hyderabad. Apart from world-class basic amenities, recreational facilities, and lush greenery attractions, NCC Urban Gardenia offers the most advanced and eco-friendly home hygiene solutions – making them the top-notch gated community providers.

Are you looking to protect your family and kids with some of the great green features and state-of-the-art modern technologies at your dream homes? 

Look no further than NCC Urban Gardenia – A Secure Choice for Green House Amenities.

Water Filtration – A Must for Healthy Life

Today, people worry about water challenges and prefer to buy property or homes with a quality water filtration system. Clean water for drinking and other purposes is the essence of NCC Urban Gardenia. Their water filtration system protects your health, environment, and household appliances by filtering drinking water with a water filtration technique to remove harmful chemicals. Enjoy limitless purified, quality, and great-tasting drinking water right at the kitchen faucet.

With national guidelines, NCC Urban Gardenia's Waste Water Recycle Plant ensures a safe water recycling process for the whole community infrastructure. It helps recycle wastewater to supply the best quality usable water for watering plants, toilet flushes, and washing cars. 

Centralized Piped Gas Connection – Safe Cooking Trend @ Kitchen

Your kitchen is the hub of the home. Many love to flaunt the Kitchen in all its beauty. Centralized Piped Gas Connection is the latest value-addition in the NCC Urban Gardenia community. The Piped Cooking Gas System supplies 24 hours uninterrupted gas to every household’s kitchen through a network of safe piping with pressure regulation and safety devices. It saves your kitchen space, time, reduces the burden of tracking, booking gas cylinders, additional service charges, and improving your home's aesthetic look.

Go green with environmental-friendly practices that add beauty and comfort to a home. Don't compromise on your health and luxurious lifestyle when it comes to buying a home. NCC Urban Gardenia will be a worthy property investment that values every penny you spend on your Eco House.