Sanvi Infra Projects offers 3BHK residential villa at Mallampet

Home echoes our feelings. It has an inseparable element of your identity. It is the container of our intimacy feelings in our inner world. Due to this reason, our primitive societies gave a high value to the home. The traditional home structure has now divided into living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

SPRING WOODS is a Beautiful Villa in the prestigious area of Mallampet with many details of luxury and comfort such as 24 hour security, elevator, staircase etc. The villa has a nice facade that is connected with the dining room. It bestowed fantastic views attached to balcony with natural light.

While the upper floor can be accessed by both the staircase and the elevator, there are two bedrooms with bathrooms alongside a master bedroom with a dressing room and a bathroom. Other partitions include spacious lounge, prayer room, and family room. In the basement there is a garage. Besides, it even offers various amenities for comfort of its residents. Villa is a unique one to families to lead a peaceful and comfortable lifestyle.

--Shailaja K