Tripura’s Green Alpha - Taking You Closer to Nature

We all have many deeply cherished dreams and expectations when it comes to our dream places and homes. Home for everyone has been and will forever be the grandest, significant, and most precious dreams to be coming true. When you try to visualize your dream space, it always begins or ends at creating a wholesome space full of positivity, joy and warmth, and nature's bounty and serenity. The place is not just a house but a home for your heart, family, and soul. 

That's why we can't wait to introduce the premium housing Concept Green Alpha by Tripura constructions, which might be the replica of your DREAM home or somewhat closer to it. Yes, Tripura constructions have introduced one of its kind of first-ever high-rise gated communities with green buildings. A premium vertical forest township at Tellapur, Hyderabad. Vertical forest themed township is an HMDA Approved Project that boasts vibrant community apartments adorned with a great green belt. 

It also offers an elegant, designer landscape, fully loaded clubhouse, solar fencing, and a rainwater harvesting system with a magnificent entrance. There's a lot of attention and concern being given to every little thing which makes your stay here enormously comfortable and peaceful. This township has everything for everyone, and you can't be more amused and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle where everything is in your vicinity. 

However, its main attraction is the serene and lush greenery that abounds, which is sure to make your living here pristine and tranquil at its best. Enjoy the lush vegetation that has this refreshing impact on your senses. The fantastic green curtain of grass tends to regulate excessive humidity, produces oxygen and absorbs Co2, and filters the air around you. 

The other key benefits of this vertical garden Concept are: 

  • Maintains thermal comfort
  • Improves the air quality
  • Well Defined outdoor living areas
  • Regenerating urban biodiversity
  • Improves temperature, as well as benefits your overall wellness and mental health. 

This whole township is an exemplary combination of design, technology, and nature that can genuinely add to your lifestyle. Simultaneously, you can have a refuge in the lap of nature and reap thousands of incredible benefits whenever you want. So, what are you waiting for? Add more meaning to the way you have been living so far.

Own your home and beautify your life! Let nature be your guard, and greenery be the solace that you have been seeking somewhere else. As they say, there's no heaven better than your own home!