Jay Shetty, Ankur Warikoo, Gaur Gopal Das, Pinkvilla, Miss Malini, Mad Over Marketing, Social Samosa are 
some of the many pages we all must be following for various reasons, sometimes educative and sometimes 
out of interest. Most of us make the most of our time on “the throne” going through all of this and more to 
avoid FOMO sinking in. Having said that, how many of us spend constructive time understanding the “real 
growth” or for that matter the infrastructural growth and development locally?
All of us have big dream of owning palatial homes but will any of that make sense if we are clueless about 
what’s the best investment option or what is it that is newly launched in the market?
From times immemorial, we have always been used to accepting things the way they are thus succumbing 
to someone else vision of a dream home; but what about yours?
Take a decision but with correct information backing it is called good decision making! 
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