2 BHK Flats to be Turned into Isolation Homes

Newly Constructed 2 BHKs in Rajanna Sircilla to be COVID Isolation Homes

On Monday, MAUD minister KT Rama Rao stated that the two-bedroom homes made for the poor in Rajanna Sircilla district will be turned into isolation homes if needed. There would not be any other lockdown in the state, said the minister.

Since the construction of 1,200 homes has been completed, if the condition demands these homes can be used as isolation homes, said KTR on his tour of Rajanna Sircilla district.

The population of Rajanna Sircilla district is 6,000 people, and those who are suffering from COVID-19 and lack the facility of isolating the patients at home can use these isolation homes.

A local agricultural polytechnic college has been made into a 32-bed isolation center, which was inaugurated by KTR during his visit. The center can be turned into an 80-bed facility unit if needed. KTR stated that the testing in the district should be increased to 1000 tests a day.