Acknowledgment of Mission Kakatiya at the national level

Mission Kakatiya, which aims at improving groundwater levels and making water available for irrigation and drinking purposes, has been acknowledged on the national level again.  

The latest report of the Social Progress Index (SPI) has recognized the contribution of Mission Kakatiya in improving groundwater levels in Telangana. 

The report said that only two districts, Hyderabad and Rajanna Sircilla, were categorized as 'overexploited’ while the 23 other districts were in the ‘safe’ category. 

People across districts actively managed water resources, and proposed plans were discussed with the villagers and farmers, who were motivated to participate. 

The report says that Haryana (134.56%), Rajasthan (150.22%), Punjab (164.42%), and Delhi (101.40%) fell in the ‘overexploited’ category.  

Arunachal Pradesh (0.36%), Sikkim (0.86%), Nagaland (1.04%), etc., fell in the "safe" category and had the lowest percentage of groundwater extraction.  

Over 110 districts, water extraction in 17 communities is more than 200%, with Jaisalmer at 318.63%, Sangrur at 301.62%, Jalandhar at 257.59%, and Jodhpur at 254.07%.