All You Need to Know About Building Regularisation Scheme in Telangana


Building Regularisation Scheme (BRS) is also known as Layout Regularisation Scheme (LRS), which involves policy announcements in which the state government legally approves buildings built without authorized plans or the ones deviating from it. 

The BRS had been re-launched sometime back by the Telangana Government, which calls for every building plan and layout to be approved by the local development authority. As a result, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) must be obtained for every layout of the Hyderabad Real Estate development plan. 

Steps To Apply For BRS 

1) Go to the official website & click on the LRS/BRS option 

2) You will be redirected to another tab i.e. 

3) Provide all the required details as per the new registration process. Add a valid mobile number and set the password. 

4) After filling in the required details press the “Submit” button at the end. A new profile will be generated with a unique user ID and password. Use this to enter the domain. 

5) Find the “New Application” option and it will direct you to a new webpage displaying a form. 

6) Enter the details in the respective tabs, and “Submit” it. 

7) Download the generated acknowledgment receipt, along with the application form which needs to be submitted to the local municipal office with the required documents. 

8) An application number will be received after the verification of the submitted documents. Once done, an SMS is received on the provided number. 

9) Your progress will be notified via SMS. Once confirmed, you will also receive an SMS from the local municipal office. 

10) Make the payment at the office, and get the BRS for the Hyderabad Real Estate Project. 


Before buying a property, it is imperative to check the BRS approval. Taking this step will ensure that a layout of the sanctioned project was received and under the jurisdiction of the local municipal authority. Did you know? When you find a BRS-approved property it becomes very convenient to avail of loans from nationalized banks. Buyers, Owners, and Builders in Telangana must take advantage of BRS Telangana’s efforts to regularize all properties.