Sumadhura believes in being human

Covid-19 Could not Deviate Sumadhura from Displaying its Human Colors

Sumadhura means 'sweet'! Well, Sumadhura Infracon Pvt. Ltd. strives to be just that! Over the last two decades, the company has managed to delight the community seeking suitable residences in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. The homes are affordable, luxuriously comfortable, thanks to the combined efforts of architects, engineers, etc. Therefore, the company's clientele has continued to remain 'in touch,' recommending these developers to others too. In short, the company continues to thrive on a strong foundation of trustworthiness.

Practicing an attitude of caring and sharing

Even more commendable is the fact that Sumadhura has not allowed itself to remain a mere brick and mortar business. The company has taken up the responsibility of keeping every individual/group associated with it, happy at all times. This includes employees, workers, customers, channel partners, and vendors. This was more evident during the Covid-19 lockdown.

To illustrate, like every other employee across India, Sumadhura's employees were worried about monetary challenges as they couldn’t continue the construction activities for some time. Would the employees have to face downsizing or deprivation of salaries for all the months of inactivity? However, they need not have worried at all! The company's management ensured that all the employees received their respective salaries in full, every month. Regardless, employees did incline towards despair and loss of motivation. Therefore, the company came up with various training programs to help individuals hone their existing skills and learn new ones. Such programs kept them actively engaged and also increased motivation levels. Thus, the lockdowns proved to be educational journeys for employees.

The company's kindness did not remain confined to well-paid employees alone. It extended to the construction workers too. After all, many of them were migrants who traveled long distances to elicit a decent living. They would require funds to take care of food, clothing, shelter, and medical emergencies of their families. Fortunately, for them, the company did not disappoint. The management ensured that their loyal laborers had everything they needed during the critical Covid-19 months. They arranged for DMH/doctor's visits, too, thereby ensuring that the workers and their families remained healthy. Additionally, they initiated activities for keeping people physically and mentally entertained. The workers gained access to watching their favorite movies via the usage of movie projectors.

For the society!

Apart from this, Sumadhura Infracon Pvt. Ltd. donated 25 lakhs to the Telangana CM Relief Fund. The money would serve to assist other needy sufferers across the state.

The customer is the king!

The company's next concern was its customers. Those who had booked their residences in advance were waiting to step into their new homes. Others were waiting to see new housing projects, such that they could have homes of their own too. To its credit, the company went all out to satisfy both sets of customers. Existing ones were happy to gain information about the status of construction activities through phone calls. Customer service representatives tended to be very patient, informative, and helpful.

The lockdown helped us bond better with our prospects and clients through continuous entertainment and engagement. While the clients were entertained through Zumba and other fitness activities, they were also given real-time bytes on the project’s status. The customers were happy to be informed and occupied during the stay-at-home days! And our prospects were engaged through calls and video calls; they were provided with a virtual tour of the current projects and its status. These activities sufficed to create lasting relationships between the company and its clients. An instance to support it, the Acropolis housing project found 25 takers, as soon as the government eased lockdown restrictions. 

Connecting the dots!

Finally, Sumadhura dealt with its channel partners and vendors with the same compassion during the lockdown period. The communication pathways remain open and transparent, thereby enabling the exchange of relevant and timely information. The channel partners and other vendors supplying construction material assured Sumadhura of their unstinting support, comprehending the difficulties of striving to keep activities flowing as usual amid the Covid-19 scenario. The bonding between the company and suppliers had continued as usual.

Impact of Covid-19 on the Company

Sumadhura Infracon Pvt. Ltd. had to take care of itself, and its premises too once reopened. Towards this end, they adhere to government instructions very strictly. After the lockdown, when the customers wanted to visit the site, the builders welcomed them by following strict norms like social distancing and sanitizing of the place after every client visit, ensuring a healthy and safe environment. They also made sure that the customers are informed about the handover duration, which is a span of six to eight weeks.

Regarding new housing projects, the pricing of each residence remains the same. This is because Sumadhura had not enhanced the pricing over the last six months. Therefore, the company had decided not to go in for a drop in pricing; regardless the construction began before the entry of Covid-19, or after its invaded society.