GHMC plans to convert vacant spaces under flyovers into parks

To green the city more and more, and sustain the ecological-balance of the city, efforts have been put in, and continue to do so, with wide and varied initiatives.  

These measures have been initiated not just to eliminate or reduce the effects of the pollution, but these initiatives also hold multiple advantages to the citizens and the city's beauty.  

From adding aesthetics to the road infrastructure, and preserving the cultural heritage of the city, to establishing recreational spaces which are clean, hygienic and pleasing to be around for the public.  

One such initiative to eliminate the adverse effects of pollution on the environment, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has looked into the matter. 

It has come up with various visions and measures to curb these effects on the environment.  

The GHMC  plans on tapping into the vacant spaces under the flyovers that criss-cross the city and many suburbs, and convert them into parks or other recreational places.