Government Plans To Transform T-hub Into Innovation Center

Government Plans To Transform T-hub Into Innovation Center

The opening of T-Hub in 2015 was nothing short of a festival for the state, innovators, corporations, investors, and startups. The facility, which was inaugurated by IT Minister KT Rama Rao, was all about innovation and new ideas. T-Hub has evolved from a startup incubator to an innovation hub over the last six years. T-Hub is more than just a world-class facility and the state goal is to work with startups.  

The facility aims to foster an entrepreneurial spirit by providing strong support throughout the start-life up's cycle, from product-market fit to exit. The government encourages Indian startups to enter the global market and assists international startups in introducing India as a market. This has resulted in the formation of a network of mentors, venture capitalists, incubators, and other organizations. 

Startups from other cities and countries are competing for a spot in T-Hub, as well as those from Hyderabad. In a recent report, Telangana was ranked among the top 30 Global Talent Ecosystems, with Hyderabad ranked among the top 100 Emerging Ecosystems. 

T-Hub is also spreading the culture of entrepreneurship to students through its capacity-building program, T-Tribe. It also provides thought leadership for state and federal government organizations in the development of innovation ecosystems. 

T-Hub Phase 2 by Year-End  

The government decided to launch the second phase of T-Hub in order to provide a larger and better facility. The Covid pandemic threw a wrench in the works, delaying it until early 2020. It is now scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021. It is spread across 3.5 lakh square feet and can house 1,000 startups. It was built for Rs 276 crore in Raidurgam

T-Hub phase 2 will be a place of the innovation ecosystem, with multiple stakeholders involved. It will house not only startups, but also corporations, investors, and other ecosystem enablers, and T-Hub is already in contact with enablers who want to be a part of Phase 2.

By: Shailaja K