Create Indoor Herbal Garden To Promote Healthy Living Home

The concept of indoor gardening is growing in Hyderabad as many urban residents are showing interest in cultivating herbs and other plants at their own apartments. This burgeoning trend has brought demand for hanging planters and grow-bags. Here are the guidelines to garden the herbs and other plants that perfume the air with exotic flavors. It also adds delicious flavors to your meals and improves your diet. Enjoy the wonders of herbs all year round by growing them indoors.

Tower gardens

Select Herb varieties

You can grow several varieties of herbs indoors.  However, it's a good practice to start with easy to grow classics. Go to a Garden Store or a Nursery nearby and choose the herbs wisely. If you prefer to fertilize your herbs from seed level, you will find indoor vertical garden kits and pot sets in several stores.


It is important to let your herbs exposed to light for several hours every day to grow. Keeping the pots in your kitchen will be a good idea as they will be handy when you're cooking. In addition, activities in the kitchen tend to increase the humidity in the air.

Advantages of urban agriculture

In addition to providing fresh and quality food to urban dwellers, urban agriculture has many other benefits for the city and its people. From an environmental point of view, this practice can contribute to improving air quality and reducing heat islands. It also protects biodiversity. On the economic front, it reduces the price of the food basket. By integrating it with urban planning, it allows beautiful urban landscape.

--Shailaja K