Tips to take into account before buying your home

Are you about to buy an apartment? Because acquiring housing is not a game. Buying an apartment may be the investment of your life. So, you must have a lot of patience in that process. Hence take into account the following:


When looking for an apartment, whether it is a project, newly built or inhabited, place it on a map and see if it is close to the places you frequent: work center, schools, supermarkets, pharmacies, clinics, banks, and cinemas.

Developed area

If there are similar buildings next to the building where you are interested, or if there are parks nearby, or if you are in a quiet area, then your new home will gain value. This in case in the future you plan to sell your apartment.

Floor in the apartment

Most people like low floors, but buying a apartment there costs more. A high-floor apartment also has its advantages: it has more light, there is less noise and it has better views. With regard to light, it is important to see what environment the property has better natural lighting.


If you want to live in a building with few apartments, But the cost of maintenance will be higher. On the contrary, having many neighbors will have lower costs. Look also in the spaces of garage, can any type of vehicle fit? Are they fixed or shared?

Review the plans

See if the distribution of environments satisfies you. Is the kitchen very small? Do you want two and not three bedrooms? If you do not like it, do not hesitate, look for another project.

Seller's reputation

If it is a new project, check whether it is complied with other clients. If it is a used one, go to Public Records and ask for a certificate of real estate registration to know the history of the property and to know if the person who sells is effectively the owner.

By:  Shailaja K