How 1TREC Subscription benefits me as Enthusiast?

Whats In For Me, Asks An Enthusiast!
1 TREC Subscription - Ok!
Benefits - Read On!

We are all enthusiasts in some way or the other. Like some of us love fashion and would follow Diet Sabya, 
some others would love cars and would have YouTube video suggestions about car features on their feed. 
As enthusiasts we all fear FOMO and would love to be updated with the latest news about the niche we 
love, irrespective of the investment we want to make.
I mean come on we all love Sonam Kapoor’s cult fashion but do we really want to step into her shoes? We 
would rather enjoy being spectators of something so flawless isn’t it?
Similarly, a real estate enthusiast is someone who maintains a sweet distance with something he loves and 
watches over it and dives deep but without the market knowing much about his investment. An enthusiast 
chooses to be a knowledge pool of all the latest information about the real estate market and feel happy 
about the gain or simply help if asked!
In a world where we all are struggling to find authentic information, having it served exactly the way we like 
is truly a blessing in disguise. We can categorise “enthusiasts” into two types, viz.
1. The ones who have newly kindled love for the real estate market
2. The veterans - who have forever loved everything about real estate 

Like fashion trends, the real estate market has trends too. With 1 TREC know the latest trends, the newest 
development, budding builders, new projects, city highlights and more just at a click of your finger, 
something that an enthusiast would love to be served with. Also, consuming real information and passing it 
on would make the market more informed and consumer centric which otherwise is driven by what we call 
the real estate mafias.
Have your 1 trusted real estate connection by your side always, subscribe to 1TREC!