Hyderabad Airport Metro plans to include four new stations in a 31KM


The Hyderabad Airport Metro project, implemented by the Hyderabad Airport Metro Ltd (HAML), plans to revolutionise transportation in the city.  

The HAML has planned the construction of four additional metro stations.  

The project, funded entirely by the Telangana government, aims to provide a fast and convenient commute for residents and to facilitate the development of commercial and residential areas.  

The current plan for the 31-kilometre metro corridor between Raidurg and Airport terminal stations includes nine stations, with one underground station adjacent to the airport terminal. 

Additionally, provisions have been made for the construction of four additional metro stations to cater to the anticipated growth in the city. 

With an estimated cost of Rs. 6,250 crores, the state government is fully funding the project. 

The metro line will begin at Raidurg Metro Station and traverse the city's Outer Ring Road until it reaches Shamshabad international airport.