Know advantages of metro to acquire a property in Hyderabad

Within the framework of metro line announced the benefits of the Metro project in Hyderabad and its residents.


Free space on the surface. Improvement of living conditions

Justify saving time and money. As trips are short there will be less energy consumption. This will maximize safety and minimize environmental impacts.

The metro generates greater social impacts on the surface such as increased traffic conflicts, interruption of public services, noise and particle pollution, decreased sales to the commercial sector, increased insecurity, among others. 

Advantages of the metro

The Metro of Hyderabad has many advantages because it is an efficient, fast, comfortable, safe, modern system and among others we find.

It will guarantee speed and punctuality in the journeys.The average of the route between ends of the line will be of about 15 minutes, the third part of what a private vehicle takes, without including the parking time. 

Reduce traffic levels

The public transport user occupies 100 times less space than private transport. As an example, it has the approximate capacity of three buses, which are in turn the equivalent of 100 private vehicles in circulation. Both the stations and the trains will be accessible to all persons with reduced mobility, by means of mobile floor material and elevators and escalators from the surface to the platform.

More secure

Public transport is up to twenty times safer than private transportation. The Metro will have state-of-the-art security systems, both in tunnels and stations. The Metro project will favor the interconnection between different modes of transport. The realization of a project of this magnitude constitutes a unique opportunity to make our city more friendly. It will promote commercial activity and revalue the real estate.

By: Shailaja K