Winning Strategies for Apartment Maintenance Charges!

Shifting to your new home means no more hassles of paying rentals. At the same time, you need to pay a monthly amount to the communities for providing the amenities to help you live a peaceful life. Sometimes, the apartment maintenance charges are fixed and sometimes not. RERA also has its guidelines and regulations on maintenance charges. Find below an insider look into the maintenance charges and how you can lower it. 

What comes under maintenance charges? 

The majority of the apartments for sale in Hyderabad cover the following aspects while calculating the maintenance charges: 

  • Service charges, including electricity, housekeeping, security, etc. 

  • Repairs and maintenance charges for running lifts. 

  • Parking charges for the residents. 

  • Water charges based on the water usage of each flat. 

  • Sinking Fund to manage to pay for any kind of emergency  

  • Non-occupancy charges  

  • Other Charges like election funds, festival celebrations, etc.  

Payment criteria 

Types of Maintenance Charges 

How Charges are Applicable 

Service Charges 

Equally divided among all the apartments/flats 

Building Maintenance and Repair Charges 

0.75% of the construction cost of each apartment/flat - calculated on an annual basis 

Parking Charges 

Based on the number of parking lots allotted 

Non-Occupancy Charges 

10% of service charges - for flats which are rented or not occupied by property owners 

Water Bills and Property Taxes 

Based on the consumption of each apartment 

Sinking Fund 

No less than 0.25% of the construction cost of each flat - calculated on an annual basis 

How they are calculated? 

  • Equal maintenance charges 

This method is followed when the flat size in the society is almost same.  

  • Per Square Feet Maintenance Charges 

If the society has flats with multiple configurations, the  apartment maintenance charges 

are calculated on the basis of per square feet. 

  • Hybrid Maintenance Charges 

Some societies use both per square and equal maintenance charges. While the residents pay the same charges for common amenities, the area-wise charge calculation is done for the spaces they live in. 

Ways to reduce apartment maintenance charges 

Avoid overstaffing 

Thanks to community automation and smarter technology, every society can now reduce the number of staffs thereby reducing cost.  

Efficient staff management 

Deploy efficient and smart staff management systems to reduce the maintenance budget. This will not only improve working efficiency but also help in cost-cutting. 

Smarter inventory 

A better inventory management at apartments for sale in Hyderabad help in the quick identification of damaged construction parts and the replacement of light bulbs, socket covers, tube lights, etc. This also reduces asset wastage and asset replacement.  

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