Welcome monsoon season with changing styles of your home

Let's welcome monsoon season with a colorful makeover and warm fabrics. Do you know that based on climate we should change our home styles for our convenience and satisfaction?

 To get rid of moisture in the air, we can use fabric and warmth clothes. It's better to choose synthetic clothes with a colorful look which makes us convenient in this monsoon season.

Decorate Home Furniture

Let's change the look of your sofa this monsoon season with extra cushions and with our favorite colors which suits our rooms. Also, light fabrics are light and easy to wash out.

We should decorate our home with stylish flowers and other things which make our balconies and windows look attractive. Heavy fabrics will not dry quickly and result in a bad foul smell which irritates us in this rainy season. By using light materials, we can wash easily and dry quickly, so it's better to select lightweight fabrics depending on our size of rooms. Decorate our home with the posh look by choosing suitable furniture.

Change with colorful fabrics

Usually, we use light weight door curtains, but in monsoon season we have to replace them with bright colors and thick fabric clothes, which help us to avoid dampness of air and bring brightness to our rooms?

In this season floors will become very cool, so it's better to lay down woolen carpets as they look so traditional.

For dining table also we have to change its cover with a double thick cloth. You can apply the same to your chairs as well.

Brighten up with right lighting

Monsoon season will be obviously dull climate with regular sunlight. But we have to change our home environment to transmogrify our faces from Moody to fresh and active. Replacing dark lighting with different lamping styles which suit our home will make our mind fresh. Light candles, bright painting, and placing mirrors on walls also make brighten rooms with a new look.

--Shailaja K