Old city in the Hyderabad is gearing up for new park

Old city in the Hyderabad is gearing up for new park

Parks play a pivotal role in maintaining the ecological balance in any area of the city due to lush green vegetation and abundant trees at its periphery. Many prominent areas in the Hyderabad have been witnessing the influx of parks for amusement and enchantment, but few areas are still smarting under the impact of lung space deficit. The old city of Hyderabad which has made rapid strides in real estate industry is now gearing up for Second Park after a lapse of 10 years.

The new park will bring some relief to the Kishenbagh brethren allowing them to explore wider options for amusement. The area which has remained arid for the protracted period will now be jam-packed with an avalanche of houses and enthusiastic throng. Residents from different colonies will now gravitate toward Kishenbagh and Bahadurpura areas.

It is a triumph of fact for the real estate industry to leverage this opportunity of escalating its growth by assuaging the desires of future inhabitants through the construction of apartments/houses in myriads in its vicinity. Asunder from these, the park will be housed with multiple facilities like its counterparts in other areas of the city of Hyderabad. So, buyers planning to own a residential property in the old city of Hyderabad would definitely march for a gleeful living down the lane.

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By: Pavan N